Granny, and GrandPa Hair NOW TRENDING: 22 Photos Proving Grey/Silver Is Glamorous/ videos and Photos

Grannny and GrandPa Hair Now Trending: 22 Photos Proving Grey/Silver Is Glamorous/ videos and Photos. [ Pictured here is Meryl Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada' movie, AWESOME LOOK!] Men look great, and so do woman, and it softens the frame of the face too. For years, women and men dashed to salons at the first sight of a few grey strands. They did everything they could to hide them: dying them, plucking them and masking them with mascara.

But women and men of all ages are now embracing Silver/Grey hair. And while this means many are allowing their natural grey locks to grow through, others are flocking to salons to dye their hair grey at some pricey salons.

The trend isn’t exactly new, however. Celebs have been experimenting with grey tresses for a few years now. Kelly Osborne was one of the first young celebs to dye her hair grey. In 2012, she explained on The Talk that she had always longed to be young and grey.

Nicole Richie stepped out onto the red carpet at the 2013 Met Gala with a bold grey pixie. The look caught the eye of Rihanna who, in the same year, shared her grey hair over Instagram, declaring "grey is the new black."

And last year, Kylie Jenner shared a silver-haired selfie on her Instagram account, along with the caption: "A little grey never hurt nobody."
Other stars who have rocked dyed grey hair include Lady Gaga, Pink, Dascha Polanco and Jourdan Dunn. Fashion designers too have featured silver-haired models on runways and in ad campaigns, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and Gareth Pugh.

Now the grey hair trend has taken off with individuals flaunting their glorious grey manes over Instagram with hashtags like #GreyHair, #GrannyHair and #SilverFox, proving that grey hair is glamorous too.

If you’re thinking about going grey and need a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up photos of gorgeous guys and gals with killer grey hair game. The Truth is, Natural is beautiful. Will you be going grey? Let us know your thoughts on the trend in the comments below. -

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