by Annunaki77 on October 26th, 2012

The Heavens are here to make sure that those who want Carnage will not get what they want. Many of our Spacecrafts are cloaked and will appear when any monkey business happens.
Earth is a Beautiful Planet and it will not be destroyed by any War anynore.
The Shadow Government likes to push the Muslim threat Deception, when the Real Enemies are Extraterrestrials that do not like Humans.

Da Aya Ba El, Enki is not amused.

Believe in or not.

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bluesbaby5050: And Guess who................

And Guess who those are that he is speaking of ? These are the Darconians,and the Reptoids that do not like the Humans! These are the REAL ENEMIES!

Tarheel: Okay, Anu77's video said "An Annunaki would assume.....

...control of Earth now."

Which Annunaki will assume the control of Earth, Wise Anu77?

The video also said Lord Enki had been in control for the last 2600 yrs, but it leaves you thinking Earth's in for a new leader (hopefully NOT) for The Age of Aquarius.

Please, tell us Wise One.

bluesbaby5050: The New Age of Aquarius is the Sign of The Air.....

In the past teaching Annu77 stated that this new age of Aquarius was HIS Age........the age of Space Travel for the Human Race. Maybe this is because INKI HAS Already RE-INCARNATED into a NEW body, like we All have done in the Past. And I really wonder if this new Annunaki leader will be the Soul of Inki-RE-BORN? Many eons of time has certainly passed by for the Kods to learn from their mistakes, and by The order of Heaven, will Appoint this New Annunaki Leader again? This does NOT MEAN that it will be of Annunaki Origins Again this time around, but it means this person HAD been of the Annunaki Race in the Past Life Origins. It Just means this new leader ONCE HAD A PAST life AS an Annunaki being. Hummmm....... This sure is one to think about ! This is a Good question Tarheel. We may never know.

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