Edisonik told us all in Forum about a special visitation between 5/22 and 6/15. This was foretold by our Masters MONTHS AGO !

We need to knowIF/WHEN ANYTHING else "INTERESTING (like this)" occurs ASAP.

PLEASE help your friends here. We would/will tell you.


HebrianDaniel: dont worry i will report any

dont worry i will report any UFO that people see btw
we saw it in 7th june 2012 time 21:20 its was a light with sound looking cover
and then in the other area we saw a very brightly Road of light in the sky its looked like something that hard to explain but i will give you the video soon.
i hope i will find it soon :)

HebrianDaniel: here i found video of the

here i found video of the spiral UFO in israel. i never heard of this in my life about Spiral UFO
its first time i see this

bluesbaby5050: These Spiraling lights are said to ----

Really be UFO
Spaceships coming into our dimention from Worm Holes--also called Vortex's! Major countries are reporting all these events, and they are NOT recent ones! They have been seeing these lights for a while now. Many countries have been reporting these,and posting them on Youtube. And the middle east is the most RECENT to report this. They are NOT failed Missels-rockets! Lies! They want to cover the middle east lights up for some reason! Why is that?

HebrianDaniel: im not sure what the

im not sure what the interests of aliens in the middle east now but i hope kanesh will say something about it

HebrianDaniel: i feel so much excited now im

i feel so much excited now im really waiting for the first encounter with aliens :)

Tarheel: KEEP us UPDATED Hebrian-YOU are our front line!

And GUESS WHAT? Main Stream Media has said NOTHING about it ! They are so pathertic and what this does is verify to all of us that we are censored and they are trying to keep us unprepared.

Look at our pathetic system ! They think they know what's best for us ! They dont have any idea that WE KNOW what's best and we will decide and they can drown in their septic tanks because -we arent buying their BS !

Dont get me started on that today ! Ughhhhhhhh !

meb1974: The interest of aliens in the

The interest of aliens in the middle east is the anunnaki first landed in this area. Study Sumerian, Babylon, Egyptian history. The Anunnaki ruled for thousands of years in the middle east and Africa. Maybe they want to return and rule once again.

Annunaki77: You must accept your Divine Right to live Free

Have I not taught you anything about Messiahs and Tyrants.
No one will Rule , you must learn to become Personally Responsible with your Lives and Learn to Rule your own Lives without having others Rule you.

Annunaki77: You must accept your Divine Right to live Free

Have I not taught you anything about Messiahs and Tyrants.
No one will Rule , you must learn to become Personally Responsible with your Lives and Learn to Rule your own Lives without having others Rule you.

Crigitine: Right now the entire world

Right now the entire world has its laser sights pointed at the middle east. Russia is defending an ally, china has been doing its homework and started heckling various oil sellers, and the us is trying to "save" the world.

It sucks to realize but the Obama administration has successfully led the people like lemmings to a well armed maze. They have taken the people's hands and given them a gun, should this all come to pass he will have killed the wolves with their own claws because the administration did not have the power to do it themselves.

Annunaki77: There will be no War

No more War will occur.
King Anu will not allow it.

He has the Bigger Stick

Crigitine: And humans have free will.

And humans have free will. Once we stop being scared of big sticks, anything can happen. I'm not screaming doom, it is truth. The reason humans don't rise is because they are afraid of sticks, among other things. When they are told they don't have to live like this, the first thing on their mind is what can we do? They have us out gunned! People don't or just refuse to acknowledge the bodies we live in are husks. The real you is literally what is inside. It is understandable that people do not want to lose their memories or contact with people they love. Fear of death has caused enough trouble. People stopped being brave and started sitting down and being pampered when they were convinced that you only live once. If someone were to open the eyes to people that there is life after death, the rest would come naturally.

bluesbaby5050: And that day is almost here now!

