Hello everyone, my name is Dallas, I'm originally from Pennsylvania, and I'm a nice person, I have a good heart. I am a Christian and a soldier of God, and I have been fighting for 21 years. I am 21 years of age going onto 22 in August.

I found this website through a Google search, and I myself do know about a lot of the truth. But I'm gonna keep this introduction simple. I hope to make some friends on here, who can truly understand me.

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Quinton: Hi Dallas, it's great to have

Hi Dallas, it's great to have you here :) What topics in particular interest you?

ArchangelDallas777: I'm particularly interested

I'm particularly interested in religion

TriThorntheReaper: I was reading you bio and you

I was reading you bio and you said you defeated lucifer? How did you defeat him in combat or a different way.

Tarheel: Welcome aboard

Nice to have an influx of new voices.

ArchangelDallas777: Combat

@TriThorntheReaper I had defeated him in combat, and also here's another thing that I will tell you. I have saved a woman from being sacrificed to Satan, and I had completely eradicated him on that day, which was on Wednesday.

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