by matter1022 on January 6th, 2016

in short, i am very glad that in the last year to have found ppl that through conversation and direct intervention i wasnt aware of how much i wanna communicate my ideas and continue being an artist. While i am a bit of a smart ass (sans smart at times)... i dont like being directly rude to anyone. even if i like to make fun of all ideas, especially my own, i dont think sometimes while im busy thinking im doing just that.. the search to know has kicked my ass a lot lately... but i cant deny its helped me with my goal of communicating and to admit the many ways i was just ignorant... thankyou

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Terran resistance: hello!

welcome to truthcontrol :)

Quinton: Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

edisonik: Destiny Awaits

Here you will learn the ways of existence and your destiny , it is no mistake that you are here Star Seed.

matter1022: man.. if i went one day

man.. if i went one day without hearing destiny from my own reflection.. then i guess i wouldnt even be here reading that nothing is a mistake.. nor accidental.. anyways.. thankyou verymuch. I enjoy what ive read so far, even if it totally screws with my programming at times.. everything does that these days..

Terran resistance: do you follow alex collier, david icke or anyone?

do you follow alex collier, david icke or anyone out of curiosity, al bielek? lyssa royal? Here are some books:


matter1022: in 2007-10 i began watching

in 2007-10 i began watching magentapixie, took 8 years off thinking about these things and internalized the words until i noticed the topics popping up that i was already familiar with... so now i try and let my attention wander and conversation teach me what ive absorbed and what i want to learn more of.. i love to write, draw, debate, paint, create, and think tank.. thankyou for the references..

Tarheel: Welcome

Polarity affects everyone. There's no shortage of it here, as evidenced.
We're all growing, chief.
Happy to have you aboard.

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