This could get ugly.


Crigitine: Yes I'm glad the eagle has

Yes I'm glad the eagle has finally landed. If all of the information Chris has gathered is true, the coming families will have quite a handful. I'm sure the governments will be present the gold themselves and then releasing they're hidden tech to conduct "the plan" . It would cause the economy break, and reduce the population to the original 500,000. Here's to you anunnaki. Heh has I type this on my phone over the past few months I would get spelling error flags when I typed out anunnaki, now it's a regular word.

bluesbaby5050: The Eagle landed along time ago.

Some people just weren't aware of it. The USA has been to the Moon at least once on record.There always was a mass coverup. There are other reasons we were told NOT to go back to the Moon.The Draconians were there,and already were established big time,and the greys too,and reptoids.They are living,and working on the dark side of the Moon,as this helps to keep our prying eyes off them. But now we have high tech. satilites to do the job,and this is also why the satitlites are being shot down.They do this all the time,even when we send them to Mars.And our land rovers have been destroyed as well.The Russians are destroyed too,and so has the ones from the Asian countries.This is well known. The men that went to the Moon saw,and reported the sightings of them.They said that they were being watched the whole time they were there.They even brought back the recorded proof. It has been shown on Youtube.It is now out in the open. Falcon G.

Tarheel: I saw Obama speak last night, saying "troop withdrawal.....

....from Afghanistan was imminent due to the crumbling of Al Queida"(sp?). Perhaps he has OTHER PLANS for those troops.

My Kod, I hope not. Love conquers all.

bluesbaby5050: Edison said it looks like Enlil,and co. are planning---

To show up. Be warned,and be ready. Obama is well informed. FG.

edisonik: The Aliens want this Planet for it's Resources

The Aliens want the Planet and the Humans Eliminated.
They are using the New World Order as part of their Planetary takeover of Earth and the Slaughtering of Billions of people.
Remember don't take my word for it listen to this Man , he outlined the Alien Agenda before the Aliens Murdered Him.


wmarkley: Aliens

I thought that the Aliens on the planet were defeated, maybe i misunderstood, i thought that the under water bases, and underground bases were taken out buy the good guys?

edisonik: There are still a few really Nasty Ones Left

Really Nasty Leftovers that are still doing harm on Earth.
Boy oh boy this is really frustrating me , but we will prevail.

bluesbaby5050: I KNOW YOU WILL---

I have SEEN your Mightyness. This is why the Drac's run away from you and Hide like the Cowards that they Really Are! They Prey on the weak, and un-suspecting humans..They are truely Cowards, All of them! I have Faith in All of you Sir. I know you will succeed in this, because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO! This is a Large planet, but I do know they will be found. As so many have been already. The Darconians KNOW IT IS GAME OVER FOR THEM! HOW THEY MUST HATE THIS FACT, AND KNOWING THEIR TIME IS REALLY UP! I know they can live to these ages,but so can you too Sir! THE HUNT IS ON! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: I know the leaders of the United Nations --

Are really being run by the Alien leaders! This is the truth! I also studied about Agenda 21,and this is insane, but it is the REAL TRUTH! THIS IS NO LIE! People better SMARTIN UP FAST! THE OUTCOME COULD BE REALLY BAD FOR ALL OF US HUMANS! They have a BIG PLAN FOR ALL OF US,AND IT IS NOT GOOD! You people NEED to read all about Agenda 21 so you will know exactly what The New- World- Dis-order is all about. Be very Ready to ENFORCE YOUR RIGHTS! The Falcon.

edisonik: It is a Draco Agenda

This Planet is a Plantation to them, Humans are Food and Entertainment for them, you got to remember that an average Draco can live up to 30,000 Years Physically so they are Extremely Powerful and we have already lost many Good Warriors in this Hunt for these Ultimate Warriors.
But we are Winning because of many Brave Benevolant ET's.

