by Annunaki77 on November 22nd, 2013

Everyone is looking for a Saviour. Everyone is looking for someone else to make this Planet a better place. Well I am here to tell you something , you are the Heroes.
Yes you are the Heroes, Look in the Mirror, He Lives in you.
The Poor more because they are the forgotten Children of Heaven.
Never lose Hope and always Love one another and Teach everyone the Sacred Teachings which you are all Learning here Together.

He Lives In You - Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Lyrics HD


Simba & Mufasa - He Lives In You


The Real People in Power are never on Television and they are chosen to Rule over Adamu by their own Family Members.
These People are Cowards because they offend Heaven by hurting the Children of this Earth.
The Ancient Kings are Watching you who do wrong to the Line of Adamu.

Change your ways or suffer Karma, you are not Kods and very soon you will Learn just who has Real Power here on Earth.
Humanity will not be managed like Animals , they have been created to be Among the Heavens.
You Enemy Extraterrestrials who work with the Elite will Also Face Karma, as if you haven't already by the hands of the Great Falcon Warriors.

Arash & Helena - Broken Angel


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Annunaki77: Doubt is at an all time High , but behold Wonders will come

Incredible Realities will manifest , for Humanity is waking up to their Destiny.
You are all Incredible Beings , follow your path to your Destiny.
I will always be your Friend.

Flying Sequence - Superman


Never let anyone Rule you!.
Learn to take Personal Responsibility for your Lives.
Rule Yourselves and Enjoy your Planet because it's yours to Discover , I Love you all.



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obsrvantlouie: Dark is not darker..

Then light is lighter. Love is not stronger then hate. I enjoy love more then hate; it is not stronger. Has your heart been broken? Have you been desperate? Depressed? These feelings are no less real then love. I humbly disagree.

I am an advocate of love and allowance. However, I do not think it is stronger then it's polarity.

Also...with respect, WTF does this mean?

"The Ancient Kings are Watching you who do wrong to the Line of Adamu"

Tarheel: I subscribe to Anu77's words

And, I do believe Love is stronger than hate. Just because you may believe that they equal out does NOT mean that one isn't stronger than the other.

Consider this-there is more hate than LOVE, because LOVE is stronger. My parallel would be-Love is a 10 because hate is 5 twos.

obsrvantlouie: Tarheel...

Consider this. Is cold colder than heat is hot?

Your premise is unfounded and based upon "belief" versus knowing. A noble belief, but still a belief only.

Lightsider = David icke

I saw David Icke perform "live" in Cleveland a few years back. 8 hours straight he performed. I was thoroughly entertained and advise all to read his books. However, I walked out for the last hour of his presentation. His last hour covered how love, light, infinite awareness and hugs n kisses will beat the illuminati and NWO. THIS POSITION IS LIGHTSIDER FALACY.

Anu and Edi.....similar to Icke, push the LIGHTSIDER bullshit.

This is why they steer clear of me...and also why every question I pose to the aforementioned bird clan is...I G N O R E D.

I don't simply "be -LIE- ve"......I never said them to be equals either.

I said love/hate, cold/hot, dark/light = POLARITES.

I will shine some more light (pun intended) on this matter shortly as I can see there is a need for clarity here.

UN.i1-PHI: what about harmony

polarities within polarities, within polarities... creates all kinds of shades out of all kinds of (fractal) combinations of them...

duality implies 'oppositions', tough not as simple as we use to speak of it, and so things can't be just/really defined without comparing it to another...

we use love/hate to define the main aspect(s) of polarization, and you're right that they are both in the same way in existance/force,but opposite ways.. (contradiction???.. or complexity!)
i would say/think love is an convergent unifying force and that hate is an divergent destructive force,
they are both essential in existance and for change/motion/life...

but that doesnt mean we cant create and keep fighting for a better way of life (for all of us...)and manage to accomplish it by keep on holding on...

anyway the key to this is not by polarizing to one or another but finding harmony between them and it all depends for what and wich situations

and to keep op striving for the 'best' for all wich is not absolute positivity or light but harmony...

Tarheel: You won't find...

NO, you wont find Edi nor Anu77 pushing "darkside bullshit". Also, both of them have spoken out frequently on polarity.

Have you read their content archival material? You may better understand them & their teachings if you visit their history. They are busy and don't always have time to answer all my questions either, but their heads & their hearts are in the right place.

obsrvantlouie: Excellent post UN.i

I concur

UN.i1-PHI: 'Good over Evil'

i agree that it may seem unrealistic or unfair to pull one polairty over another as in amplitude or strength(as in physical power&energy), yet there is another way of interpreting 'strength' as 'the emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations or events that are distressing or difficult, and still there is polarity in this as you have to choose yourself how to deal with them and for what reasons or desired achievements

this concept is what is implied in responsability, nevertheless the consequences of using love or hate in dealing/doing so can have very different results(in complex and simple ways),but baiscally, love would lead to mutual construction and hate to mutual destruction...
and the basic concept/idea of karma is that every action causes an re-action, or also said in these ways; 'you'll reap what you've sown' or 'you'll get what you deserve or what you've caused' and this is most important in understanding consequences!

and thats why those who cause harm will eventually afflict or be afflicted by harm themselves, wich they naturally would find unpleasing too, and that could eventually lead them to change/find harmony too!, as 'good' and 'bad' are not just complementary, but also relative and depending on (personal) perspective.

