Hebrew is descendent of the Akkadian language

i find there many word similarties between hebrew to akkadic

even our hebrew calender all our month words are in akkadic
because some of them dont has even meaning in hebrew.

and actually the akkadians are the orginal semites.
they are the ones who conquared Sumeria and formed babylon city by the reign of King Hammurabi who created the Hammurabi codex which influent many goverments and courts today.

im still amazed that such ancient words survived above 4500years.

proud to know hebrew :)


the jewish/akkedic calander is different than the latin calander.
we count by Lunar year while the latin is Solar year.

Means we have 354 days in year instead of 365.

which why every 3years in israel we have to add month to the calander to catch up.
while the muslims in arabia dont even change it and their holidays mess up with solar calander.

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