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There is a new energy on Earth that is affecting everyone to one degree or another. It manifested itself about one year ago. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about. At this time, I can’t say whether it is malevolent or benevolent, but it is here. There also exists the possibility that it is benign.

One thing I am absolutely sure of, is that the sensations and actual physical symptoms that myself and many others are experiencing is new to all of us. Energy has always flowed in waves worldwide, and it is much more focused and intense in different locations on the planet. In my experience, all other types of energy can be controlled and harnessed by the practiced. This new energy is different. I don’t like it…because I don’t fully understand it. I don’t know its origins or what purpose it has, if any.

The experience starts with tinnitus (high pitch buzzing in the ears), and piloerection, (goose bumps). Next, there is a period of confusion. This is followed by a period of extreme clarity and a feeling of what I would call bliss. It is a cyclical pattern that understandably concerns people. This energy is pulsating and flowing in and around the Earth. When “seen” it closely resembles a blowing golden ribbon. Obviously I don’t know if is manifesting itself elsewhere in the universe, but the Earth is getting a heavy dose.

And, before you suggest a CT scan and complete physical, I went in for both. I got a clean bill of health and some odd looks from medical personnel who listened to my signs and symptoms. I refrained from going into great detail because I didn’t want to be placed on a 72 hour safety hold for observation.

I am committed to understanding more about this energy and its effects until it is identified. In the interim, here is the best way I have come up with so far to deal with this: Ground yourself! It works. If you think of all energy as having some electrical properties, you will understand this technique.

When you sense this energy coming, ground yourself to the Earth. Ideally, stand with your bare feet on natural, organic land. Stand tall and open both your crown and root chakras. Temporarily close your remaining chakras. Visualize a funnel over your head to channel this energy into your body. Next, visualize roots growing down from your feet into the center of the Earth. Let this energy flow through you into the Earth’s core. You are now essentially a lightning rod. No harm will come to you, and your physical body will not be affected by this energy. As the ribbon passes, you will feel it. Open back up completely and send any residual energy out through your heart chakra. Breathe deeply a few times and go about your business…cleared.

If anyone here has any knowledge, thoughts or experiences with this new energy, please share them. Love and light to you all.

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Tim Lovell: Hmm doesn't sound new just

Hmm doesn't sound new just sound like waves of high energy prana

Starperson: High energy prana

Tim, the connection you made here intrigues me. There could be more to this than you offered. Do you have any experience or any more thoughts on this?

obsrvantlouie: Standing like a tree

Very cool article Star. More comments to come but for now....With regards to your last notes...I am a huge fan of internal energy exercise and contemplation. What you described regarding barefooted & extending the legs as roots....this is some of the basic fundamentals of "Chi Kung" (Also, known as Jam Jong).

"Standing like a tree" is a chinese art of internal energy. Calming the mind, centering and balancing the body and mind...remaining still in the moment, observant and aiming to develop the senses; this is a strengthening and purification that also cleanses and replenishes the body -mind- soul. This is Chi Kung and it is something I practice daily.

Tarheel: Great post, Star.

IMHO-It's real & it's benevolent. Now, I feel Mother Earth intends to root out the malevolence that's running amok, but I also feel her ultimate objective is to make this planet better.

I must live in a highly active area, or either I'm tuned in, because I have been experiencing the symptoms you put forward for some time now. I love it.

Nicely done, as usual Star.

JaromyCraig: I have felt this to it's fullest extent.

I too experienced something like this, years ago. It was a much more intense feeling that what you described.

