Hang on Thier

Hang on in their!

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Tim Lovell: Edi you know that the move

Edi you know that the move into the multidimentional sphere is very hard from the 3d human range , and also you understand the opposite , this is where the duality begins just like back in Atlantis , we don't have to DO anything we must just let it BE , I don't pretend to have all the answeres I was just the frequency controller of the great crystal in the later stage the life before it went into cascade failer and blew , now lisyen please I never miss uses it , it was the sons on Belial that blew the crystal ok not me ok , I went down with th the rest of everyone in the hellstorm , the Pliedians foresaw it and tried to evacuate as many as they could but I stayed until the end I belived in Atlantis, and I died with it it OK

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