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I have been studying religion, history of mankind, ETs, and all else I can find related to spirituality and the destiny of mankind. Obviously these subjects are not so easy for one to navigate with all of the shills and misinformation that is put out there by these people and others like them. I was wondering if either you, Terran or Loli have spoken to any ETs about their take on religious beliefs. I am well aware of many concepts and I do have my particular belief system but one of the things that throw me off is the idea of Jesus being the son of God and Satan being anything other than a negative/evil entity. More specific, I find it awkward that prayer to Jesus is able to thwart negative/evil entities and their intentions. Is this because Jesus IS the son of God OR would prayer to ANY ascended spiritual being, with a desire to assist in such matters, have the same effect?

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Quinton: We are all sons of God, or

We are all sons of God, or more specifically: gods. It even says this in the Bible and Jesus directly quotes the Old Testament saying this:

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High

Psalm 82:6

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

John 10:34

You don't need to pray to any ascended beings. You just need to create the intent. Whatever you think you create. Every thought you have is a creation. Our thoughts are powerful and this is one of the things Jesus was teaching people. When we pray we are sending out intention and the universe operates on the law of attraction. You bring into your life what you think, whether it be positive or negative. The more energy, thought, you put on something the deeper the vortex you create on that intention.

At the end of the day you will need to be the person who determines what is right or wrong for you. There is no such thing as an ET or spiritual person that can tell you what is and what isn't. There isn't such a thing. What is right for one person is not for another. What you want is different than what another person wants. And that is the beauty of life. Learn to step into your own power and realize the infinite power of creation you hold yourself. ETs and spiritual people may be able to help you, but at the end of the day the whole part of growing spiritually is taking ownership and control of your own life. What is it that you want? What are you looking for? What brings you joy? What do you want to create? Now go do it!

TriThorntheReaper: i think he just want to know

i think he just want to know what out there or something else. i don't blame you for being curious about what Gods/Goddess what other people think even if there not human. I talk with many gods and some fallen my self there just like us just more powerful. yes jesus is the son of god this is true but god focus was on humans there his creation. we have evolved from what we originally where. I was Catholic but after i meet my goddess i became pagan. But when you do pray you send energy to that person or god. I know when i pray i feel her energy wash over me letting me know she listening. my Goddess is the ruler of hell so she be know by a lot of ET. she does tend to be forgotten... long story. but i don't doubt many et have god or goddesses. i would not say satin is an evil god he does not want you to go out and kill people. that just what i think after interacting with god. hopefully this will help.

Truth And Knowledge: Both of your posts are helpful, at least to a degree

Hello, Quinton. I have seen some of your ideas and was fairly impressed with much of your concepts as some of the ones I consider are similar. As for this post, I do thank you for your insight although I am well aware of these concepts. It would seem that your post has shed a little more light on them for me but I still think I have some questions. I am going to clear my head for a bit and tend to some of my duties before rephrasing them as I don't want to waste time or energy on begging for answers to things I can figure out on my own and so I will think until I am stumped once more. I do thank you very much for your response and have much respect for your message.

TriThorn, also, Thank you for your response. You and Quinton both have aspects of the information that I am seeking within your posts but as I mentioned already, I still can feel that void where I know a piece of the puzzle is missing as far as the whole picture in my head goes. I have considered that Satan may not be as "evil" as he is made out to be. I actually just said to my girlfriend today how it seems odd that just because he was cast down from Heaven (so the story goes) that he would want to make everyone suffer. I said, if I were Satan and even if I was to be cast into a pit of fire, I would not wish to bring everyone else into my misery. Maybe tell them to come to hell with me if they'd like but make them a nice place there where they can enjoy themselves, party and be happy even while I burnt, no need to make them burn as well. Obviously to a large degree I was joking around with much of this idea but as with most jokes, there is a shred of truth to it. I have seen a lot of religious concepts going on in Hollywood but before I saw them I considered my religious beliefs to be a cross between Buddist, Agnostic, and Spinoza philosophy. Seeing some of the darker side of spirituality has put some of my beliefs at question though. As I said earlier, I am going to clear my mind and reformulate some of my questions and get a bit more specific. I do thank you both very much for your responses and look forward to future correspondence.

Truth And Knowledge: Quinton

First I would like to clarify that when I mentioned "wasting time on begging for answers" in my last post, I meant that I did not want to waste either your time nor Terran's rather than my own. After a re-read it seemed as though I did not phrase that well.

