Hello from Pittsburgh

by ionic on March 3rd, 2014

Id like to start by saying I stumbled across this site 2 or 3 days ago and finally decided to become a member. I have found this site to be most interesting and full of genuine, heartwarming people. Maybe I should explain a little about myself and why I just so happened to end up here.

I was born into a christian family. Not to direct any offense or to discount what may or may not be true, but the beliefs never held true to me. Being told that all my triumphs were a direct result of his guidance and my failures were do to my error seemed like fodder. Truly these triumphs and failures were a result of my own resolve and not due to a higher being? I recall being told by my mother that I was fascinated by the universe since a young age and my ambition was to be an astronaut. Because of this I denounced religion from my life, unwittingly denouncing spirituality from my life as well, which I have now come to believe are two very different concepts.

I instead turned to science. It seemed to offer many explanations to the questions that religion could not and I just obsessed over information. To feel knowledgable was a very gratifying experience but I soon found it did not answer all of my questions. I will explain.

When I was six I lived in Kittaning, a rural area north of Pittsburgh. The house we moved to was old and fairly secluded, reportedly to be related to an indian site. I faintly remember odd occurrences in the house, but one occasion I remember vividly. My parents had recently divorced and my father had moved back to Pittsburgh. I was visiting my mother and she had fallen asleep during a movie. I went to go upstairs for use of the bathroom and halfway up I got a severe chill. I felt like i was being watched by someone, something. I felt immobilized and I remember seeing a shadow approach me. when the shadow touched mine I regained control of myself and was full of unusual sensations. I do not recall any further experiences in that house and my mother soon moved back to Pittsburgh as well.

Fast forward about 4 years. I developed epilepsy and the ironic twist is I was fully conscious of the entire event. I have done my research and during episodes like mine the person is rendered immobile(which I was) and unconscious(which I was not). I had a total of 4 seizures in a month span and then they subsided. I was medicated for 3 years and have never experienced a relapse.

This is where things get tricky. Since my seizures, I have a foggy recollection of my childhood at best, and at times experience what I could only describe as a sixth sense. Often times,(but not at will) I could almost guess what a person was going to say, or feel something coming, and have ever since had what seems like an above average amount of deja vu. As a side note, my username is ionic because I have come to the conclusion that I am oddly charged? Technology just doesn't seem to work at times and I haven't the slightest clue how to explain it. My friends have even jokingly referred to me as the antichrist of technology. Fitting, though I believe the right technology can be very beneficial.

I've joined this community to search for answers to my questions and to seek solutions from and with likeminded individuals who want nothing but to spread love and peace to the life on earth. I hope to expand myself a little more day by day.

Great to meet all of you, and I wish you all the best.

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bluesbaby5050: Welcome Ionic.........

I hope you find the answers you seek. This site is full of information, and all you have to do is explore it.

Tarheel: Welcome aboard

Anyone here will try to help you if you want, but the answers you seek will come from inside you. We are here for support and to share whatever we can and we hope you will do the same. Sacred truths abound and we will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

"Circa trova" (seek & ye shall find), Ionic !

Until you take your secret journey, may you have peace in your life.
Here's a small treat for you...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Keolc7BpTcI
It's about the song/words, not the video. Hope ya like it.

ionic: much appreciated

Thank you for the warm welcome and I enjoyed the video :)
I have a few to share, as this band is what inspired my spiritual journey.
If you enjoy the music I suggest downloading spotify as their entire discography is available
and quite awesome, if I do say so myself. you can download it here: https://www.spotify.com/us/

Wookiefoot - Welcome home

Wookiefoot - Dead in the eyes

Wookiefoot - Backbone

Hope you enjoy :)

UN.i1-PHI: welcome ionic!

thanks for sharing that music very interesting&relaxin i'm listening backbone#13 first ;)
sun is shining
on egyptian tombs
casting shadows...

ionic: very truthful

one thing nobody wants to understand
we cant wash the blood that we shed off our children's hands

UN.i1-PHI: Wookiefoot - Just Visiting

Wookiefoot - Just Visiting
oh hungry ghosts in the land of milk and honey,,,there are people so damn poor all they have is their money,,, truth be told the truth will be told ,,,only hear it when we're listening,,,will unfold for young an old,,, cause in the end we're all just visiting,,, in the end we're only visiting,,,

UN.i1-PHI: So earthlings don't keep your treasures here on earth

No earthlings don't keep your treasures here on earth
because in the end we're only visiting...

ionic: that is exactly how I started

there songs are so infectious and there meaning only got deeper as I delve deeper into this site!

