What do you want , what kind of a Planetary System do you want?, what kind of a Paradise do you want. For the first time in the History of this Planet you now have that choice.
What does a Planet without War look like?, what kind of a Planet without Fear or Misery look like?.
Humanity now has a Divine choice.

We have seen what Errors & Mistakes War has caused on countless of untold Innocent Adamu.
Leaders are only as good as the people they represent.
A Strong Nation is a Nation that Loves their Leaders , I do not see this here on Earth.
Humanity must get more involved in the management of their Destiny and TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for themselves and their Planet.

War will not achieve this , only Wisdom , Understanding & Love.
All this bickering between Nations is Pathetic.
Be better than this.

Learn to find Universal Wisdom Love & Understanding.

Your Leaders Lust of Bloodshed & War , Ultimately it is the Wrong Path.
The Few Profit from War $$ , but the many will receive Nothing.

You have the power to create your own Destiny.

This is about you THE REAL HUMAN BEING.

Make the 21st Century an Era of Love , Peace & Innovation for all Humanity.
Traveling the Stars instead of Treason or Covert Infamy.

Make your Choice Now.

You know me and I Love you.

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Tim Lovell: A real human being and a REAL

A real human being and a REAL HERO...

HebrianDaniel: i really wonder if we ever

i really wonder if we ever had en golden era like that that nobody goes war and people live good united together.
anyone knows?
i dont

Tim Lovell: HD yes we did and yes we CAN,

HD yes we did and yes we CAN, we DO we ARE creating it

Dont doubt

HebrianDaniel: i have many doubts and i

i have many doubts and i tell you why our food we eat are bad
there nuclear facilities around the world that can be time bomb.
there many starving people around
the medicines has checimal that harm us
there a lot of crap that happening in the world how do you expect me to be positive in our current condition?

Quaesitor: HD I feel your despair

It seems that everything is against us. I feel this way sometimes also. Even leaving out the "unseen" things, those things that we deal with daily and see in the physical world, feel like insurmountable problems we have no control over. I believe that's where the despair comes from, that feeling of having no real impact, or chance to enact change, or control over our own fate. To an extent, maybe it's true. But we do have control over ourselves. We have the chance to positively impact those around us, and control our own inner world. I don't want to sound preachy, because I am the last one to think I have "it" figured out, but I think HD, when we are overwhelmed by the world, it's imperative to do something, anything, positive to change your headspace. Random act of kindness for someone else. Donate to charity. Get out in nature, pick up some trash. Sprout some seeds. Do whatever it is that will help get your positive vibe back. I read one of your posts that said you "live to enjoy life". I hope you have found that joy again! There is no point in living in negativity. Well, that's all. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. Love to you HD!

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