Health Care Horror, How Has The Blue Collar Not Revolted!

by BamfOttO on November 18th, 2016

I am not one for a revolution, the mental state of America can not handle a revolt, there is no leadership in this country, if we had will and conviction there would be no Mc Donalds or Walmarts, if we truly cared about our well being. The fact that the poor poor go and get free health care and me and my wife making $600 a week can only by health care at $550 a month. So i should work for the just if it happens. Mean while the poor, mind you, the poor more than capable of working pay nothing. My sister a single mom with one son pays out her nose for herself and her kid, when before Obama care had minamal payments and was reasonable. My neighbor who works as a landscaper, hard worker it is a rough job. Helps all his neighbors, gives the two elderly ladies free lawn care \, and I have to shove money down his thoat, cause he says he cuts alll the other lawns it don;t matter. This good person got a scap of metal in his eye and the E.R. witch can be free will not remove it, and the specialist will not take paymeats and like most blue collar americans has no credit. His only option is to take out a horrible pay day loan (if he can) or lose his fucking eye. You migh ask it's up to his employer? Well I worked for I Hop as a cook, a corporate I Hop. Whe nObama care came in the entire wait staff besides 2 girls and 3 cooks now got fiull time wages and health care I was one of those and I had just worked there for 3 months. I am an super above the norm worker, even when this happened years ago. still saw all the single moms who's hours now got cut to 20 hours a week so the company did not have to pay the $500 dollars per emplyee for Obama care. They had to get a second job with no health care or life off the government. My neighbor will lose his eye. A good person. We are destroying the people we will need in the future. I Hope you all throw out the smart phones, lets talk and do something. The bigest enemy is our apathy. We look fucked, but everyone thinks our lifes our wrong, yet no one is willing to change it.

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BenjaminFalkenrath: It's sad, it really is...

It's sickening how we want to show commercials of oh help these people in the third world country of wherever the hell. Meanwhile the organization fat cats get rich our money doesn't go there, all the while our people in our own country suffer for no reason. It's avoidable but money greed an control prevail.
PS you should help your neighbor get a go fund me. Maybe ask Q if he could spread the word, get this man's eye fixed! Let me know if you do...

Quinton: You make some good points. I

You make some good points. I think a lot of people feel the same way you do. We often create programs that we think are fixing problems when in point of fact they are only making the problems worse.

Tarheel: I think the programs...

I think the programs are meant to appear to be "fixes" but they are immediately pillaged by profiteers. That's The Liberal/Progressive game-they make you think they are helping the common man and they are benefiting their psychopathic friends pocketbooks.

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