bluesbaby5050: Dear lord Edison---

I am very aware of the loss of life going on Sir.This is why I pray so much. I am Not fooled. I will always pray for the loss of these beautiful beings of light that risks so much for us humans. I also know that they have families too, and they will be missed greatly by their kin folks. I for one, am so Greatful to them for this Sir. I do know how hard this is for all of you. I also pray for all your safety.You put yourself in harms way everyday. I know what is really going on all around out there. Know that when your out there that I am always thinking about you, I love you my Great father Falcon. I love ALL of you out there.I know your all doing this for Humanity, and for this beautiful planet Earth. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

edisonik: It takes Two Falcon Warriors to Subdue and Contain One Draco

The Falcon Clans are doing their part in cleaning up this Draco Mess.
We have lost many Brave Bird Warriors.
We understand that Humanity will Bring Balance to their Hearts so that their Spirituality is in Harmony with their Technology, we must Educate the Humans on this Planet that Without Spirituality we truly have nothing. Technology is useless without Spirituality for you are Multi-Dimensional and therefore Eternal, so to just throw in the Towel on your Spirituality means you give up on your very Lives, do not take your Human Spirit for Granted Humans.

I Love you all, Peace.

alinabezerra: I love how the government

I love how the government thinks we dont know what they are up to.I wish that they would tell people whats really going on so when the time comes people can protect themselves because we dont know how strong the alien forces will be and our military wont be strong enough to protect everyone.
I dont see this ending well , and sadly love might not be enough.
I just hope the time doesnt come as soon as we think.

Tarheel: LOVE conquers ALL, alinabezerra !


In the beginning, middle and The End-Love Rules !

Lenny Kravitz-Let LOVE Rule !

wmarkley: Enlil

I do think that the time IS very near, WE dont need the government to confirm anything that WE dont already know. When Enlil left, he left a bunch of ignorant humanity who were on their knees. when he comes back, he is in for a BIG suprise, he will be greeted by a standing humanity, a humanity who got informed in spite of the scum that he left behind to rule the sheep, the scum that he left behind got out of control, got too greedy, and the sheep became educated, and became citizens of humanity who ARE knowledgable about their place in the universe. Humanity knows that Enlil is not a GOD. He is nothing more than an insecure bratty worm whos daddy is a king. This bratty, spoiled little worm known as Enlil will get his royal ass spanked, King Anu should have done this many years ago, now im sure that King Anu has left the task to humanity to pull this brats pants down and beat his bare ass, and this also can be done in the name of love, its called TOUGH LOVE. Enlil needs to learn how to CONFORM to our ways now, or he can just go away again to play with the other little worms in the universe.

bluesbaby5050: Well Put Wmarkley!!

Your right about this.Humans have grown up since then.He will be in for a big surprize when he does show up.NOT ALL OF HUMANITY IS ASLEEP. He will become aware of this fact soon.

alinabezerra: We know....

but alot of people have yet to come to this conclusion about our near future. They need to be told by the government in order to believe because some actually trust the gov. more than their fellow friends which is stupid but true.

Crigitine: Yeah..people demand hard

Yeah..people demand hard evidence, and its really hard to do that considering the governments makes sure to keep it hidden and under raps.

alinabezerra: I would atleast take heed if

I would atleast take heed if someone told me something that might be crucial to my survival.I think the people who make perdictions and they dont come true like the guy who predicted the end of the world would be in 2000 and it wasnt.
I think this makes people not trust when there comes along a person or group that legitamently knows what they are talking about.There have been so many false perdictions that people dont take warnings seriously because they listen to the wrong sorces to begin with.

bluesbaby5050: I would pay great attention to all the worlds goverments because

They sure are gearing up ,and preparing for this great arrival.They are not doing this for nothing! It is on the news even.This is costly,and takes up alot of time,and manpower to do all this.It seems to me,and to others that there is something to watch for,as we have seen the proof too..Our planet is at this moment Surrounded by very Many Star-ships. And the space agencys around the world are all gathered ,and preparing for this event. There are also very many sightings to back this up too.Why don't you tune in to Youtube,and watch all this out in space for your self? Our Master teachers have even given us the links to view all of this. And we all have.We KNOW THEY ARE ALL OUT AROUND THIS PLANET,AS WE HAVE SEEN THIS WITH OUR OWN EYES.There is NO DENIEING THIS FACT! This planet is on high alert! Just be Alert, and be Ready! Falcon.

alinabezerra: The people that i say are not

The people that i say are not takeing action are the pople who dont believe there is a problem to begin with,others are indeed taking action as they well should .it wont be too long now before the unbelievers are proven wrong!

