Into the great unknown.

This is a writing which will not labeled as being either Fact or Fiction. This writing is meant to be taken as anyway the reader perceives it as being.

Eyes opened, looking around. Up, Down, Left, Right. All around there is nothing. Empty space. Blink. Blink..
Blink... Nothing. Eyes of light, looking around, looking at hands. Down there are more lights. Pulling the light towards it. An explosion occurs. The light goes one way, an in the other eyes wide creator stays in place.
With nothing better today thinking occurs. A Thought. Creation is born.

First a star, a light separate of itself. First one to the become out of the creators thoughts went before him, in front of him to the North in Direction.
The second to the East, The Third to the South, An the finally a star to the West.
For ages (With out time) creator interacted with these four beings within his imagination. They would always be with creator, never falling from their place.
They having being so close to creator, were created with the ability to explore and create. They did so with great easy, and each of they created, their creations were lateral. Each star created three stars around them. As one side of them faced creator, the remaining three sides were left open, an this is in which the stars or the creations of the creations did create.
After some time the creation reached an impasse, the creators could no longer explore themselves or creation in a way that was productive. An their creations also had limitations.
Creator thought, while his creations though, while his creations, creations thought.
An it came to pass that there were given additional abilities with no limitations, that there will be free and their possibilities endless.
Hundreds, then Thousands, then Millions, an Billions of year went by.
After creating many different worlds, one with over 97% water. Others planets with only bugs, or animals, birds, mammals, an creatures of all different sorts.
Eons went by and Worlds upon Worlds upon vast worlds did they create. An The worlds and the beings they created were built to be intelligent, an they were allowed to create within certain
The creators began dabbling with lower densities. Their celestial bodies which before could change by thought an creative plasma, found a larger difficulty in doing so with the lower vibrations.
Once the time was set, and the desire to expand with more variation compelled the creator and the creations to go beyond their limits. They would break the chains.
An thus an uncertainty came about, in which anything could be possible. No longer were there limits, an freewill along with infinite potential would prevail. This was the dawn of a new Era.
This would be the beginning of a new time, a new existence, a new life, and a new world.

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