by Annunaki77 on September 2nd, 2012

Enki ( Lucifer ) , Enlil ( Yahweh ) are brothers.
There Father is King Anu.
Enlil ( Yahweh ) cares only for Servitude and Work until Death to Mine Gold.

Enki ( Lucifer ) wanted the Workers (Humans) to get the Opportunity to kicked out of the Garden, he wanted to give Humans the Opportunity to Mold their own Lives and their Own Destiny.

The Brotherhood of the Snake does not Serve any God but themselves, they used to serve Lord Enki, but they no Longer Serve Free Will but Tyranny.

Humans will be deceived again unless they understand what I have taught them.

You must understand because your Lives depend on it!.

The New World Disorder does not serve Humanity, it serves Lord Enlil and his Puppet Jesus. If they come you will taste Tyranny like never before.

You must become Independant and trust in no Gods. Enki only wanted Freedom and since he gave Humanity this Awsome DNA, Enki was Murdered by those who were Loyal to his Brother Enlil.

There are things going on in this Planet that many of you will never understand. So you who Insult, will never Understand the Awsome Powers at work here.

Did Enki give humans knowledge against the Anunnaki law?

So you can see that Billions of Humans Worship, Christians, Muslims and other Religions, YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DECIEVED!.

When you understand that you will live, your Obedience to your Relgions will be your Undoing, you who do not Understand.

The Giants are Loyal to Enki, they know how Awsome Enki is, Noah also knows Enki. Everyone knows Enki except the little ones ( Those who are not ready for Awsome Truth).

Do you understand how close you are to the Kods.


bluesbaby5050: Yes I Really Do Understand this Lord Annu77 ....

I Will Not be one of those poor people that Bow down to EN-LIL,AND THE PUPPET Jesus the man Christians worship! I worship the Prime Creator,the Issness! I understand who Inki is,and his younger brother Enlil. Inki loves/cares about Humanity,and ENLIL DOES NOT PERIOD!

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annu77.........

People get Lucifer mixed up with the Satanist,The Luciferians.I know the difference.But,Would you Please Explain the difference for the people in this forum like- TR,AS HE LOVES TO SPEAK HIS VIEWS ON THIS SUBJECT,AND HE THINKS HE IS RIGHT! We covered this topic before,and he came off telling everyone here that we are wrong,and he is right. Would you settle this Please? Thank You Sir.

Annunaki77: The Luciferians exercise their Free Will for themselves only.

They are Simply Pirates, Plundering Nations for themselves , they use Stealth and care only about themselves.
They are Free but what they do is wrong because they hurt Innocent People in the Process. They Understand Free Will but they do not Understand the Respect for Human Life, they think of Humanity are Beasts and nothing more.
This is where they are Horribly Wrong, this is the Luciferian Trajedy, they disrespect Humanity.
This is their Ultimate Failure. And when they screw up they turn to Christianity, where Enlil is waiting for them with open arms.

So Satanism is just Reptilian Ceremony in disguise, everyone seems to be diguising themselves these days.

Annunaki77: Unfortunately he wants this Planet and Humans not!

Humans are sideshow Freaks in his eyes. Freaks that must be Destroyed.

YOU CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW !. Peace to you Bluesbaby5050.


bluesbaby5050: This is because I have 2 Great-----

Master Teachers. And they are You, Lord Annu77,and The Great Falcon Master,Lord Edisonik.If I did Not Learn the Real Truths,I would be condemmed to a bad Fate when Lord ENlil Arrives,and he Will sooner or later.This is the Great Deception! Thank You Both!

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