I was 14-15 years old, and having an intense lucid dream which led me into a building that was dark and empty. As I walked around, I began to feel a presence, the feeling was all but good, and just as I turned to walk out I heard something tell me to get out. At that moment I awoken, but I wasn't inside my body, I was staring myself directly in the eyes about 4 feet above my bed. I then had to regain my consciousness manually, which felt much like what I imagine a seizure would. It was a struggle to gain full composure of my body again and when I did, I left my bedroom and ran to my adopted parents room for comfort. First, my step father came out of the room and could sense the negative energy in which manifested itself. They were both LDS and had me baptized into the church a few years back, so I thought maybe he could help me. He did not know what to do, and in fact was more afraid than anyone I've seen before. He then called his brother to come help, who gave me a blessing telling whatever negative energy it was to leave, and a few seconds later I felt a warm and gentle sensation come over me. I felt what I believe was love, in it's purest form, but this sensation was short and soon after I felt anger build towards the energy which made me feel so worthless and afraid, an anger that lead to fear of mentioning the said experience so that it would not be brought up again and I could attempt to forget it.

What I did not understand is that this instance, no matter how much I deny it, was brought on not by what everyone thinks they know of god and the universe, but it was from the actual universe. I need not fear what negative energy flowed through me because I now know that the energy isn't a part of me. It left and the only time it can come back is when I fear it. I do not recognize myself as an enlightened being because they are said to be all powerful and immortal, which is something that I cannot be as a human, and I thoroughly enjoy my life on this planet despite the negative aspects that occur.

For those reading this, I hope you understand the concept that I am trying to give. You do not need money to gain happiness, you do not need cars or even a house. Everything that is good and necessary for you has already manifested itself. The only thing left to do is smile, love what you do have, and learn to live a little bit more quietly amongst the other people around you. If you want to help someone quit smoking, offer them knowledge on electronic cigarettes, as they have been proven to work. If you want to help someone with obesity, aid them in growing a garden and cleaning up the land they already own. Life can be that simple if you want it to.

I fell in love with someone whilst living on the opposite side of the planet, while working a job that paid 8.50 cents per hour serving food to the elderly. Within a years time, I moved to Australia from Utah and we are currently married with child.

Continue good thought, and good actions will follow.

obsrvantlouie: Enlightenment is

An experience that leads to 'knowing' via personal truth. I would say that you are enlightened....but that is general. So what are you enlightened to? You are enlightened to the fact that we are more than out body and that truly the body is just a vehicle for the spirit.

No being is all powerful and immortal speaking relative to the body.....all bodies die. Spirit however, spirit is eternal.

That you are enlightened the topics you mentioned places you in a very small percentage of persons who are aware of human potential. Indeed - you are enlightened - don't sell yourself short, be proud of your knowledge and experiences - just because you cannot prove them to anyone but yourself does not mean they are inconsequential. They are powerful as are you.

Nice thoughts and comments, nice to hear.

JaromyCraig: Enlightened..

I too have pondered whether I am or not, but In being so I still see more work to be done and therefor will not allow myself to carry such a label. Although I know happiness in my life, I still see others suffer. It is only when I see the world working in a more meaningful and happy unity that I will accept such an existence. I do however acknowledge that my experiences as such to gain knowledge, if I could awaken the entire world right now I would, but no great lesson is learned within the blinking of an eye.

I appreciate the kind words and warm welcomes to this site from its users, and hope to make great friends among you.

pasqualie: Its been reported the Schumann Resonance is rising

This is know as the earths vibration that has been constant for a long time, but its been rising i think since 2000. It changed so much in a certain time period greg braden reported it. Its basically i believe the ionization in the earths atmosphere recorded in the amount of lightning strikes as well. Whether this corresponds to the vibrational energy of the earth rising or not reported in many articles and sites for this time period of ascension I do not know. All I know is the schumann resonance is rising, and governments noticed it as well.

As for the high pitched sounds or feelings of vibrations like an earth quake happening even though you may not be in an earth quake zone. I am not sure. There are various theories. One you hear the high pitched vibration when you meditate as you get close to the stage where you are about to OBE.

The high pitched vibration as well is reported and documented by the egyptians in the final stage of what they called the Right of Passage.

Another theory is with the earths energy or vibration rising. The high pitched sound you hear is your dna being healed. This of course infers you hear it as well when you are not meditating. I hear these sounds when I am not meditating as well.

