The Grid Fears the Tesla Powerwall..... Dropping Off The Grid to Save The World / video.

The Grid Fears the Tesla Powerwall....Dropping Off The Grid to Save The World/ video. Why Powerful Utilities and Car Dealerships Are Fighting Elon Musk. Forbidden Knowledge TV
May 11, 2015.
By Tyler Bass.
The National Automobile Dealers Association is trying to keep down Elon Musk’s vision of a renewable-energy world. Despite outcries to the White House to allow the Tesla CEO to sell his electric cars outside of the franchise model, NADA’s campaign contributions help ensure that regulations stay in place that advantage gasoline-burning cars. Franchisees do not want to have to compete with Tesla’s model. During his April 30 keynote on the Tesla's new Powerwall home battery system, Musk said he hopes the construction of battery systems like it, even by others, will cleanse the world of pollution.
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