Hello guys and girls

Hi everyone,

I just found this website/forum 30 minutes ago.
And wanted to see what it is about.
Must say that i am glad i joined.

My real name is Roy, im 27 years old and i live together with my girlfriend and pets in a place called Hengelo in the Netherlands.

Dont know if i am going to post stuff in forums but i am sure there are many topics i can search through if i am looking for a specific awnser.
Its great to see so many people questioning the things many only think about.

Good luck folks :-)

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Quinton: Hi Roy welcome to Truth

Hi Roy welcome to Truth Control, great to have you here :)

I'm curious, does the name Old Man's Child have anything to do with the black metal band?

YosimiteSam90210: Hi Y'all

New on the ranch also.

Tarheel: Welcome to Old Mans Child & Yosemite Sam

I say, I say, I say WELCOME !

Old Mans Child: Hey Quinton,

Hey Quinton,

Actually Yes...
Im not into black metal but loved the name.
Use it in several online games as well.

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