Or it could simply be explained by the phenomenon that is occuring on earth as well. The earths magnetic field is changing, and therefore some people hear this, as well as experience other symtoms since we give off magnetic fields as well, and we are closely tied to the earths magnetic field in various cycles and rhythms in our body as well as various cellular functions both hormonal, emotional and physiological.

I started having these experience roughly 6 months ago, only reason i was searching for information as well as what brought me to this site.

Logically since alot of this stuff is theory, the best explanation is the changing earths magnetic field and shumann resonance affecting our physiology somehow, because its the only one we can tangibly measure and know it has effects on on since we are born here and tied to it.

Greg Braden

Schumann Resonance

sound of schumann resonance with binaural beat

sound of the sun recorded by nasa, this guy extended it for 50 min

Tarheel: Related ....Schumann Resonance expanded

There's some good info here if you need more on SR

pasqualie: That sound of the sun

its a sound they say you hear in the pyramids, as well as if you go into your heart space and meditate, by moving your consciousness into your heart with intention.

obsrvantlouie: The golden energy is mentioned

In the matrix matrix V Gold in Volume one I believe titles "the Journey"

pasqualie: Also people will get different symptoms

to varying degrees.

currently in a stage where I can sleep and function on 4 hrs of sleep daily. in fact i cant sleep until i have been up 18-20 hrs for some reason. for some reason i get into a deep sleep in that short time for some reason, and its enough.

pasqualie: sad thing is i love sleep

and now i wake up after only 4 hrs =/

435: Im such a n00b

I am such a newbie (video game lingo) at meditation. I really Really need to figure it out....

obsrvantlouie: What is your pursuit

Meditation is a wonderful thing but such a general term. Like most things, it depends on the individual. What is your aim for meditating? What are you trying to accomplish by meditating?

Yoga, Qi gong, Tai chi....these are wonderful places to start for people looking to know more about themselves, their purpose, their potential and their place in the universe.

Ultimately, I think this is what mediation is; withdrawing from the outside world and observing the now.

435: I spose

that is the true question. What is it that I want from meditation?

This may or may not sound weird but I have always been fascinated by the ability to "heal" oneself through meditation. I have been working out for about 24 years and would like to become experienced at healing the body (matter) faster.

I also have a pretty good handle on the "theoretical" Qabala and wouldnt mind to someday move into the meditative Qabala. Perhaps I should ask myself if this is what I really seek.

Either way I would like to be good at meditation- I would like to quiet my mind and think of nothing for once....

obsrvantlouie: Baby steps

Start smalls, set some time aside to gain control over your thoughts. If can't control your thoughts than start with observing them.

Review the link below

Tim Lovell: 435 , just lie on your bed

435 , just lie on your bed and close your eyes , that's all you need to do

435: thank you

Thanks guys for the info. I read and bookmarked the link, and put in on my "bookmarks bar."

This is something that I must do. I have known for years that what I seek must be found through meditation.

I have tried to avoid it....tried to study my way past it (or through it), but that can't happen- I know it can't. I have all kinds of Paramahansa Yogananda books, etc....

I really appreciate you guys taking time to help me with this, and I am taking it seriously.

I think lying on my bed is the best way to begin for me at this time.

obsrvantlouie: Fear

You need to read " journeys out of the body" by Robert monroe.

But the book for cheap, not something to PDF....own and read this book as soon as possible and you will find what you seek.

435: Thanks!!

Just ordered it. Thank you for the suggestion. :-)

chianka: Enrgies

Yes there is major energies of the Ascension coming in. Not all people are ready for it. It will either feel like heaven if you are at a high vibration. Most people are just waking up and know only minimum of what is going on. Here are to places to go if you want to know what happening and how to ease you symptoms
I hope you will check these out.
All these symptoms will pass eventually so don't worrie. All is well. Ride the wave. Ascend with the Earth..blessings to you.

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