Hello from the lone star state!

I'm most humbled by being here contributing to the cause of furthering humanity. I can't wait to see what I can do to help and how you could help me on my journey.

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Quinton: Great to have you here and

Great to have you here and welcome :)

Annunaki77: Welcome Dancechild

Life took a lot of work to bring to Earth. This Planet was Dead because of the Olympian , Sirius & Orion Wars.
But with the help of a Group of Genecist Scientists , Life was brought back to Planet Earth long ago.

Now Life is once again threatened by the Few Folks here on Earth who lust for War.
War is an Abomination and an Insult to Life here on Earth.

Still there are those who still do not understand the Wrath of Heaven.
Will they abdicate their ways ? , or will they be destroyed by their own Ambitions , we will see Destiny unfold.

Life is a Jewel , not Death or Shadow Governments that Conspire against Adamu.

Say No to War , no matter what they do to manipulate Adamu.

Annunaki77: The Watchers are

Tribute to Africa


Peace , Love & Harmony.

Forever & Ever .

In a World of Doubt the Truth Speaks , We Speak Truth when the Global Media Lies to the Global Population.
All that is Truth gets Attacked and all that is Lies gets Media Attention on all Television Outlets.
Learn to think for yourselves Adamu.

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