by edisonik on September 30th, 2011

Humanity will soon experience great change. The System is Collapsing because of the horrible corruption.
Humanity will only have humanity for assistance because it is humanity that will make it through this collapse.

The bankers have been discovered for what they are deviants who care not for Lord Aya children. The new way is freedom , it will never fade away.

No Army in the Universe can change an Idea who's time has come. Freedom, Passion and Freewill the Project of Lord Enki shall be realized.

Lord Enki be Praised.

The Gift of the Feather is Eternal, Ultimate Power


highplainssister: Truth

Freedom of Illusion, the eagles gift, Open the pineal gland, right? I think everyone is on their own, your only teacher is your self. You can't believe in things that you have not experienced, that is a fools way. I never heard of Enki till I got on this site. I have not met Enki, if Enki wants to meet me it is his call not mine. I hope your rantings help people that know Enki. I hope my totality continues to show me the truth, I am a truth seeker.

Fal: You got completely ignored. I

You got completely ignored. I kinda agree with this, but then again, you can spend time trying to accomplish something, and even if you fail, at least you tried. If you hadn't tried, you would have never known.

I, too, would like to meet Enki. Whether he exists to perform such menial favors I will probably never have the chance to know. I will remain patient, though.

highplainssister: Importance

Fal , Enki was a physical being just like you and me, he is not as most people think a one and all encompassing creator, that created everything. There is no such thing as that. We are all creators or little gods but I'll never put such a label on my self, you got to learn from every level of exsistence to reach the higher realms. One person is no more important than another or greater, it is like Quintin said all things in reality interacts with each other, if the fly buzzing around your head wasn't there, then reality wouldn't either. People think they they are too important in the greater scheme of things, that is what is really stopping entities from progressing and it is the first thing that Don Jaun Matus told Carlos Castaneda. Don't bow to Enki, Fal,,, just respect him. Better yet don't bow to anyone.

Fal: Honestly, I am not one to bow

Honestly, I am not one to bow at anyone, but even in Karate, master and student bow at each other. In a sense, the master is the master only because of experience. It isn't necessarily because he is 'better'.

That is a form of mutual respect, and makes perfect sense with what you said.

Also, about the fly, that is similar to a Schrodinger's cat reference. If there is a cat in the box, it is both dead and alive until it has been opened, because every possibility exists. Just because the fly isn't around my head, doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a fly. He just hasn't reached my head yet, but the reality can still be imagined, therefore in some sense making it an actuality. Thought is deep stuff. Sometimes I am really blocked, but like right now, when I don't think about it, my thoughts flow into my fingers and become a message.

Preach on Sister.

FOE_HAMMER: You missunderstand.

If you read the Terra papers Here:

You would know what Annunaki77 and edisonik are talking about. Enki isn't the creator of everything but the main engineer of Earth humans. Also the re-builder of Earth. He is also the mentor of Jesus and many other roles of great importance to humanity. I think he would be grateful for your appreciation but would not want to be worshiped as the god of the bible would want.

I think the terms 'god' and 'worship' are misunderstood and misused a lot today. Being Asatru myself I have come to understand that there are many advanced beings out there who have the powers we attribute to those we term gods, like the gods of Asatru, yet in Asatru we are told to treat them as we would respected family members. Not to be placed on a pedestal who's image is worshiped, rather admired for their deeds and aspired to emulate in our own lives. One should show respect to ANY other being large or small, powerful or weak, good or evil, we are all one with the everything and we all tell a small part of it. If a being asks you to bow to them I would see that as a weakness, it shows need. Truly awesome beings need no worship, they know they are great weather you do or not! lol. From what I have read of him I don't think Enki NEEDS worship, though his deeds are certainly praise worthy! He's one of my heroes for sure (based on what I know of him).

I know first hand that there are beings out there who have every power you would think of a god having, yet they too are here WITHIN creation just like us, no one is outside creation, or else they do not exist, right?

Quinton: Love it, very well stated.

Love it, very well stated. Great to have you here!

Annunaki77: Praise you great falcon

Your message echoes through eternity migthy falcon.
It is an extreme honour to be hearing from you again ancient one.
Humanity is a beautiful creation, a creation sanctioned by the Gods.

Tarheel: Great Change/God

Who then are the 13 and 9 Gods of old ? Are these the creators of the 22 races, or is the 22 just an anomaly? All this is confusing. I think it can be cleared up easily if someone would make a "family tree" style post. I think that could clear up a lot. Can that be done? Quinton?

caseyhue: Views

I don't worship anyone really. I respect an honor them I believe differently though. I feel in my soul a superior being is out there, but not human or even takes any personal form. Even then I don't worship it I just respect an honor it as another life form/force. it's just a higher level in the dimensions if we where in the same level it probably wouldn't seem so much as a god , but as a equal or one of us. Back in the days the ancients worshiped gods.. they weren't really though, but superior beings. I think the same thing is going on here and the bible .. while I don't follow the bible,but know that something is out there that is higher than us an know it had some thing to do with creation( beyond our realm)... an i feel other things mixed in, an I don't just mean this one universe, but many universes than we can't count its a superior being above much more than we can see. That's what I feel inside. You don't have to believe in the bible the way a lot of people do. All you have to do is feel inside yourself an get in touch with it. Hypothetical ...For those that believe in God in the bible...(it's one big cult down here) A supreme god the bible states wouldn't waste their time on one planet an write a bible for you to follow when that is not what is needed to believe in something, and what you intend to believe. I'm don't mean to criticize anyone's beliefs ,but I'm just sharing my views on what I feel in my soul. Not what I read or hear from those (Illuminati/Reptilians) that continuously deceive us.. I hope I make sense here. Tonight is not a good night to express my views..

Annunaki77: The Temple to Heaven is within your Heart

I am impressed CASEYHUE, your feelings serve you well Incarnate.

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