I would like to ask you Quinton, hypothetically, if I were being attacked on a spiritual level then initiating an intent to defend myself from this attack would be just as effective as prayer to Jesus or any other being? Would it not actually, possibly, be even more effective as I am creating intent and acknowledging my own power instead of denying my own power and leaving it in the hands of someone else. If it were to be the case that it is the intent then does that mean one does not need to believe in one's own power to actually use it effectively enough to thwart such an attack? And if this is the case then would you agree that it is a testament to the level of power and the seemingly large gap between the power of humans versus many other lifeforms whether they be that of a physical kind or solely spiritual? Also, are there other lifeforms that are more powerful than us beyond any divinity of sorts? Sorry for the barrage of questions but I don't get much opportunity to speak to anyone with a similar mindset very often and I do thank you for any and all assistance.

Quinton: First of all, I'm not an

First of all, I'm not an expert on this type of stuff, but I'll share my thoughts.

I would like to ask you Quinton, hypothetically, if I were being attacked on a spiritual level then initiating an intent to defend myself from this attack would be just as effective as prayer to Jesus or any other being?

When you say attacked on a spiritual level it depends what you mean by this. If it is an attack that you don't want then it is probably something you have brought to yourself without fully knowing it. But yes, I do think sending out an intention would be just as effective as sending it to Jesus or another being. I think it is all essentially the same thing. You are putting an intention out to the universe and the universe is answering as soon as you think it.

Would it not actually, possibly, be even more effective as I am creating intent and acknowledging my own power instead of denying my own power and leaving it in the hands of someone else.

I think so, yes.

If it were to be the case that it is the intent then does that mean one does not need to believe in one's own power to actually use it effectively enough to thwart such an attack?

Before we get deeper into it I think we should first address the attack. What is this attack? What is it doing to keep you from doing what you choose to do? The more you focus on the attack the larger it will become. If you are thinking about something negative you won't get something positive. You will get more negative. You need to shift your focus from the attack to something else. You get what you put your focus on. If you are focusing on defending from an attack then you are still putting your energy on the attack. It is probably best to shift your focus somewhere else and to not give the attack energy. I know this type of thing can be challenging at first. Controlling your thoughts can take time which is why people practice meditation and things like this.

And to address your question... power is very similar to control. And if you want to explore it further we really don't have any control. This is what a lot of religions and spiritual people talk about when they say putting your faith in God. When you relinquish the need to control circumstances around you and can be at peace with any situation and any outcome then you are truly living with the "holy spirit".

When I talk about understanding your power it is more about understanding where you focus your energy. I'm am talking more about understanding what is really going on and opening yourself to the universe. The real you is not the physical person, it is the unseen you directing your life from a broader perspective. And this director at a higher level is your true source of power. At some point we will remove all idols from our lives, including Jesus. I'm not saying Jesus is bad. There is a time and place for all things.

It's like a child and an adult. When the child is staring out in life the adult makes a lot of decisions for them. But eventually the child becomes an adult and makes their own decisions. This is what many are going through spiritually.

And if this is the case then would you agree that it is a testament to the level of power and the seemingly large gap between the power of humans versus many other lifeforms whether they be that of a physical kind or solely spiritual?

I don't quite follow here.

Also, are there other lifeforms that are more powerful than us beyond any divinity of sorts?

That I don't know. Right now I lean more towards the opinion that sprituality is very flat and not as hierarchical as many people may think it is. I've come across stuff that talks about the universe being 11 or 12 dimensions and us being in the 3rd here physically, but then spiritually we are really much higher. But other stuff I come across, more on the spiritual side, talks less about levels and more about everything being part of the oneness. There are a lot of ways to look at it. My opinion leans more towards no. I'm sure physically speaking there may be ETs that are more technical or even more spiritual in the way they live physically. But as a spiritual entity I don't think any is more or less powerful.

Sorry for the barrage of questions but I don't get much opportunity to speak to anyone with a similar mindset very often and I do thank you for any and all assistance.

