For many who understand me these Lessons will help in Understanding the Magic and Beauty of the Gifts given to Humanity.

Just think of Existence as an Artists Canvas and your Thoughts are an Artists Paintbrush.
You see Existence is more Art than Science and Creativity is more of an Art than a Science also. For there can't be Science with that touch of Art and Creativity given to you with Love & Heart.
Your Hearts and Minds are your Canvas and Paintbrush. All your lives you have had hard lives and all your lives you all had challenges ,oppression, Fear from the outside World in one form or another and from people around you who either took advantage of you or made your Lives Negative, Sad & Miserable, this is wrong for Star Seeds do not need this Negative Vibration of Stupidity.

All your Lives you have asked Deep Questions from the Heart with Passion. Like "Why am I here?",or "I hate this World there is so much Violence & Negativity", or "What is my purpose in Life?", or "I feel like I don't belong here on Earth, I cannot relate with this Earthly madness of War,Murder,Famine, Staged Mayhem, Political Lies , Media Lies and Lies from Family & Others Etc !".

These and many other Questions are being asked because Star Seeds are truly not of this World (Those who Cry and Feel in their Heart that they truly do not belong in this Society of Mass Manipulation and there is indeed Conflict with their Souls and the current Earthly Dimension they are Incased in , that is why Suicides occur and it is very wrong.

Some will never get the answers they want because they are bathed in the Rivers of Negativity,Ignorance, Hate or they are Bathed in the Rivers of Wealth,Confort and Arrogance. They have surrendered their Souls to these Chains of Bondage.I can only Teach those with an Open Heart and an Opened Mind , if you Riddicule me than you are not Worthy of Learning Sacred Teachings of the Halls of Atlantis and the Super Beings that Once Lived with Love & Power as ONE.Before Negative Forces sunk her into the Abyss.
Beautiful Atlantis , Atlantis the Outpost of an Ancient Time of the Heroes of Old. A Place were Love and Power Reigned , a Place that still echoes in my Heart because I remember.
A Place of Creativity, Art, Music, Love, Passion & Divine Unconditional Love & Power.
No Current Nation on this Planet can compare to the Awsome Power of Atlantis.

I Teach because I Love you. Some of you will Laugh at me saying things like "Love me?, why would you Love me!, you don't even know me!, your a Lunatic!, your a Freak , your a Loser Etc,Etc,Etc".
I took that chance that you would Insult me and call me an Outcast, a Loser and a Reject.
My Wish is Peace , Love , Harmony. All Warriors when they achieved everything in Ancient Times would all come to this Revelation that , what good is it to kill Innocent Life or Conqour Nations if they do not have what is Most Important. Peace , Harmony , LOve and Power as ONE.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT understood this and once he came to this Revelation his Quest became a Mission to Enrich the World with Love & Power but his Generals could not understand this Holy Mission they became Sick with the Desire of Wealth and Material things that make Man Low , Shallow and Pointless.
His Generals Poisoned him and Greeece Fell from this Holy Mission to spread Education , Mathematics, Art, Music , Culture, Creativity, Agriculture,Love Etc. The Library of Alexandria was still there to teach for 600 Years in Great Egypt before it was ransacked by Pirates who did not want Humanity to Evolve.

Think clearly here, some of you will never understand, you will never understand because you have no Idea how DNA works. Your a part of Heaven because of your DNA.
This DNA is what makes you above all other Beasts (Animals), you have my DNA and I have your DNA.
I truly Love Humanity , we are family , we must never War and Learn to Understand each other and Work together for a better tommorrow you and for your Descendants thousands of years into the Future and for yourselves as your Reincarnate again and again.
The Cabal no longer serves , this Shadow Cabal is on the take and cares not for EN KI's will , but rather serves an Ancient Enemy of the Kods/Dogs.

