Google redirecting traffic away from truthcontrol???

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Terran resistance: click image

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Crackdown: Not surprising

There is a lot of useful information being shared

Crackdown: Google, what could you tell me about New Age?

I was able to make a screenshot, but after I tried a few times,
it does not show this way anymore for the same IP address.

Perhaps, that is made to fool the people who just heard about it,
and at the same time to avoid suspicions from more experienced.

Starperson: Props to you Crackdown and TR

Nice capture. New age is just a term that is widely misunderstood. Google doesn't get it. Why should they...where's the $ in it for them? When they figure out how to cash in, their attitude will change. New age is a state of being and awareness, and it is happening at an accelerated pace for many of us.

Tarheel: They FEAR us and the Power herein.

I am in complete agreement.

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