Hello from London!

by chanzi on March 20th, 2014

New to this site, hoe to make some online friends and learn about existence!

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Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control!

Welcome to Truth Control! Great to have you here :)

chanzi: such a pleasure <3

such a pleasure <3

Tim Lovell: Welcome!


ionic: hello!

good luck with your journey, i"m still new here and it's a rollercoaster. So much to understand and so much to share. Hope to hear from you!

Tarheel: Another Limey ! Welcome...

...there are other Brits here. Hope we can help you...as in make your visit pleasurable & vice versa. Share and share alike.

One question..The Beatles or The Stones? (laughing)

chanzi: neither sorry lol

neither sorry lol

Tarheel: It was just a joke, Chanzi!

Welcome & enjoy your stay. This is a forum OF, FOR & BY the Beautiful People.

We hope you like it. Let anyone know if we can assist or if ya have something to share. It's that kind of thing...cool people sharing what they have in their minds and in their hearts.

obsrvantlouie: Welcome

Glad you have joined, hope to hear your perspective!

bluesbaby5050: Welcome!

Welcome to Truth Control Chanzi.

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