My Love is Beyond Deep there is much invested interest in this Planet and Humanity as a whole.
To the Father / Mother their Lives continue through the Eyes of their Sons & Daughters and the Cycle continues , Love is the Glue of Humanity and the Challenges that come with such an Incredible Gift we call Life. Respect Human Life , Value your Lives and Love others , this is what Life is truly all about.

But this Lesson is about Creativity and your Choices that mold your Destiny also.

Your Dog is an Awsome Dog.

Let those Tremble with Great Fear who wish to Harm Humanity, the Messenger has spoken words unspoken for Thousands of Years.
Let those who Lust for War understand just how small and insignificant they are among the Real TITANS, of Ancient Times. You who think you own the Planet because you have Financial Leverage based on Lies and Extortion to Manipulated the Mind of Man and Woman.

YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!!!!!!!, Just who is watching who, that is the Question New World Disorder.





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bluesbaby5050: I will always believe in you..............

And your Pearls/Words of Wisdom. I know you, and I know your heart too, because you are speaking the truth. I know you don't have to be here,but you Choose to be,so you can teach us the truth. Thank you for being here now.

Annunaki77: Thank you Falcon Goddess

I Teach , it is Destiny why we are here at this time. We make no mistakes. Destiny is my Jewel and it is your karma that you speak with me at this current time.
We are Family and we will Preach Love, Wisdom and Power as One.

M3RT0M: Thank you for the message Lord Annu77

Thank you very much.

bluesbaby5050: A Beautiful message given to us from Lord Annunaki77......

There is so much Love, and Wisdom given to us though these words taught in this lesson above. It is worth a second posting. Thank you Wise Annu77.

nivine: thank you

We can actually feel every single word u Said, we really appreciate much ur presence inorder to help us to finally wake up and see the right world! I'm really feeling that I'm alive,I used to be in depression that none of the doctors could heAl me.Once I started to join this group, and watch videos of David and joined this new world, I felt more than alive and my struggles with depression ended in seconds! I'm so glad that I really found where I belong.. And thank to all of u

bluesbaby5050: I'm happy for you!

I'm glad your depression has finally left you. As you learn more though this site, you will finally understand that very negative forces are at play with ALL humans, now more then ever. They want to defeat us at every turn, and this is a large part of our growth, without them we would stagnate, and not grow. Please remember this when you start to feel down, and in the dumps. Just look at the shy, and be thankful we have it, and it is here, and not wasted like on other planets. Feel ALIVE, and breath DEEPLY, and just release all that sadness from deep within. Look at all the TREES, and be thankful for the oxygen they give to us. Hear the Birds SING to US, HEAR their songs of LIFE, and watch them in their freedom while they soar though the air with ease! They are happy to be alive too. It is simple to find joy, it's all around us at every moment. Be at one, and be at Peace :-)

Tarheel: Annunaki77-Nice revisit post from "The Vault" a.k.a. The Book

We could use your (& Edisonik's) eloquence about now, Wise One.

Wish You Were Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=217JOBWTolg

nivine: Well I always worship my

Well I always worship my relation with nature, it was my only run away from all the bullshit I deal with on daily basis. But what lead me out of depression in a matter of seconds is bz I finally found myself where I belong, I felt safe and well heard at the same time, I can feel that, I can feel love, peace and joy without actually seing them infront of me. Accepting this fake world was hard on me, and what's worse is living in societies that are so ignorant, but yet u have to accept them and live according to their rules, just bz u were born there. I dont need them anymore bz I found myself and I found where I belong and I will carry it in me wherever I go!

bluesbaby5050: Now you have the hang of it Nivine!

Always go with the flow. I'm glad I could help you along your path in life.

bluesbaby5050: That's why I re-posted this message...............

From Annu77. It is filled with wisdom, and loaded with love.

nivine: thank u

I'm glad that I met all of you.. I consider myself blessed! We have a long road to go on . And yeah I need your support more than you can ever imagine, trust me the societies are so so ignorant and they resist to change,but I will never give up on trying

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