and so perhaps the 'good' over evil concept isnt that far-fetched/unrealistic or unfair to/in polarity, as what is 'good' and/or 'bad' can consist out of different ideals to one AND the another, yet they both want to acheive what is 'good','best' for them too (regardless if they want good or bad for others, yet this makes the diffrence) and that will/could lead to the polarities wanting to change their manners to seek harmony as everything (CAN) have a 'good' and a 'bad' side to it for one and another

so the key for harmony is not just to treat everything equal or opposite, but 'reasonable' in the 'best' way for everyone, and even this too can be done in benevolant, malevolant and neutral ways...

so the relativity of polarity can cause confusion and contradiction in concepts or ideals for eachother
but when we all strive for what is not just the 'best' for us, but also for others, we can find harmony and live together all well for ourselves too!
thats why we need to keep on striving and fighting for it and our freedoms to do so,
and i think you could even say the real evil is that what strives for benevolance for itself while neglecting,denying and preventing benevolance for others and causing/creating malevolance for them!
but this the roles can/will eventually turn around by the re-action and then they will receive their own malevolance to themselves and that would be relieving in an benevolant way to those who were first affected by the malevolance as the ball bounces back!

and thats why the real 'good'/'best' harmony is to acheive personal AND collective benevolance, for each and every-one else!
and when those tables turn we'll will still have 'benevolance' for the personal AND the collective

schematical/theoretical proof for when the tables turn?!.
p=personal, c=collective, g='good' and b='bad' (both relative to the the corresponding relation; to the personal or individual (for defining them properly))
'real/absolute malevolance' p: g
c: b
p: b
c: g
p: g/b
c: b/g
Constant Change&Contradiction
'real/absolute benevolance' p:g
p: g/g
c: g/g
Constant Conservation&Compliance

(see that dis-harmony and harmony together is harmony(and dis-harmony) itself!)
thats why this does not dismiss the necessity for the existance of them both, as constant change/difference and constant conservation/preservation of things are both needed for an acheiving desired progress/development/creation
as assimilation and dissimilation are both needed to acheive an proper progress for the desired creation!

UN.i1-PHI: In the victory, of Good over Evil!!!

And we know we shall win,
As we are confident,
In the victory,

Of good over evil -
Good over evil, yeah!

Good over evil -
Good over evil, yeah!
Good over evil -
Good over evil, yeah!
UN.i1-PHI: just another tribute to the legendary BOB

tough i do not give praise to jahweh as i know he's just another e.t. person claiming and convincing to be the real 'god' of the universe(s) for self-profit and (mind)control etc...
but he did intend to praise the real natural mystic force of life! the universal collective consciousness! you can feel and enjoy this in his positive vibrations

Natural Mystic ( Original )
Bob Marley "Natural Mystic" great version!
Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
(different instrumentals/versions to check out if ya like/prefer)

UN.i1-PHI: (@observantlouie) just my opinion tough

not trying to talk/seem as if i'm all knowing and thats its all for sure/true etc...
i see what you meant but perhaps while considering it like that it could help you to understand/concur with what anu77 was meaning?..

obsrvantlouie: Perhaps I am poorly explaining

I am not picking a fight. I respectfully disagree with the allegations of strength in Anu77 article above. Overall, I think it is a helpful message. However....would you all have me believe that laughter is stronger then sadness?

Also, how are you measuring this strength? On what scale? How does this scale relate to other peoples "unique individual experiences" ...ie LIFE?

Let me tell you from my heart; there are many things that I hate.

Being shackled. Being gagged. Being caged. Being deceived. Being manipulated. Being lied to. Being bullied.

Was it my hate for the aforementioned or my desire for truth that drove me to awaken? I'm not quite certain it's embrace of love or the conquering of fear which aided most in my awakening. Conquering fear took courage...it took passion..., rebellious fortitude...omnipotetent inner strength. I most definitely relied on my HATE....to overcome my FEAR.


Perception, observation, experience, knowledge, wisdom...choice to repeat or move on.

Are you also trying to convince me that winning is stronger then losing?

UN.i1-PHI: i dont want to convince you

i just tought to shed a different light/interpretation/view/definition on strength as i cited in the other message, based on the qualities on how ot deal with situations and based on its consequences, and not just opposite forces in duality, as hate eventually leads to mutual destruction and that isnt pleasant to the caster as well...wich makes love an more beneficial manner to both of them, as both 'evil' and 'love' desires what is best/good for them too,despite that they have different desires for others wich makes what's good for one bad to the other because of what they desire (for the other)

i dont intend to convince you, as its always upto you to do that and in order to do so you have to think different than previously, so thats why we all can learn from eachothers perspectives, but i'm not saying you/anyone should agree or take ideas over unless it really resonates with them too and that can change and add (and even substract) ideas in different and deep ways...

i understand well what you mean and i agree with you too just i think theres something mystical(er even logically yet more complex than it seems) wich makes love deserve to win/conquor fear more than fear's cowardice, but as you said its not about winning or conquoring, as this leads to continuous competition/contradiction, but i believe its to seek harmony for all sides/everyone, and that's something i consider/call 'good' and 'love' too...

obsrvantlouie: Even still....

I am still awakening.

obsrvantlouie: I think that once...

You are able to "pAiNt" with emotions they become a class colors. Certain situations call for certain artful use of specific colors.

This is unlike being controlled or overwhelmed by your emotions or emotional response to events and situations.

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