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Speaking your mind is significantly different than speaking from your heart. We all have to strive to be more centered, grounded and receiving the healing energy of the universe. Increase your vibrational frequency, and you'll be open to accepting the love that is available to us all. Bla, bla, bla...right? Wrong! If you don't understand what I'm talking about, it is not too late to find out...when you are ready. You may want to hurry though...our time is getting short.

I am grounded to the Earth, living in my heart, receiving light. Love is the greatest bullsh!t detector of all! Anger and fear are contagious. I am vaccinated.

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Dreg Hunter: Show me an animal or any

Show me an animal or any living creature who doesn't make use of anger/fear and I'll show you a dead creature.

Love is great, good is great, sometimes you have to fight for them. That time is now. We face the worst evil and mans' most terrible foe right now. They would love nothing more than having you and your message trumpeted to the masses for easy and quick extermination.

I don't know who starperson is but he/she's not doing anyone here any favors.

Starperson: You are fear and anger Dreg

And I'll show you someone who knows combat too well...and faces it without fear or anger...and is victorious! I also disagree with your "assessment" that I am not doing anyone here any favors...could be just you. Give that some "thought".

Dreg Hunter: OK< I thought about it.

And I'll be darned if I don't feel exactly the same way about stupidperson. How about you give the only subject worth talking about some thought? (FYI; that would be the subject of defending our republic from the takeover of luciferian jews)

So, please do "show me someone who knows combat too well". Say something worthwhile or productive to the cause or shrink back into your little jew hole!

Starperson: You do not deserve a response

But, you can have this...ME! I know combat too well. And now I know you.

Dreg Hunter: Sorry to burst your bubble. . . . .

I don't want YOU because as far as I can tell YOU ARE WORTHLESS. And the only thing you know about me is that if you're a satanic jew loving scumbag, I'm your enemy along with 7 billion others on this planet.

So, you'd better know combat because if not, you're going to, too well!

Oh, and good luck fighting your way out of Gods' wrath after you've had ours!!! What a f**king worthless existence these idiots have chosen to lead!

This shill outing has been brought to you by Dreg Hunter.

Hopefully everyone is watching and taking note how simple this is.

Another thing to remember is that this gonad of a user, who is obviously not a starperson, could very well be a computer. I don't know but somebody here might.

So, anyway, that was fun starpoop. And if I'm wrong about you, prove it. Say anything that remotely has to do with something important and I'll listen/engage just like I have with your idiocies so far. I'm all about being good, try me on that one too.

Terran resistance: yes blame the jews

white people are faultless I suppose....*sarcasm*

Dreg Hunter: Huh?

Got a point????????????????/

Terran resistance: yeah

white people cause most of the problems in the world, true story

Quinton: Thanks for sharing starperson

Thanks for sharing starperson, I agree.

Dreg Hunter: So what are we hearing from Quinton???

Is Quinton, our host of "TRUTH CONTROL" a sympathizing jew shill? (What is it about that nomenclature that bugs me?) Are you Quinton? Have you nothing to say of the truths I have provided?

Me thinks you are a jewboy with very little time left on GODS' GREEN EARTH!

News4U, yer fucked!!! ;-)

Now cancel my account and go on with your losership in life you fucking shitstain! We're coming for all of you and your god the devil can go fuck yourselves till KINGDOM CUM.

You will not prevail dumbasses! It's a game of GOD vs. NOT GODs!!! Get it???

Quinton: I fail to see where the word

I fail to see where the word Jew was mentioned in starperson's post. The post is about overcoming fear and anger through love, which I agree with.

Dreg Hunter: What, an intelligent OFF POINT conversation??? OMG!

The word "jew" wasn't mentioned nor did I say it was. His post, like yours has only one purpose.

Surprise, surprise. For anyone in doubt, try "overcoming fear and anger" with death caused by do nothing, defeatist loser mentality which these worthless losers around here are obviously part and parcel to espousing.

So, Quinton, fuck you and the jew and jewess who spawned you. You are spawn. Fuck "TRUTH CONTROL", you are witnessing the loss of all control of truth right now you degenerate fuckwits!

Anyone who stays around here is a fool. Try www.unidigi.com for a real forum devoid of twits.


Tarheel: Check your nasty attitude at the door, DH.

Quinton is unscathed so Stop it. You're embarassing yourself..

Arguments are healthy but personal attacks (unsolicited) are uncalled for.

Please make your point in a less offensive fashion, Dregs, so you have some semblance of dignity and intellect.

Cut open the wond and let it heal properly THEN come back and visit us.

M3RT0M: I agree with you too

Love and pure consciousness :)


Tarheel: Great post, Starperson.

Dreg is like ast, always looking for a fight. Until THEY face the enemy within, they cant possible win any battles with anyone else. Sincerely, I hope they find & face their inner demons so they can contribute to the TruthControl party. ..like you do.

Starperson: A logical deduction

Fear + Anger = HATE. And hate corrupts the heart and the mind...not to mention the soul...on a personal, global and universal level. I'm not a big fan of hate, no matter how it is disguised.

Silenci030310: I agree starperson. Goodpost

I agree starperson. Goodpost

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