No problem. Happy to help :)

wolfe: Truth and Knowledge your last

Truth and Knowledge your last post inspired me to respond. I have been under spiritual assault in my life. What I learned and how it changed me may not be the answers you are looking for. My experience isn't something I feel comfortable throwing out to the whole world to critique but if you would like to speak privately about my experience send me a chat request sometime. If you feel you are under assault, I will say don't be afraid to ask for help even if it may seem to compromise what you "think" is the truth. Good and Evil are real forces in the universe, to think either is a myth is like saying fire and water do not exist. Regardless I hope you find peace and comfort in all you do and learn.

TriThorntheReaper: Are you bing attack by a

Are you bing attack by a ghost or or spirit if so let me know it illegal for spirit and ghost to attack the living. I mite be able to help you or i think if you call out or pray to death or his reapers they mite come and help. i bin attack and a reapers took the attacker away because she attack me or try to communicate with the ghost or spirit i mite be trying to tell you something. Describe better what happening did you move in to a house that was hunted is it a wondering ghost what is this attack you say that going on.

Truth And Knowledge: Sorry for the delay in my

Sorry for the delay in my reply TriThorn, I have been feeling very drained and even the prospect of typing a message seems difficult anymore. Truly I am not sure if I am being attacked or not. As I mentioned, my questions were more hypothetical rather than literal. I do question it at times though since I have been plagued by depression, anger, apathy, and sadness for the majority of the past 18 years or so. I do attribute much of it to my upbringing which was far from ideal. Many people have experienced worse than I but the way I was raised definitely took it's toll on my psyche. I believe most of it to be just an issue with Dopamine and their relative receptors but more so in the production of this particular neurotransmitter than the actual receptors themselves. Also, but to a lesser degree, a problem with Serotonin as well. I don't rule out the possibility that something more paranormal and sinister in nature could be causing these issues though but honestly, I have no hard evidence to believe so. We all have different genetics and this is what I have to blame it on until I can find otherwise but one possibility doesn't ever stop me from exploring others. Thank you for your concern though and if you think you may be able to shed light on anything I post, please feel free to give your input as all help is always greatly appreciated.

TriThorntheReaper: it no problem.

it no problem.

by chance did you give your soul to anyone 18 years ago. i made a pact when i was 4 with a god. When you give your soul so someone they have full control of you. I don't know what it could be i know there could be a thousand thing that affect you. i hope you fell better soon.

Terran resistance: this might be of interest

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High

most high= elyon= alien :)

if you figure out what apostles represent what constellations
what light and darkness means in mythology
what the underworld is.
what is the true meaning of life and death in mythology is.
what the eyes and hands and hearts mean in mythology
what the different so called masonic hand gestures actually mean in relation to different places.
If there is civilization after death? Then how does reincarnation work?
People always go on about the hollow earth and aliens and time travellers but what of an extra layer of existence on earth? another dimension or density if you will.
then you are already half way there in understanding what abrahamic religions are saying.

good luck :)

Terran resistance: your name is funny

Truth And Knowledge, your name is funny because those are all names associated with the Hyades cluster, you dont remember past lives by any chance do you? If not you might want to question why you chose that name, you not a freemason are you? If you cant say we understand.

Truth And Knowledge: Could be some truth to your idea

I cannot answer too thoroughly, not because I personally am active in the practice of Freemasonary but because I am fairly knew to much of the knowledge I have obtained over the past few months but I am always willing to share what I believe to be true. I, as many people do, have some very close ties to Freemasons. I also do and always have believed in re-incarnation. If one were to believe in re-incarnation then it doesn't take much of a stretch to see that the possibility of me being involved in Freemasonary in a past is fairly reasonable. I do not believe that Freemasons are near as evil as they are made out to be though. Shady stuff in higher levels...sure but the basis of the society is not that of evil. I am just writing this as a general comment at this point for other possible consideration since it seems that all you hear anymore is how they worship Lucifier along side the Illuminati. In early days Masons were responsible for many trades and crafts. Ship building was one of them and with many of their trades they would attach hints of sorts as to what this life is and so you get, with the building of a ship, the analogy of man sailing along a vessel (representing our planet), through a sea (representing life itself), and the rhyme, "Row, row, row your boat, gently down a stream, merrily, merrily, merrily LIFE IS BUT A DREAM"...which if you look into quantum physics then you will see that science is starting to agree. My favorite quote from the late Bill Hicks, "Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather."

