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by Crigitine on February 29th, 2012


I believe I made my way here, through many other videos and articles..varying from the infamous "gorilla199" on youtube, Sherri Shriner, Alex Jones and countless others. I would be lying so say I've been watching and learning for years. I've recently stopped and starting looking at what it was I was actually ok with, and its surprising how open the elite are about their methods of control. Today, I could even see the technique in a video we watched to prepare the long and fatal financial road of college.

After reading about the countless fema camps, its been quite unsettling to this coming into fruition, to see people watching their ways of life slowly go down the drain, the fact that we are not only paying AND making these tools and pushing the techniques to sell this world out one way or another is insulting.

I plan on sitting in the back of this classroom and watching and taking notes. I've been lurking various sites long enough, I feel compelled to have a name now, instead of being a statistic.

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Fal: Good man/woman! Once your

Good man/woman! Once your eyes are opened, it tough to unsee the blight. It's the rabbit hole Alice fell into, the red pill Neo took, the decision Kamina made to break through the roof to the surface that truly existed...

That being said, welcome to truth control.

P.S. Don't let anyone talk down to you.

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