by three on December 20th, 2011

What is the purpose of this forum please?


three: It is very confusing here

Please can someone tell me, what/who are Rainbow Warriors?

Thank you

Phaminator: My own answer is that...

The "rainbow warriors" is just you, me, and everyone else who are here against this so called "NWO" and "reptilians" charade that's been going on lately (or for a while). I suggest you should look into posts from annunakki77 and Edisonik; that way you don't get confused on the current situations which are already happening right now.

Tarheel: Rainbow Warriors are...

....those of us who FIGHT The GOOD FIGHT, against bureaucracy and NWO/Illuminati and Govt Repression, suppression and evil doing/wrong doing. The fighters who refuse to GIVE UP or GIVE IN and who believe and know that Humanity will prevail. Those of us who have identified Reptilian infiltration and who vow to purge the wrong out of our reality. Those of us who fight for FREE-DOM, FREE WILL and a Free World. Join in our fight.

You're either with us, or you're against us. Lead, follow or get out of the way-we prefer that you come along with us in our conquest ! We are The Mighty Rainbow Warriors, a force to be reckoned with-a force for good and all that is right !

edisonik: Good Work Tarheel

Spoken like a true Rainbow Olympic Warrior. Yes many will come and many will learn the Horrible Truth, but the Truth will set us Free of Religion , Cabalists, Infiltrators, Debunkers, Decievers, Alien Lizards and above all the Illuminati who think they know all when they know nothing. Arrogance is all they know.

Quinton: Hi three, welcome to the

Hi three, welcome to the site. The purpose of this site is to allow people to share their perspective on various topics and help each other grow.

three: Thank you All

Thank you for the advice, Phaminator.
Thank you for the welcome, Quinton.

three: Perspectives, Symbols & My Avatar

We all see differently but to grow in any meaningful way requires tolerance & patience when confronted with ideologies alien to our own.

Regarding my avatar - I am surprised no-one mentioned their discomfort when I first arrived here. This would be have been the mature & practical thing to do. The triangle & circle are both meaningful outside of the illuminati mindset. There are so many truths & symbols (and symbols are important because some races are purely telepathic & only speak their thoughts symbologically.) that have been 'stolen' & corrupted by the opposing mindset. But these symbols are ours and they hold power & meaning and maybe it is time to take them back & make them our own again.

Maybe, there is nothing symbologically present in this existence that does not have meaning. The triune & the circle are both aspects of the divine - intertwined, they infer a balance & completion. In this respect, they may also signify the bonding of the male & female principles when applied to the spiritual nature or the link between Heart & Mind when one reaches a biological transcendence.

I do appreciate the conditioning that is in place on Earth that makes some averse to the most powerful symbols otherwise available to us. If however, my avatar truly offends anyone here & is not being condemned simply out of spite, I will gladly remove it. Otherwise, I would ask that it be seen in light of what it means to me.


bluesbaby5050: The enblem has-

This emblem does have a meaning alright, and does NOT hold the male, and female aspect to it, and NEVER DID! This is the Niberubian Starship Emblem! And this is their symbol, and they are allies with the Illuminati period! The Niberuians of Niberu, of this brown dwuarf Planet/their hulled out spaceship,, will not be allowed to come close to our planet Earth ,and cause a mass distruction,, as this is what the people of Earth thought. Instead ,they will stay a safe distance from Earth,and will rise high up (arch up high) above, and away from Earth, and then go back out into deep ,dark space again, for another journey of their cycle.They won't to be able to come here to interfer in the humans spiritual growth, this will not be allowed to happen! You can give all kinds of excuses for different meanings all you want, and this fact cannot be changed,,no matter how hard you will try to change this fact!! The people on the forum ALSO KNOW the meaning of this symbol too.These facts are all on the internet for anyone to look this truth up! And we also expected this to happen.They will not be allowed to come here again this time around, to plunder,and rescue the Illuminati off to safety from this Planet Earth! BB5050.

Annunaki77: Enki was the Son of King Anu

He served the Canus King. When Enki grew up in Sirius he saw what it was to live with Tyranny. He saw many Canus slaves that served in Dumb anguish. His heart was wounded and he made a decision while in Sirius he decided to do something about this Tyranny.
He understood that his Father wouldn't have any dumb ideas trying to change the Throne.

So Enki kept his silence, untill King Anu had his problem with King Al Al and his Grandson Lord Zeus of Olympus. Enki understood what was about to transpire but he just continued his research into Genesis Sciences Developement in Sirius and Uranus.

Once the Battle was over Enki seized his opportunity to Create his Garden on Earth. Olympus was destroyed and Zeus was arrested, his Ikiki were very brave and died to the last Canus.