bluesbaby5050: It does not matter if we are proven right or wrong----

What really does matter is that the people should stop living in denial! This kind of believing could get them killed! They should stock up on food,and water to start with. And do this soon as possible as this could be when the markets crash, and all will close up, and no foods will be available to them. Many will suffer more for this denial. If they do not wake up, at least keep on trying to get them to,because they will be needing your help when the arrival does happen,and they start landing their great ships! Then they will finally see this is ,and has been the real truth all along.Falcon.

alinabezerra: We cant make people see what

We cant make people see what they dont want to.

edisonik: That is true Alinabezrra

We truly can't make people see what they don't want to at this time, but when the shit hits the Fan they will come in Droves to Understand what is going on.
You can't make people see what they don't want to see, but when they start dropping like flies you bet your bottom Dollar their Eyes will Open Wide.

bluesbaby5050: Master Edison, You said They---

Will be dropping like flies,, From what Sir? From fright? Please explain? Falcon.

edisonik: The Governments are working together to Screw Humanity

The Aliens run the Show, which ones, Good ET's don't run any show, Good ET's assist Humanities Spiritual Evolution. The ET's that run the NWO are Draco.
We are having some problems finding some of the real nasty ones.
Please Pray for Humanity and for us so that we may find these few Vermin trying to cause more Pain and Fear for the Human Race.

We will find them, we will stop them.

bluesbaby5050: I already do pray for humanity,and also for you Lord Edison--

And for Lord Annu 77,and for all the rest of the beings of light.I pray for the legions of the heavens to assist all of you. I never go a day without praying for everyone Sir. I do know how important that this is. Our Prayers moves good energies into the right places.I ask for the paths to the Draco's hiding places to be flooded with light so they they all can be found. I am with you in heart Sir.I pray for your strength,and indurance too.I thought I would let you know.We are with you .We are ONE. The Falcon.

edisonik: Your Heart is Opening , I am proud of the Falcon Goddess

Just because you are encased in Human Flesh doesn't change the Fact that you are a Female Falcon Bluesbaby5050. You make your Falcon Clans Proud.
I am proud to say you are one of us , beloeved Bluesbaby5050.
Continue on bringing Wisdom to all Humanity .

Crigitine: As long as there is a group

As long as there is a group that can see the missiles of fear and corruption coming, they have the advantage. At this point it is as if we are given the ghost glasses and we can only tell people there's a fist coming straight at them. Without becoming a tyrant and as Zealous as the religious groups of today, all we can do is tell them. True respect is earned through outstanding ability when helping and defending. When you face the fear of execution by your peers and superiors that is not a complete conscious thought process that is control through fear. One day the grunts will see that they have lived their lives in a corner being beaten by their masters, it will be glorious.

There is a line, and often when sheep are debunking it is crossed effortlessly. Like the argument people often have about which religion is better and that they are all wrong we just...die. You make a conscious decision to throw a jab and to defend your words vigerously. And then some messengers digress even further wishing the evil they speak of to come to fruition and take the nay say'ers. Playing messenger is a dangerous game and must be played with great caution. Kods will not strike down those who are lied to and altered. But you run the risk of looking evil not only to the sheep, but to kods when people tell them repent or be struck down. It is a very important role, the messenger.

Tarheel: That explains my problems with making them aware.

I told them they would come running when the shtf !

Then they will wish they had listened. For now, they laugh and act like we're crazy. Ive told them, we will see who gets the last laugh, but I really wont be laughing. It is frustrating.

Tarheel: Well put, Wmarkley. I agree.

Is EnLiL on your Christmas card list? Because it doesnt sound like he is. Anybody who treats family how he treats family is NOT my kinda guy. I say, let's round up a posse and give 2 faced EnLiL a "NOT-SO-Welcome Back" party, complete with a can of New&Improved Whoop Ass.

