Governor,Jesse Ventura is on the USA Horizion Soon!

by bluesbaby5050 on September 20th, 2012

He had already Anounced that he was going to run for the Presidental Election! YAAAA! It's about time too! He is as sick of this world/USA BULL SHIT! HIS OWN WORDS! He had made this personal anouncement just last week! He spoke on Alex Jones's Radio show just last week about this great up-coming event! Now we have this to look forward to!

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bluesbaby5050: This was his..........

First Public Anouncement on Alex's show!

Tarheel: I saw him on CNN panel yesterday.

Jesse Ventura was on CNN's panel of guests and he had the lead girl all tangled up n her underwear! She coiuld NOT handle him. She was so flustered.
Jessie said "Im neither Rep nor Dem. Im independent." I would VOTE for him. He said both parties are clueless.

bluesbaby5050: Do you want to know the Real Reason that News anchor Woman...

Was so Darn Flustered at Jesse Ventura? I'll Tell you why... Because she is a Reptilian shapeshifter,and They can Not handle people of the LIGHT!! This is how they Really RE-act to us once they are in our space,and we have their attention! Remember this,and this is another True Fact!

bluesbaby5050: Ask the Kods/Gods of Light to watch over him............

Ask for Them to Protect Jesse Ventura. I know I will ! He Will Need This Shield! This is because the NW=Disorder Hopefulls have a way with making their Opponents Permenantly Disappear! By way of MURDER,and Everyone now Knows this as a FACT!

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