Greetings friends

Greetings everyone! I hope this message finds you all well and learning.... I'm in Central Pennsylvania, and I have a dog, kois, and I raise lots of praying mantis. I won't go on much b/c you can *choose* to read my bio in my profile (or not). I'd just like to tell everyone that I have open arms, and I can (try to) help you if you ever needed someone to talk to about anything mystical, spiritual, or obscure. Although I'm new to this forum, I am by no means new to "alternative" beliefs, thoughts, and philosophies. I'm well-versed on such things. Of course, just chatting in general is nice too! Bright blessings to you all, and never stop believing in what you feel inside is real and right. (you feel that way for a reason!) Keep focused and keep strong: faith, will, imagination, spirit, and intent, and with those things, I believe you can do awesome things!

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Crackdown: Nice to see you there. Welcome :)

From biography, I saw that you believe in unicorns! Me too ;)
Skeletons of unicorns were found, but they are not extinct
Nice video for you -
look closely at that white "horse" in mountains, can see the horn

moonsstarr923: to Crackdown

Hello, and I hope you're well. Yes! I've always thought unicorns were so mysteriously lovely, and there's so much more to learn about them (than the little we know now). But I'm *very* excited to tell you that, I enjoyed the youtube vid SO much!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Lovell: welcome moonstar!

welcome moonstar!

moonsstarr923: To Tim

Thank you so much Tim! It really feels good to have a good person like you in a good community like this! Thanks again...

Annunaki77: unicorns funny I know them

unicorns funny I know them also, mystical animals is an Art form.
Welcome to Truthcontrol Moonsstarr923.

moonsstarr923: to Annu

Yah, it's not just escapism for me (anymore)!!! I know a lot more now. I believe a lot more now. And there's so much more to go; I can't wait!!! Thank you Annu! :-) And bright blessings to you!

Quinton: Great to have you here!

Great to have you here! Welcome to Truth Control :)

Tarheel: Hang out and share, Sis.

We are a mutually benevolent society.

Happy to have you around. What is the meaning of your screen name , if you don't mind? If you do mind, please forgive my inquisitive nature.

moonsstarr923: 'ello

Greetings and sal.....u......... I mean, , , what up!? First of all----like yucky mc donalds' fans----I'm lovin' it! So Tarhell, no forgiveness needed! I enjoy talking to (like-minded) people, and I believe I've found my virtual niche!
I've been moonsstarr for a little over twelve years (I'm 29). I appreciate the sun; but I know life on Earth would not have started without our lovely moon (and it's tides)! I see the beauty in darkness and tremendous mystery and beauty in the moon and stars (as did our ancient ancestors with all their relevant monuments, art, myths, etc, etc.) But the real reason I am moonsstarr is because I was/am called to it. I don't know if I am called by my Higher Self, a light being, a higher dem. being, etc. But I'm quite sure I'm "connected" and in my correct life path/life search. (also, I had a neutral----neither neg. nor pos./scary-----experience when I was 12 that I'm sure has influenced me to a fancy inclination of all things Lunar, mystic, spiritual, or obscure)
If there's anything you'd like to share (in return)......then by all means dear tarheel........

Tarheel: Wait !

Ya took us to The Edge and stopped short ! Now, what's up widdat? (joking)
Share that "neutral experience" if it wasn't too personal.

I had come to think of Luna (The Moon) as a dark entity/force, but I guess I (and maybe some others here too) will have to change my perceptions, as you certainly seem to be an honorable /respectable person. Your attitude speaks volumes about your character. It is very refreshing. You certainly will be a welcome addition here.

Free Will/Peace/Passion/Harmony/Synchronicity to you

moonsstarr923: Ok...the no-biggie UFO incident...

