H.A.A.R.P. - is anyone out there experiencing high frequencies - my tinnitus is excruciating

by inanna17 on December 2nd, 2010

For lack of a better definition, my so called 'tinnitus' has gotten increasingly worse. Over the last three years I have been experiencing INCREDIBLE changes in the constant tone, frequency and volume in my 'ears.' As of October 25th, 2010, it has reached an all time high. Is anyone else having this experience?

I have read that this is part of the 'Awakening' - a rewriting of DNA. But I also wonder about HAARP. I know that the few people that run this world are doing things that I won't even hazard to imagine, so why couldn't they control us somehow by using sound?

I REALLY NEED SOME HELP WITH THIS! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

a link I just read - very good information

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edisonik: HAARP is a Joke!

Don't worry keep your heart in the right place and you will be O.K., these Dark Entities that Control the NWO will fail.
Sleep well Ianna17 , Fear is their greatest weapon, Love kills it.
Think Love Pray for Global Peace, the Ancients will listen to your Prayers, you must believe then Magic will happen God Lives in You Inanna17 Peace beloved.

inanna17: Thank you Edisonik

Yes, fear seems to be the drug of choice for so many people right now. I am thankful for the fact I do not have cable tv or feed into the lies that I see and hear each day. As human form, I do get overwhelmed, but am extremely grateful to have found this site. Your vibration (Edisonik) is so unusual. The only comparison I have is when I read the SETH material. I appreciate your words and your story. I will continue on my journey and know I am in the right place. Thank you again.

edisonik: Vibration of Love overwhelms the Darkside

Evil is extinguished with Love , the Darkside cannot fight this power , all they can do is decieve those who are given to their Primal Impulses, those who Understand the Universal Truths are like the Mountains , Solid and therefore cannot be decieved by Fear and Ignorance.
Love is the Eternal Key Ianna17, step back and appreciate your life and all things of Nature.
Give Love and never hold back, this whole existence is a Hollogramanyway , better then Imax3D, You are not alone , you will never be alone for God flows through your veins and that no one can take away, Immortal Ianna17.

Enjoy your Journey because it doesn't end on Earth, you will Incarnate on other Beautiful Planets also beloved. Peace to all Innocents and to all who thirst for Enlightenment.

Golden: My tinnitus keeps getting louder and more sounds occurring

Ianna17, I saw your post after googling about my tinnitus. I've had this problem for many years (I also have hearing loss) but in the last several months, there have been several factors which are really disturbing me. The first is that it the tinnitus is continuous, it never ceases, just varies in intensity. The second is that new sounds keep overlapping others, like chimes, clicks and odd frequencies. Sometimes it sounds like music, primarily church bells, other times like the telephone. At night I am sometimes awakened by loud clicks. Just this morning, I turned off the alarm and decided to go back to sleep, but then the beeping alarm sound started in my ears. I had thought maybe it was awakening, ascension or kundalini symptoms but now I don't know. I've prayed for gentler handling if it was something like dna changes or downloads. I meditate daily but mantra work does not stop the noise in my ears.

edisonik: Governent Frequency Manipulaton

They know humanity is evolving and this is why some regions are experiencing these Frequencies, why don't you try to wear earplugs before you go to bed.
This will stop the Sound Problems in your head, your eardrums are sensitive to Vibrations.
Ear Plugs will stop their Attacks.

Golden: Re: Governent Frequency Manipulaton

Thanks, edisonik. I will try ear plugs at night.

Genio: Golden

I just hope this works out for you, i know i would be going crazy if that was happening to me. Just stay strong and fight to overcome it inside. Use the power of love and hope. It might be something that cant be overcome easily. But like the saying goes, If theres a will theres a way. So keep your will strong thats all i can help you with, i wish i had more

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