by edisonik on November 25th, 2014


You cannot Buy $$$ , FREE WILL , PASSION & DESTINY.

You who desecrated IRAQ & THE MIDDLE EAST will pay for your Crimes against Humanity.



Adamu will live with their DIVINE RIGHTS OF PASSION , DESTINY & FREE WILL.




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edisonik: WE LOVE YOU


edisonik: ADAMU

Anunnaki Disable Nukes, Sabotage Missile Tests, Spy on Nuclear Plants


Now that you know that the Good Guys are here always Defend Liberty & Independance Adamu.

bluesbaby5050: Yes! I am very glad that Niberu, The Good Guys Are Here to TAKE


Tarheel: NWO=New World ODOR (a smelly reek)

Stinkin' thinkin' is what it is.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they SEE what's upon them. "What in the world are they thinkin of.....Laughin in the face of love?"
(Only 3 1/2 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqP3wT5lpa4

edisonik: KARMA



Tim Lovell: see Karma does exist :)

see Karma does exist :)

obsrvantlouie: Reverse the title

"Hell will destroy the world of love! See our divine might"

One polarity 'extreme' is not better than another polarity extreme.

The good guys are always here to defend liberty and independence......how exactly are we supposed to know this as you say? What exactly is being done for this 'defense' you claim is happening?

The gods are returning huh? For what purpose? Why now? Why not earlier? What is their benefit to 'destroying an order'? What order will take place once the new one is destroyed?

Tarheel: Darkness' run is over.

Haven't you had enough of it?
I have. My Kod, it's been getting worse for the last 6500 yrs or so. Time for a change. The tables have turned and it's time for Light. Look at the timetables of the ages. The return of light is imminent. We made it!

obsrvantlouie: I don't care to exchange one

Extreme for the other.....id prefer balance.

Tarheel: I respect your free will.....

...but I've had more than enough of the darkness. It's good-bye-bye time for darkness and "Hello, LIGHT!" in my camp.

But, relax. It's not a light switch. They each blend in & out. And if you feel that you cant go on. And your mind's sinking low. Just BELIEVE and you can't go wrong. In The Light you will find the road.

Tim Lovell: yes Obsv we understand your

yes Obsv we understand your perspective , but this is a world of polarity and `darkness` has held sway over this zone for ages past , now it is the end of those times..

pasqualie: Reality is whoever is in control

this world exists in polarity, so you are just exchanging one tyrant for another.

take your pick of the 3 and do you actually think it would be a better world controlled by anyone else.

as well what i do feel is energy rising, but the masses are getting more polarized because they are asleep. so i dont see some huge awakening and the world changes over night like some people saying or even within a lifetime. and there will be no aliens coming in to save the day or humanity. in my view if they are out there, they cannot or will not interfere. and the whole alien story of light and dark personally i think is created for the new age movement as a means of disinformation. just a different way to externalize blame and not accept responsibility. humans did this to themselves whether there is some intervention or not, the sold out, and the rest of humanity sold out also because they want to be told what to believe and for someone else to take control of things.

there is no cavalry coming in to save the day, if they were, they would have come already. look at the shape the planets in. and the reality is i dont think people want to see whats going on around them so they ignore it.

if there is a change its going to be some kind of violent revolution with social order breakdown, and you gonna get mad max scenarios going on where the true animals in humanity comes out before things get stable, and no guarantee things gonna be any better. its just human nature, humans want power, they want wealth, and not a level playing field across the board, because it means lower standard of living for everyone. its why they dont get rid of hunger and poverty or raise the education globally. because it means a lower standard of living for those living in the countries enjoying a higher standard of living. and most people if confronted with that would turn a blind eye to others being killed, surpressed and exploited so they can have their light beer, big screen tv and enjoy the football game on tv.

i do see a shit storm rising globally, i think everyone feel it, even in the strange weather, but if it hits the fan, there wont be no cavalry of aliens coming down to save the day, and there wont be some love light and harmony at the end of the tunnel. abrupt change is usually accompanied by violent upheavals.

what we are seeing is similar to the test tube studies of bacteria. where there is over population and diminishing resources. ends in war and canibalism and population callapse. change in governments wont change that because foreign policy is not dicated by ethics. basically the world is a crack addict fighting over the limited amounts of crack available. crack being oil and fossil fuels, and control of resources to maintain a standard of living for as long as possible before the callapse. then the ones in power or the ones that have money or connections go into their underground bunkers, and let the rest of humanity decline in the chaos of animal behaviour when social order breaks down.

and at the end of the day, we will have only ourselves to blame, not aliens, or other countries, or other religions or other nationalities. just simple human nature, because of the propagation of the separation of us against them mentality, or more prevalent in the united states, a world of the haves and have nots.

pasqualie: just look around

raising energy making the violent people more violent, the mentally unstable people more unstable, and everyone else who is asleep is in more fear. so if there is any change its gonna turn into the wild west, with many tyrants in power rather than a select few that maintain at least some civility. basically like the warlords you see in the 3rd world, or many groups of mob leaders ruling by fear.

as fucked up as it is, if civilization callapses its gonna get alot more fucked up. rape murder and killings will be rampant in the western societies. only place i see order is in japan because they didnt spiral into chaos when they had their tsunami and earth quake. rest of the world gonna be like post katrina, survival of the fittest, if you have the guns you can kill rape and steal who ever and what ever you want, because violence is ingrained in those societies.

pasqualie: think of it this way if there are aliens watching

its probably like humans observing two ant colonies annihilating each other. you would not empathize or relate to it on a personal level. you would watch but just let it happen or just go on with your day. its probably the same thing if there is intelligent life out there observing humanity. they watching ants annihilate each other, and wont attempt to intervene, at least until we evolve past war and killing each other.

