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'The Grounded 2' - Introduction A Film by Steve Kroschel. [click image to enlarge] ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
Alexandra Bruce
July 7, 2014
If you don't spend any time outside, with direct physical contact with your planet, Earth, then over the years, you can expect to see certain physical ailments and complaints, that you probably would not have had to experience.

This physical practice goes hand-in-hand with eating real food. It seems absurd to even have to spell it out!

Modern Civilization's divorce from Nature is the cause of many ailments, which can be avoided, if we learn to love and treat our planet with love and respect, so that our own bodies may also reap the benefits of a real relationship with Earth.

You don't have to buy anything. You simply need to make the time to find some soil, grass or sand and walk on in, sit it - have a picnic - or my favorite - go for a swim in a natural body of water.

Swimming in a natural body of water is perhaps the most restorative thing, that seek to do I that and love to do, as often as possible. Find yours, if you haven't already! http ://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/healing/the-grounded-2---introductio...

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