I am so proud to see that Humanity has so much Interest in the Star Humanoid People of other Planets and Star Systems. Though the System doesn't talk about Space Humanoids they do know alot about them, every President has been briefed about many Secret Realities.
Like I have said many times in the Past, you folks are Incarnates.

What does that mean?, well this means you have lived before and other Physical Humanoid and Human Bodies, do you really think that in a 70 to 100 Year Life Span you have enough time to Improve your Character and Persona, no no my beautiful folks, you have many lifetimes to undergo before you can Master the Teachings I have shared with you.
It will take Lifetimes , but since you are getting this boost of knowledge you will become Stronger and understand that you all have Incredible Power.
This Power I call , the Power to Create and Re-create yourselves, Lifetime after Lifetime.

Life is not all about Doom and Gloom, though those Pesky Reptilians like you to think otherwise, you folks are far more powerful, when you understand the Scope of your Multi-Dimensional Selves you will understand that you are far more than what you have become.

Learn to think Outside the Box, Learn to discover your Personal Soul Signature.
Understand that you were Humanoids in the Past just recently cruising this Landscape in this Human Form, thanks to Lord Enki.
But don't thank Him, he created your Human Form so that you can Experience this Wonderful Reality, enjoy it because it is Precious and it is Beautiful.

As far as the Reptilians are concerned and their Human Sacrifices, they will taste Falcon Vengence. As if they haven't tasted it already Ha Ha Ha!.

Peace and Harmony, always enjoy your lives and always remember, treasure your moments and savour your Earthly experience because when your Tour of Duty is up, We will meet.
We will understand more things.
Love you. Peace and Harmony.


bluesbaby5050: I hope the Reptilians get the chance to taste this REAL SOON!!

It is SO GOOD to see your back here again in good spirits Lord Edisonik!! WE HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH IN YOUR ABSENCE! The people have been asking many questions about you,and Lord Annunaki 77! They are very curious as to both your origins,as well as Lord Annu77's. Now that your back, would you care to make any comments about this for them Sir? I have explained it to them already,that you both are the masters teachers of the scared Knowledge of humanities history,but for some reasons of theirs they still do not understand,nor do they get it. I guess they want to hear it from you directly Sir.Thank You.

edisonik: Yes but so are you Bluesbaby5050

You can teach also, your Heart is there so go with your Feeling Daughter.

Teach them also, never give in to Negative Forces like those Pathetic Reptilians.
Peace to you.

bluesbaby5050: Dear Edison---

I do my best to teach the people in this forum, and the people outside of this forum. I have been given 2 great masters for my learning, and you and Lord Annunaki77 have taught me and others very well. You both have lived long, and for millions of years ,and more though out the sands of time,and you both have gathered much knowledge from this!l! I got 2 of the best Master teachers I could ever have hoped for,and I am truely greatful to you both for this. I will always be greatful. Thank You Both!

HebrianDaniel: question to you edisonik. do

question to you edisonik. do we can find a way to live more Physhically?
you know our physical bodies can live 70-120 years.
is there a way to modificate our physical bodies to live more longer years?

edisonik: Yes Gold is a Purifier of many things

Eating well but there was also a DNA Manipulation in your Organics by those who thought that Humans needed to have their Lives Reduced, this happened during the Tower of Babel.
But Gold fine Gold , very fine Gold when Ingested in trace amounts can prolong Life.

If it can purify Atmoshperes it can purify the body.


HebrianDaniel: just to let you know getting

just to let you know getting gold is not easy at all! and its very very expensive today

Terran resistance: yummy!

dont know about you but i dont want to go looking through my stools in the morning to look for recycled gold to eat.

bluesbaby5050: Yes Edison,, this is very true!

And I can say who was the cause of this! It was Enlil! He was the cause of this, because he not only wanted to kill the humans, because of his hate ,and contempt for the humans,he also wanted to stunt the growth of them, and keep them slow, and to not evolve. To him, we were lower then DIRT! And this is how he saw the humans. The creations of his Great Brother, THE PRINCE,, LORD ENKI ! SON OF KING ANU!

wandjina: myth and theres fact

you do realise that sumaritan mythology is just myth right?

HebrianDaniel: then we will need to find way

then we will need to find way to modificate our DNA again and engineering it
to increase our physical and spiritual power in order to ascend to the next level

bluesbaby5050: H/D WE WILL DO THIS ANYWAYS!


Terran resistance: love conquers all

loves does indeed conquer all

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes, our interest is increasing

Lord Edisonick...

people (not majority but... many persons)
are awaking...

to what are realy... be Free. and Happy. and... all etc... of Life.

are tired of lies; wanna Truth; whole, not half.

Love is the key... Love does conquer all...
enemys exists? maybe... not all ones wanna be friends. someones disrespect us for racism. or judge us dumb because not versed in some idiom or mater. and mock. and try slave us. and etc... get understand?

well... its happen.

but we are here; each one in own home; with own tall and skin color and all diferences but. One...Earth Humanity.

many persons are awaiking... I was sleeping too but now I hear... and agree...

Love is the key ... Love... does conquer all.

Peace and Wise

bluesbaby5050: I Agree with you Ecbra!

You have much love ,and wisedom inside of you my friend from afar. Peace,and harmony to you always. The Falcon.

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