Quinton: Welcome to the site Jeff. It

Welcome to the site Jeff. It sounds like you saw a shadow person. I have had a similar experience where you are unable to move and you can feel the energy of the shadow entity. It sounds like you are a very interesting person :)

ionic: interesting

It looked like the shadow of a humanlike entity. however it did not appear as anything but a shadow but as its shadow passed through mine I could most definitely feel the energy mesh with mine, distorting and molding it. Is this due to a higher frequency rendering my body inert? This is quite fascinating as I always assumed it was a "ghost", at least thats what I could make of it.

obsrvantlouie: Shadow person

I have also had similar experience

Tim Lovell: So what do you think about

So what do you think about the auscour pistorious trial? did he do it or not? hmmm

ionic: yes

From what I have read I do believe he shot her. It seems far fetched to believe he really considered her an intruder as a simple "who is it?" could have avoided the situation. Also he reportedly shot her twice through his bathroom door...

Tim Lovell: now lets see who knows what

now lets see who knows what is what ....

Tim Lovell: the sad trutch is he shot her

the sad trutch is he shot her after an argument im sorry but that's the true thing guys ... its sad but,,,,true...

UN.i1-PHI: where did that came from tim?

sorry i didnt get what you were saying until i checked the vid but if i may ask why do you post this here?(at all?) and why do you PAY attention to them media orgasms bout another sacrafice murder shit or even an accident, nothing special if you ask me, maybe he had to kill her(his gf/wife) for fame or some reason i dunno they be sellin their souls
oh seems like he's in olympics or something from the article lol i havent payed any attention to this stuff i only heard they were killin stray dogs for the olympics, and before all the time too...

obsrvantlouie: Welcome friend!

Thanks for sharing, don't worry about offending any of is here...we don't walk around egg shells...we step on them ;)

Tim Lovell: hmmm love guys....

hmmm love guys....

[20:17:40] Timothy Lovell: the moon and the stars ... were the gifts you gave...
[20:17:55] Timothy Lovell: the moon and the stars....
[20:18:14] Timothy Lovell: were the gifts we gave
[20:20:50] Timothy Lovell: its time...
[20:21:19] Timothy Lovell: when this is over you will know
[20:21:30] Timothy Lovell: because you do
[20:21:51] Timothy Lovell: its you
[20:22:22] Timothy Lovell: it is you
[20:22:34] Timothy Lovell: you are the one
[20:22:50] Timothy Lovell: one day you will know
[20:22:58] Timothy Lovell: it is you
[20:23:10] Timothy Lovell: forever
[20:23:44] Timothy Lovell: remember....
[20:25:02] Timothy Lovell: when this is all over
[20:25:18] Timothy Lovell: remember this is all you....
[20:25:24] Timothy Lovell: all you....
[20:25:54] Timothy Lovell: forever..... its you...
[20:26:35] Timothy Lovell: I love you
[20:26:42] Timothy Lovell: always.....

Tim Lovell: truth is truth ...he shot her

truth is truth ...he shot her its the truth , the end time to face facts guys, its the end fuck it,.,

Tim Lovell: im sorry :( ....

im sorry :( ....

Starperson: Welcome ionic

I believe everyone who comes to Truth Control was drawn here for a reason. As in life, all members here are unique and special in their own way. Please feel free to learn, share, teach, question and think for yourself.

You bring an interesting perspective, and I hope you connect with this site as much as I have. Love and light to you ionic. Star

Tim Lovell: he is guilty...

he is guilty...

Tim Lovell: Im sorry but he did fire sand

Im sorry but he did fire sand kill her its juswt a very sad situno one can describe a worse situation its horrible oh god its so bad I wish it was not ffs

just fuck it

obsrvantlouie: Tim

like they say in the movies "get a hold of yourself"..why is this troubling you so much?

Tim Lovell: look they REALLY ARE REAL ok

look they REALLY ARE REAL ok FFS I just got hugged by one ok and it was quite real lol ...

ok nn#

Tim Lovell: because it was a truly sad

because it was a truly sad situation and it makes me cry ok....

moonsstarr923: Hi Jeff!!!

Hey Jeff! I'm glad to hear about you, AND I'm glad to see a *neighbor*!!! *smiles* I also live in PA, and I don't think there's anyone else here that I've seen who lives in PA. Anyway, keep up your journey of searching and light! ---moon

ionic: Thanks moon!!

I appreciate your kind words :)
I have learned alot so far, from both the people on this site and also from myself.
I still have quite a way to go though!

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