Tim Lovell: polarity integration only

polarity integration only exists below the 6d level so you are right but id still prefer light at this level after all the thousands of years dark has been in control tbh... no point trying to change the 3d upto 6d lvl to true oneness as it cant be changed you can say it `should be like that way down at 3d-4d etc until your blue in the face dosent mean it will or can happen , the nature of those lower densities cant be changed any attempt to do this is just another waste of energy which the regrerssive forces undoubtley will take advantage of..

bluesbaby5050: There are those that do not like the light advancing

Ahead of the darkness, simply because they perfer it that way. They are set in their old habitss/ways, and do not like change. It means that they will have to change alot too. The polarities are very much out of balance in the lower densities of 3D, and they need to become balanced though change. To move ahead, means to move past 4D or stay, and live in termoil.

pasqualie: i look at it in a way that different

This world being what it is, I dont think you can take the polarity out of it. As for balance, i do not believe this is possible unless somehow their wealth and power is taken away which i do not think will happen as well. End of the day you have a choice, work on yourself and work out the polarity in you, or you can stay in polarity and get caught up in this drama of save the world and distraction the new age movement is pushing. Your primary job is to work out your own issues and polarity and get out of the game. But many get caught up in the polarity themselves in the dramas that exist in the game. so in a sense you are jumping into an ocean to try so save others and realize later your swimming skills were not up to par to save them or yourself.

Reason i say this is, how many people do you think are attracted to this type of material. A miniscule of a minute percentage of the total population. So to think the masses are gonna all of a sudden get hit by insight and all of a sudden become interested i think is wishful thinking. As i said before most dont want to know and prefer not to know. Its why they are busy and buy into the distraction of punch in punch out every day, and direct their distractions in the escapism of being occupied.

Also it buys into the new age as well as the worlds message of some enemy you have to focus on and fight to save everyone or others and be the hero, so you can measure your worth by this. and if you dont then you are unworthy.

The only enemy you need to worry about is inside of you. Until you have worked out your own issues and gotten out, i would not worry about anything else because in a way it becomes a distraction or procrastination of sorts of not doing your own inner work till its finished.

As for wanting a shift in balance, its still looking at things in polarity and passing judgement. Judgement causes separation in yourself, others and from source. I would rather look at it as it is the nature of people to act and do things, and their nature allows them to choose what they gravitate towards, and its not your place to want to change or control that or anyone. Wanting control or to fix something which you have no influence in like someone elses choice, is in a way a wanting of control and setting a condition so you can feel good about yourself. And not being happy with yourself as you are.

pasqualie: the problem with these things

it causes you to focus on something, which then causes you to think about something, which then causes you to feel something.

innately polarity is based in fear and separation, so dwelling on those things for those who cannot just observe without judgment is, the creation of an external enemy which then you begin to think on all the terrible things and it makes you feel negative.

if it makes you feel negative, then ultimately it is not a good thing because it keeps you mired in the mind traps of polarity. common ones are abandonment, victimization, helplessness, fear, doubt, insecurity, self consciousness, guilt, anger, hate........... which disempower you

so this is what you are feeding your mind, and thus determining your general state of being. because thoughts cause your brain to release chemicals, to make you feel the way you do.

pasqualie: ultimately

its not about whats happening externally, its about whats happening with the inner you.

because innately we are all creators, and what we focus on, cause us to think thoughts, which cause us to feel negative or positive, which ends up manifesting a positive or negative future. but the external doesnt matter if the internal is not right to begin with.

the first and most important part of the journey is the inner journey, not about mars, the illuminati, the aliens, and all the terrible things going around you, those things only make you focus on the negative and keep you in the lower frequencies which is what they want.

so think about the important thing each moment, what do you choose to focus on. because that leads you to think about things and makes you feel the way you do. which not only affects you, but the people and the world around you.

pasqualie: the game here is

to keep you polarized, us against them, hate gays and lesbians and think others are less than you or less human, or you are better. winning and losing, fearing loss, feeling guilty. feeling unsafe. feeling self conscious, feeling helpless, feeling abandonment, feeling victimized. judgment.

focusing on things that make you think things and feel this way is not,

unity consciousness. and its definitely not love either.

its base programming in society or even in genetics to judge others or anyone different as less than, so if things are done to them, its ok. and what keeps humanity in constant conflict of fighting and killing each other. the problems of the world are not going to be solved from this level of focus and thinking.

Reptile67: Be careful what you wish for!

Be careful what you wish for!!
The only way we will see significant change, is through a thorough cleansing of our government.
Which will be problematic at best, and downright dangerous in implementing. Too many people are comfortable with the way things are!!

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