Believe this or not, but people have been learning that this is the real truth.They really are believing this, as alot of people have already died,and come back KNOWING this is the REAL truth,and that Humans have been lied to,and there was many reasons for this. People have been speaking about this out in the open now,as before people would say mean things as to why they had this happen to them/or not. If you Stay Consious when you leave,and do not believe this is the end,you will learn the truths.You need to stay aware when you do leave your physical bodies. The reason for the ordered of the Recycling was done by the Orion queens was so we could, and would remain a food source for the reptilians! Both mentality,and Phsically,and emotionally,and spiritually. They feed off all those levels of the Human experiences.They would die without this. They want us to lose our memories,because this is their way to have control on all that we do. Implants,the Brainwashings that goes on,and the re-orientations,and the control of what your next life will be etc. They have it all planned out. You all need to study,and to become very aware of what happens to you.Take back control of your distiny.

Crigitine: Mr Daniel

Tomorrow could you check your paper for evacuation plans? I'm seeing posts about having plans to evac 1000's of people from natural to man made disasters, they said it was Israel's top paper/news that reported it.

The thread:

The link from the thread:

bluesbaby5050: WOW! That sure is alot of people---

That would have to be moved just in case of an attack! I sure hope Not!

HebrianDaniel: oh this 1 i dont know about

oh this 1 i dont know about its new to me but i see it on ynet.
i hope its not true.....

HebrianDaniel: well the reports says israel

well the reports says israel goverment want to expel illegel refugess to Sudan and Aritrea.
they going to expel many of them because many israelians dont like to live with them.

HebrianDaniel: i hope the war wont come

i hope the war wont come because i start to feel its coming.
somehow i feel israel goverment are prepered for war and its will be very bad!

bluesbaby5050: To Hebrian Daniel----

I read that some of your people are going to be moved to other areas that are to be SAFE for them if any missles are fired in your homeland.The news did not say the people were going to be EXPELED FROM YOUR COUNTRY,JUST MOVED. Annu77 said earlier when he was on that if they do,it will come from INSIDE YOUR COUNTRY! I also read before this,that your country wil do this to IT'SSELF,,AND THEN PUT THE BLAME ON IRAN! Annu 77 had said this statement a couple of weeks ago,in this forum,as I read this in the forum at that time. And this action WOULD SET THIS WAR OFF! What can you say about this now?

HebrianDaniel: im not sure but if there

im not sure but if there going to be missile strike for real many israelians will leave the land to other countries many israelians are kinda chickens they dont really like wars and rockets.
we had enough 7 wars of pain and fear.
no need anymore the 8th war. i remember the last war in 2006 i did got into my safety room.
i have special room that has steel inside :) so i will be safe i bealive so. but not for long.
i hope the war wont come =/

bluesbaby5050: The war---? To H/D--

I HOPE NOT TOO! BUT,ANNU77 DID SAY THIS IN THE FORUM. You MUST of read this too? Tarheel would remember this also,and so would Wmarkley,as we are on here all the time. I really hope not! We will worry about you! I will bring this up to Annu77 for a good inside up-date. He KNOWS ALL THE INSIDE,AND YOU KNOW THIS TOO. You BE VERY CAREFUL,AND WATCH YOUR NEWS CLOSELY Daniel. Please let us know on T/C. WE CARE ABOUT YOU,AND YOUR PEOPLE TOO. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: dont worry i have safety

dont worry i have safety room that has iron inside the walls also
iron guarded window. which will protect us from rockets.

bluesbaby5050: To H/D --

I hope you will be safe in there. It must get aweful hot inside that room? I hope you all have alot of water,and food,and some medicines to get you by the rough times,,IF THE NEED ARISES.I REALLY HOPE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN,,WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU ,AND YOUR PEOPLE Daniel. Peace,and Love to you,and your family. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: well i putted some snackes in

well i putted some snackes in my wardrobe incase something happen
but water nope anyways
if the war will be very hard then i will just wait and die because i dont have any choice.

HebrianDaniel: well i hope miracle will come

well i hope miracle will come and stop all these bad things
i also hope aliens will come and save us from the war.

bluesbaby5050: To H/D --ANNU77 SAID--

If war should break out ANYWHERES ,THAT Annu77,AND OTHERS WILL STOP IT REAL QUICK! IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO STARTS IT HE SAID! This is heavy duty Technologies that he will use to stop this! They are very high technologies in those space ships! Beams of pure energy will be used! You will not even see it coming, BUT YOU SURE WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL IT! He means it! They are very SERIOUS! He said this to us many times,AND AGAIN THIS WEEK! The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: well i hope so. well like i

well i hope so. well like i said i hope war wont happen i dont want war and nor to fight in war
if i will have chance and some money i will escape from israel to other land in order to be safe
but if i cant escape from israel i will try my best to survive.