Terran resistance: if you want to talk abut

if you want to talk abut quantum physics then as above so below is the most interesting, espcially madonna in relation to the hoover dam.

as for row row your boat, that is definitely masonic inspired about vishnu and the creaton of the world sleeping god, with the garden of eden and the rivers added in for effect.

appreciate your honesty :)

Terran resistance: how are

how are the "third degree burns"? or are u still recovering?

LoliApolys: complicated

ok first off some people seem to be confused on some things and i would like to clerify. yes there are gods and goddesses the only reason they exist is because others make them so. when some one else starts to worship you they give you there energy this can be seen in people healing others from long distances and what not. same rules apply threw prayer you pray you give energy to that being. they can DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT with it so please chose your deity carefully if you care to fallow them! also you need to KNOW the name of your deity! just saying god if you have never meet or felt there actual presents apon you can lead to disaster! you will give your prayer energy to any thing that finds it. names are powerful! YES your soul can be owned by a deity of your choosing. some times its not easy to get out of them owing it depending on the deity. having the GOD complex that quinton is speaking of only goes so far in some cases. if a deity has ownership of your soul they CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT with it or see fit you have no will power to say no. so next time you think its cute to say ok when some random person asks for your soul think again. this is a universal rule that is older than this universe! and applies to the right of free will. if your deity asks for your soul like the christen god for example he can do what he wants with it. usaly there not dicks and will give you in exchange as your soul keeper a good afterlife. since he cares not to have such souls who does not fit his liking he will send them to another deity of power to watch over them. are the deity are powerful in there abilities compared to beings of this planet? yes! but that does not make all of them all knowing. as for anyone using there deities power the same principles apply for energy giving. just as you give your prayers to them they can give you there energy to you. this changes your energy to match theirs -ish and you can use it. this is the plus side to having a deity they can protect you and give you such powers if you are worthy to them. but let it be known that ALL deitys good or bad will use your energy and body for there own self righteous agendas. most ets leave there deity when they feel that the only thing close to them is the consciousness of the universe. once you get to a certain power you find the only thing that can help you in this universe is you and most dont look back. though for some people in some time lines can NOT alter the course of events your life is your own and once you get above the system of the worlds bs its you who controls everything around you. if you cant your being punished ......i have been to the hell realm ....i prefer it to this Horrible planet. the planet is ok ...i loathe the residence

ok next subject i saw some confusion of Satan and Lucifer ...please understand that they are NOT the same people. Lucifer is a fallen angel...Satan is a "demon" class negative entity creature. does not mean Satan is evil though i have not had to many encounters with him that i personally can account for however i know Lucifer personally. yes they now reside in the same realm and even work for the same person but they are not the same person. Lucifer did not become a goat demon thing after he fell from heaven none of the angels did! XD there energies are still the same however they do have a bit of goth feel to them because they cant go back and get a bit depressed but there REAL reason for doing so was worth it .... guess they took on the black wings when they care to show them and gold eyes instead of there original colors. for some reason the christens seem to cram everything evil into a small category everyone who is bad must be satan he is a old demon this is true but they confuse him for many like lucifer, pan, any horned deity, baphomet some times get called Satan. some times it takes a lot of digging thew old bloody books to get things right x.x
but hell is not what the christens make it out to be
Helheim (pronounced “HELL-hame;” Old Norse Helheimr, “the world of the goddess Hel“) is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Also known simply as “Hel,” Helheim is the most general name for the underworld where the dead dwell.Despite the fact that Hel lent its name to Hell, the Christian afterlife world where “sinners” are eternally tormented, the Germanic concept of Hel was morally neutral. For one thing, the idea of morality in the monotheistic sense (that is, an allegedly universally applicable standard of “good” and “evil,” rather a perspectival, personal standard of “good” and “bad”) was alien to the indigenous worldview of the Norse and other Germanic peoples. The word “Hel” simply means “hidden/concealed,”[1] referring to the invisible character of the realm and the palpable absence left behind in the wake of the departed. For another thing, everyone went to Hel upon death; one’s actions in life had little to nothing to do with one’s lot thereafter.
this is true. hel took it apon her self to care for all the souls including the lost. but the true ruler of hell is older than she is made to be in mythology but deitys have a funny way of bring them selfs back into religion. but to be honest hell is a sanctuary for any misfits with out a home relay(misfit island). for those who can find it anyway lol but traveling by tree is the fastest for me. not sure how Lucifer and 70% of the fallen angels ended up in hel since they were cast to earth? to the watchers tower !

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