I know several people who'd like to participate. We could introduce him to The Marines ,too !
"..From the halls of Montezuma.....etc".

wmarkley: intelligence

There is no doubt in my mind that worm Enlil is known by other star travelers, the regressive ET races are known by the progressive ET races. they know what their capabillities are, and they know what their agendas are as well. I am aware that Enlil requested permission to come here, and was granted this permission, the good ETs know exactly what this Low life worm is all about. Because of the law of free will, they gave Enlil the permission,( and the rope to hang himself ), to come here JUST to see what he does with humanity. trust me, the good ETs are not THAT stupid, they will be watching him like a hawk. IF enlil gets out of line, and interferes with OUR free will, he will be confronted on all fronts and annihalated, There are many ET races surounding this planet, some are good, some of them are NOT good for humanity. any direct assult on this planet and humanity would be suicide for the responsible ET party. The ONLY logical way for ANY ET race to come here would to make everyone think that they come in PEACE. and have HUMANITIES best interest at heart. THAT is how they will come. THAT is the time that humanity MUST be at their fullest guard, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! WE must learn their secrets, there fore we must work with the good and the bad ETs. Humans are masters of Espionage, we may not be smart enough to travel the universe, but we humans ARE smart enough to invite them into our home, smile a loving smile, give a loving hug, and shove the blade deep into a bad ETs back. the truth is that WE are the masters of OUR TURF, and our turf is PLANET EARTH. NOBODY comes into our house and puts us on our knees! WE are aslo masters of working with the enemy, we have been doing it our whole exsistance.

Tarheel: Wmarkely-you IMPRESS your Brother with this outcry !

I didnt know you had it in you, my Brother from Another Mother ! Please, dont stop now.

EnLiL, such a pathetic example he sets. How can he expect anyone to respect him when he has the reputation he has? LOSER !

wmarkley: evil

I know that Humanity has been tricked, we have been fooled by the ones left behind when Enlil left the planet, and the things that have been perpitrated on humanity is very sad indeed, but it has also been necesary for the evolution of humanity as well, the things that have been done to us will make us more ready to travel the stars, and deal with ALL the other ET races, because some are very bad, and humanity now has the tools to overcome. so in a sense, Enlil has my thanks, I thank him for teaching humanity a much needed lesson, a lesson that may someday save us from our own extinction due to trickery. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on ME!

Tarheel: I have an IDEA, Wm.

This is TRUE- I have an idea for a "Not so WELCOME HERE Committee". On the farm I live on, I have ducks, geese, 2 owls, a ground hog, 100+ head of Black Angus Cattle, deer(many), 4 dogs (2 BIG Labs +Lil Enki and Lil Edi), plus I know a couple of Falcons, a master geneticist and Your Crowd, and they are about all TERRITORIAL, and mainly protective of what they should be protective of.

Now, Im guessin Wmarkley, that I could coax these folk into a lil SURPRISE party for out NOT-SO-DAMNED Welcome guests, and we could serve hemlock pie to our lacking-esteem guests for dessert. Have I left ANYTHING out, Sir? OUR GUESTS COULD BE THE PUNCH LINE OF THIS NOT SO FUNNY JOKE. And what do you think?

harleyborgais: Stopping an invasion from advanced aliens

We could go in a large group to Alaska and take public control of HAARP which can probably control or destroy advanced craft, even if they have energy field defense technologies...we can read the feedback, modulate our transmission, and counter their defenses.

That is Jesse Venturas first episode I think, of "Conspiracy Theory". Note: It is not a theory now because It is all proven:
(Plenty of links to proof are on the above thread)

The Soviets also have a Tesla Weapon installation, they were the first, so probably the best...see Thomas Beardens work at to see images and the location of that.

We could fly a large number of people there to take that one over....possibly...or just connect to them over the internet and make it happen from here.

But they are not going to invade, because the history of UFOs shows that they would have long ago. The chilbolton, SETI, and Milk Hill crop messages are the best evidence of anti-deception intention, and benevolent (good) intentions, in the form of something public knowledge cannot explain or reproduce (unlike any audio or video file).

We have the EM Interference tech (like holograms) which makes those crop circles, that is the ultimate tech, and that is what will protect us from aliens, and meteors (see 2015 and 2020 meteors).

Son of Leod: You realize the only aliens

You realize the only aliens coming to hurt us are the same ones you are outing as the Illuminati, and the same ones that have been here all along, right? No plan of global domination fits, better than a malevolent et group.

Tarheel: Remember NOT to project FEAR. They feed off it.

Project LOVE and Peace and Harmony and submit to no one.

Our Masters have prepared us for that which seems to be imminent.

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