Man I must be fond of you, or something, TAM..... cuz just when I might be beginning to get a little respect......I'm going to make myself look like I'm: attention-seeking, liar, or just plain know, the "C" word. OK, cheese & rice man.....-------------------------------------Anyway, the incident isn't a big deal I guess.
I was goofing off with two other people in the back alley about 9pm-ish. When an orange ball-shaped "thing" flew across the sky in a nice line. It looked like fire or something very hot (around it or made up of...???). It was not an orb. Orbs don't move that fast or high; and I just know it's not an orb. Anyway, it flew much too high to touch, yet it flew much lower than any low-flying plane I've ever seen. (this sounds so stupid...ehh...) Then---what I can only describe as---a much smaller, dark gray (or dark silver) "thing" dropped out of the orange ball. This smaller, dark gray thing landed in my neighbor's treetop. (now, to best explain this to you, picture a jack-in-the-box as I describe what the small gray thing did) The small gray thing had something *robotic* and "scope-like" (or "eye-like") protrude out of its TOP. Finally, the scope---or eye---observed us for about 15minutes, , , until which time as I had run it to get my dad and show him. I was told by the other two that when I moved/ran it went away. (I don't know how it went away. I was told it was just gone). We were just standing there during the apprx. 15mins that "it" watched/observed us----meaning, we weren't moving much at all.
What I find "funny" about what I saw is that----over the years I've seen/heard lots of UFO stories on TV and just chatting, etc. But I've *never* heard anyone else say they've seen a "robotic" alien/ufo/secret gov. vessel. They *always* say: greys, reps, insect, mantis, Nordic, etc. etc. etc. I've never heard anyone else say they've seen a robotic one. I dunno..... Although it looked similar to a comet-- I don't think it was a comet b/c comets don't have little box-like--ummm-----"crafts" that drop out of them! I've also often wondered if the orange "thing" dropped out the little "observer" on purpose or if the little "robot" thing crashed. ???----------------------------------------Well, now you know, and you see that it was neither a "scary" or unpleasant experience NOR a happy, wonderful experience with messages of hope and inspiration...... And now, I've lost credibility, when I really wanted to connect, help, and learn. But c'est la vie! I'm used to it. I've always felt EXACTLY like Edgar Allan Poe when he wrote one of my favorite poems: Alone.

Tim Lovell: Erm moonstar don't think at

Erm moonstar don't think at all that you have lost creditability , you have not why would you think that , and yes most of the genuine ufos are orange/pink coloured lights and what you saw come out of it was likely a drone like the pleidian telemeter ships used to remote monitor stuff , so don't doubt yourself :)

moonsstarr923: To Tim

....thanks....I still feel a lil' know............ Um, anyway, what do those drone things want? What is it trying to learn or do or whatever? So it *was* dropped---and probably didn't crash land in the treetop??? I'm sure you may have posted on this subject before; BUT please either re-post OR just privately answer/send link to answer. Maybe----if you have the time-----reposting would be good though because this is how people learn. *Either* way: thank you Tim.

Tim Lovell: well here is a nice post all

well here is a nice post all about the pleidians and their ships you should be able to find the part about the remote control telemeter ships in it there, they mainly monitor our languages and thoughts so just like a remote internet hub lol...

Tim Lovell: here is an actual photo of a

here is an actual photo of a telemeter ship , it is the smaller disc below the main disc on top , as you can see it has a small projection coming out of the top ...

Tarheel: Nobody will think bad of you for that.

You haven't seen/read some of the stuff that gets posted here if you think that. Nobody will denounce you for that.

It is a WAY cool story. In fact, most here will be sorry they didn't have a front row seat for that show, me included. Awesome piece, MS923.

That EAP poem you referenced is regarded as one of his most frontal pieces.


UN.i1-PHI: alone

i just checked up that Poe-m, and it was a very interesting read

*"my heart to joy at the same tone
and all i loved,.. i loved alone!"*
and then life changed like the dawn after a storm,
passin by like a cloud that changed itself into another form

moonsstarr923: dark moon???

Do not provoke my wrath.....for it.................... JUST kidding!!! Wouldn't I be a nerd if I really talked like that??? Heh. Anyway, I do love the moon, and I know Its potential and so can you. Of course, there is a dark side of the moon.... ;-) *But*, a fortunate moon seal---when engraved on silver----can make he who bears it: cheerful, happy, healthy, wealthy, freedom from ill-will & enmity, and security!!!

Tarheel: There was no intent to "invoke your wrath".

No, we wouldn't want that. You've been here Feel free to share The Moon's potential with us.

I have to go. I'm looking for "a fortunate Moon seal engraved in silver" to bear. :)

cosmicstorm: welcome moonsstar923

you seem very nice and pretty. I'm sure your going to be a wonderful addition to the community. :)

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