HebrianDaniel: well i hope kanesh has it

well i hope kanesh has it word i hope aliens really will come
otherwise i will be disappointed :s

bluesbaby5050: To H/D ---

Annu77,and Edisonik have said that there are Millions of Alien space crafts,Giant Mother ships that can also carry thousands of ships too. He said they are ALL HERE, AND WATCHING AND WAITING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS ON EARTH AT THIS TIME! HE/THEY SAID THAT THE SHIPS ARE ALL AROUND THIS PLANET, AND ALSO MILLIONS OF THEM ALL AROUND AND POSTED IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM! THEY ARE AS FAR OUT AS THE LAST PLANET NEPTUNE! And beyond that even! There are hugh Armada's of all sizes of ships out there. I have seen them all over Youtube, and a few moving around in our night skies as well where I am. I have been seeing them for years now. So, this does not surprize me Daniel. Pray son, as they really can hear you when you do, as Lord Annu77, and Lord Edison has told us this before in the past. We are All watching to see what happens. The Gods/Kods are with you Daniel. The Falcon.


Lord Annu 77 said yesterday that they are space ships coming into your air space,they are Worm Holes, they travel in. Another name is Vortex's over your country,and they are watching your citys ,and towns very carefully. He said they are NOT DUMMY MISSLES! RUSSIA,AND YOUR COUNTRY ARE LIEING TO YOUR PEOPLE, AND THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH! SO DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! Our Space Families= Allies are REALLY HERE RIGHT NOW! The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: Also, King Anu -----

King Anu is also here right now too. He is with the Starship Niberu! Annu 77 said this! And the Vatican ,and Russia,and China,and Japan,and The USA,and England also KNOW THIS TOO. IT HAS BEEN TOLD TO THE PUBLIC ALREADY. The Pentegon, and NASA is also well aware of them in our atmosphere,they can see them too. I saw this too,on the news on Youtube. They even repeated it! So be brave Daniel. THEY ARE REALLY HERE NOW! The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: someone told me the spirals

someone told me the spirals are gate to other dimensional realm

bluesbaby5050: They are right Daniel!

This is true. This is what I have been trying to tell you! They really are here. They have been here for a long time now! They are the ones distroying all those underground bunkers all around the world! In the USA last year back in August of 2011! We all felt this here,and it was reported all over the news! The people were on the TV talking about it in their cities! The Annunaki have been doing this, and so have the Andromendans,and the Many other groups that were listed in our forum. We talked about it all here. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: if that true i hope they will

if that true i hope they will come israel and nuke the Knesset
i never liked the perliament guys there they dont deserve to stay alive after all
the problems they cause to my country =/


If Nukes were to be used you and others all around your country WOULD ALL DIE REAL FAST! Nothing would be left for miles all over your country Daniel,and this is a horrible way to die! You would be vaporized in a second! And then the shock waves would do all the rest! Your land would never grow anything for over 40 years! This would NOT BE ALLOWED BY ANY OF THE SPACE SHIPS! THEY WOULD NOT USE THIS KIND OF POISON POWER! THIS WOULD BE FELT OUT IN SPACE,AND ON OTHER PLANETS,AND OUT FAR INTO OUR GALAXY! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE,AND MANY PLANETS WERE DISTROYED IN THIS ! MOTHER EARTH WOULD ALSO RAISE HELL ON ALL OF YOU FOR THIS TOO! She would Shake ,and Quake,and Roll the oceans on You ALL,and the Fires would Clean you OFF THIS PLANET! DO NOT FORGET THIS! THIS IS THE UNIVERSAL LAWS! This planet ,and all the peoples would FEEL Mother Earth's POWER/WRATH ON ALL YOUR ASSES FOR SURE! SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT! NO MORE! PERIOD. BOTTOM LINE!! The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: Nukes made a lot of troubles

Nukes made a lot of troubles all around the galaxy im sure the aliens dont want planets that nuking their other countries. but well i guess they failed in 1945. 1982(Chernovile)
and 2011(japan). i hope there wont be any Nuclear attack otherwise we wont survive it :S

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