So too many Brave Men and Women Serve the Illuminati System , many Brave Renegades.
Who truly believe in Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
So things aren't all Black and White Bluesbaby5050. Relax Beautiful Bluesbaby5050.


bluesbaby5050: To Annunaki 77 the---------

Wise Annunaki 77 ,according to what we have learned,is that the Illuminati are the cause of most of the trouble,and strife ,and greed,along with the head power families that control the banking systems on this planet,,is this correct? And that they also have group satan rituals ,and have animal,and human offerings in his honor,and for their power.This is also true of them,is it not?
Please correct us here ,if we are wrong. This is what we read,and have learned right here on this forum also. Are we wrong to believe this information now? Have we been misinformed? Did the Illuminati system originate from ideas of the Niberians and their peoples? Please correct us here,so we can get to the real truth.This is a very large group,and they reach far and wide into everything here on this planet. Are we right to believe all this? What is right,and what is wrong?This seems to be causing confusion in this forum. Thank you. BB5050.

Annunaki77: Originally they were formed by Marduke Son of Enki

Marduke/RA saw that the Rebel Serpent Queen of Orion was going to steal his Empire so he gave his Power and Governance to his Children the Rothschilds Clan ( Mardukes Children) and the Rockefellers ( The Pharoahs, RA's trusted Priests ).
So Originally they were Good but through time they were Infiltrated by the Serpent Queens Minions and they became Sick and Corrupt.
They Serve themselves and the Reptilian Lords of Darkness.

They no longer serve correctly

So Light has come to destroy Darkness once again.


The Good will Defeat Evil.

bluesbaby5050: We were not----------

So, we were not misinformed ,the information is correct! Thank you-WISE Annunaki 77.

Annunaki77: The Serpent Queens just want their Resources

So we will find common ground and make everyone happy instead of smashing our heads into the wall. This Planet is a Paradise, a Beautiful Paradise not a plot to Rape and destroy.
We will find a common ground , Peace and Harmony.
You are Beautiful and Earth is Beautiful. So I say unto you, live your lives with Peace and Harmony. Keep your Frequency Calm and at Peace.

You are all Perfection, Beautiful Adamu.
Beautiful , truly Beautiful.

If you can see this Dear King Anu, please will Peace and Harmony.
I know you will.


King Christ of Earth: I am looking for "The Beautiful People"!

I will be taking over this planet before Christmas of this year! I am counting on the Race here to pass me off as paranoid delusional and schizophrenic. It is a good cover and keeps me under the radar! I am connected to a team of Warriors that will have their CPR's and agendas given to them when the time is right! I move around a lot so it will be highly improbable that anyone will be able to pin me down! We are landing a Ship to pick up the extraterrestrial named Satan, a Demon form a planet called Hell, that was marooned here by a BE'ing named Godda Eons ago! This planet wobbles so you are all insane because of its altered trajectory! They tried to fix it with little to no success when they built the pyramids! Extraterrestrials KNOW about us and KNOW also of the eradication process in Our future! After "WE" get Satan's Spirit back into his cloned body, he will be taking the Ship into the Sun and parking until "WE" have total control down here! He is a demolitions expert and will be helping with the force "WE" will need for the inevitable Hostile take over! I as a Mortal will be looking for Beautiful people to seed a civilization on Paradise! I am the Communications Engineer on this Ship! Check my type chat, my context, my vocabulary, my telepathy and my spelling! YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH!!!
Goodbye for now!!!
Oh, and I can sing also!


Tarheel: Looking for beautiful people-AVOID a MIRROR !

You are a TROLLER, a true ass-clown who finds himself amusing. Why don't you get a life and go TROLL elsewhere ! The only person who finds you amusing is you. So, go rotlandlyao all by yourself since you amuse yourself.

We arent amused, SPAMMER !

wmarkley: ship

go right on then, you will not get no trouble from us, come and get satan and fly him into the sun, its what we want anyway. its the biggest pit of fire i can think of at the moment, you two will be very happy there. take the rothchilds, and the roskafellers with you, you can make it a party, and take the queen of england too, she can pop out of the cake for ya.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley--lol!!----------

HAHAHA!!! She can pop outta the cake for ya!!! --- so funny!! I agree with you!! Take all the trouble makers away for us! And I hope you do suceed in your mission King christ!! BB5050.

Fal: Baa! Baa!! I'm the third


I'm the third Billy goat gruff.

Really guys? The more you feed trolls, the more they stick around. If you can't take it, stop feeding them, and get out from under the bridge.

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