What do you all think about hell? What levels are there? Who goes and who doesn't ?is there even a hell or will the earth become hell at the end of time?


edisonik: Alinabezerra is asking about Tartarus

Well oh well Alinabezerra, hell is a place where the Annunaki and others send Souls, Good and Bad alike for Quarantine.
It is an overlay of the Reality you live in, like 3D Virtual World, every bit as real as your Reality but a different Frequency, it is a Prison for the Souls on this Planet.
Since the Reptilian Net is still Functioning all Souls go to this Gloomy Place.
At times the Pleadians can break into this Prison and Rescue Souls.

So remember what I said Good and Bad alike go to this Place.
In ancient times this Place had no Net (Prison) of Souls, but when Lord Marduke was kicked out and the Reptilians took over, all Souls with exception of some were trapped there and are still trapped in Tartarus.

It is a Hunting Ground and a Waiting Station for Potential Reincarnation.
The Hunting Part is being closed down by Master Falcon Warriors who are turning the tide on the Draco who Hunt Humans.

Hell is not a Nice Place , so many will say if I am Good than why would I go to Tartarus / Hell?,
Well Earth is Property of these Extraterrestrials so they even own you as Property.

That is why there is War going this Planet right now between the Falcons and the Lizards as well as the Pleadians and Andromedans.

One Side wants Humans to be Free and the others side it's Business as usual using Humans as a Food Source.

So the New World Disorder is not just being run by Old Men, it is being run by Draco Beings at the Top.

I hope you understand the Gravity of this Sacred Knowledge.

bluesbaby5050: This is the OTHER Side--

This is where some people go to when they go into The Light ,( The Tunnel ) when they finish this tour of duty.This is where you go for re-orientation, brain -washing of your memory before you re-incarnate again.This is another hologram/program you go though. Your re-cycled so they can continue to live off from you again. On all levels.The Reptilians NEED Humans to exist. Or they will die.

Crigitine: When your body does die, are

When your body does die, are you in lucidity when you are back to your soul alone? Like in your dreams you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Are you completely unlocked as a soul? I'm sure after thousands of years they've had of practicing this they will have toys waiting for us but as a whole there is nothing holding us back like humans not only able to use about 10% of their brains?

alinabezerra: Hmm

So hell is like a limbo but not for all souls awaiting their ultimate fate wich In some cases might b reincarnation? So where does God play into this and where did the concept of heaven come from? Was it from ignorant people who didn't want to except reality? So is the bible not a credible source for the prospect of the after life?

Terran resistance: hell is a metaphor

Hell is a metaphor for the hollow earth.

The idea of hell being hot, comes from the Sirius star system being hot, when Sirians and Pleiadians didn't get on well with each other, the Pleiadians made out that the sirians were demons via religious manipulation hence why demons are stereotypically red skinned, but times have changed.

When people die they reincarnate into a body of their choosing...
In my opinion.

bluesbaby5050: Some people will be---

In for a bigg surprize when they pass over! Don't kid yourself!!

Annunaki77: Hell is not a Metaphor, Hell is Real

You seem to Understand a few things Incarnate, but you have lots to Learn, a whole lot.
Here on this Forum we will Learn more things.
As well as Masons, Luciferians, Christians, Jews, Islamic folks etc.
This is Sirius.


Power above all Power.

Terran resistance: some are in for a hell of a surprise when they die:-

When you die

It is my opinion that people go to the van alan belt where they and they alone judge their whole life. There they see if they have completed their objectives in life and new objectives are set.

Then they come back to earth to reincarnate.

Tarheel: MUCH BETTER! But, how do you arrive at this conclusion?

Is this a Religion based deduction or something you have derived yourself?

And, where is the Alan Belt? This is a new concept to me. I agree with the judging part but I have heard many spins on this. Like, the Angels or Guides we have that write good deeds and bad-what comes of that? They record it for some reason. Perhaps you dont subscribe to that part.

bluesbaby5050: Where did you get this information from?

Who,and where did you get all this information from? We really would love to know? You put out infomation like this,and you never give out your source of information. What is it you base your information on? Why don't you share this with the rest of us here?This is what this forum is all about!

bluesbaby5050: This last thread was directed to Terra rest.

Please answer this question for all of us here.

bluesbaby5050: The deeds are recorded by---

A special being-Angel that records all the events ,and words spoken, and thoughts un-spoken , though out eons of time, is recorded by this being.and then is stored in the Akasha Records.Nothing can be changed!

bluesbaby5050: You can NOT go to the VAN ALLEN BELT Because............

Of this NET that is in place! This Net goes around Mars, and Venus, and Mercury, and the Moons of all three planets. This is the NET=TRAP people of Earth are in when incarnated on Earth. No one can go though this and enter the Van Allen Belt,and if this was true, then Astronuats would of done so already. WE CAN NOT JUST YET! There is another place, another hologram that traps people once they enter the light, and move though this tunnel, and once though this tunnel, this other HOLOGRAM that is set up to look like a Peaceful Park with all the grasses, and all the different types of trees, bushes, and flowerbeds, and shrubs that are present on Earth, complete with lakes, ponds, and rivers, and mountains, and every kind of building that was ever build on Earth exists on this side in this hologram also, complete with your soul guides, and the Elders that help you along the way. You will also meet once again your relatives that are deceased, as well as all your pets.There is a way station where people come, and go to review your most recent life, and this is done on a large holograpthic sphere that is 3 dimensional that one sees rise up before them in a large room complete with marbel benchs one sits on , and they are accompanied by their main soul guide for their life review. All thoughts, and all feelings from all people that were involved in ones life are felt by you! So you will have a complete experience of how they felt by your treatment to them while you were living that life. You will feel everyone's feelings as they did, for your learning in this review. There are many different kinds of parks as well over there, and it is a constant 70 degrees all the time. There is a huge park that exists with animals just like in Africa, and they all get along together for you to study and visit. There are many universities to study the many subjects if one wants to become a doctor of medicines, and any other kind of doctor in many fields of practice. And there are many experimental labs one can visit to watch and study the on going research, and developments in many fields of all kinds imaginable. This is where many new inventions take place FIRST, and then they will be downloaded in to a person that has the mental capabilities to invent these inventions that take shape in this hologram that is as real over there as is this hologram we live in over here in this dimension. There is also a Re-Orientation building( Mind-Swiping=Brainwashing that takes place before one incarnates again if one chooses to, after they rest, and relax, and enjoy the many plays preformed complete with music of the best featured by artists of course, and many other activities to ponder, and study, and to take part in or not. This place complete with this tunnel of light, and all the other parks, and buildings were all set up by the ORDERS OF THE QUEENS OF ORION, and build by the Iggies=lizard workers that took orders from these queens, and they did all this work just for us humans! ( WHAT A JOKE!) This is all part of the Net-Entrapment, and you have MARDUK TO THANK FOR THIS, as he was also betrayed by the Orion Queen he brought to this solar system to help him in his quest for control, but his plan back fired onto him, and then he was kicked out by this Orion Queen he brought back to Earth from Orion where he had sort help in his ruling of planet Earth. I hope this helps.

funkadelic_14: I love the questions u have

I love the questions u have set on here. But once again i am in confusion. How can hell be real. If reincarnation is real. I thought after death if we are conscious about the trap system we can escape from here and not reincarnate once again. Now u are telling me that u go to hell when u die? Wtf man

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