GOOD NEWS! Something HUGE Happened on Friday!

by bluesbaby5050 on January 14th, 2015

GOOD NEW! Something HUGE Happened on Friday! [click on image to view]

January 13, 2015. by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Something HUGE Happened on Friday!

At the suggestion of a reader (sorry, I can’t find the comment), I’m sharing this highly encouraging post from Alexandra Meadors that I think we’ll all want to read. It’s way down, down, down, below all my rhetoric. Fascinating interview with James Gilliland, too. Thank you, Alexandra!

There is SO MUCH encouraging news and evidence these days that I cannot believe anything other than that we are nearly there.

I know we have been hopeful and upbeat (mostly!) and living in faith for a long time, and can’t bear to have our hopes dashed yet again… but what do you FEEL now? It brings to mind the Christmas Carol, “Do you See What I See?”… do you hear what I hear… do you know what I know…

Cobra has shown us what many are seeing above us—and I was one of them. I know what I saw, and even my other half took notice and called me to see the bizarre rainbow reflection thing in the sky.

Things have changed. We need to keep Love and Light foremost in our hearts at this time—no matter what we see or hear. Things are getting stirred up by that Light. It’s all good.

Maybe now is a good time to share what we did these past few days to bring Joy to our lives, and Light to the planet.

We went out for dinner with our neighbours on Friday night and that turned out to be remarkable because the snowbirds found our little secret and we had to go to another restaurant we hadn’t tried before. The singer brought a single, long-stemmed, apricot rose to a lady at each table while he sang, and he gave one to my neighbor.

She said she isn’t a rose girl and gave it to me. Let me tell you, my friends, this rose wasn’t any ordinary rose. It was perfection, and the scent was straight from heaven. Today, three full days later, it looks almost the same, and smells the same. I take it in several times a day and it raises my vibration to the ceiling. And of course on Sunday I blogged my little heart out, as you may know, and then learned that Mica is healed, so my weekend was spectacular! I’m flying!

I look forward to hearing about YOUR joyful activities in the comments. ~ BP

Alexandra says…

Something HUGE just happened to our planet on Friday. It began with a cryptic text message received from a friend of mine which then lead to a phone call with James Gilliland followed by several incoming phone calls and emails that all lead to confirming what I “saw” Friday around 11:15 am PST (probably 11:11)! This is BIG folks and I want everyone to understand the magnitude of what is going down right now. saw many massive “Pillars of Light” [ Not to be confused with the Aurora Borealis] descending onto Planet Earth at this time (Friday morning) and as they landed, a big “thump” was felt etherically.


I heard it was “Guardians/Ancient Light Beings” who had arrived and caused a bursting of Light from Mother Earth’s Crystal Core, looking a bit like cogs of Light pressing outwards. The impact of their arrival was the catalyst for this explosion of light from within.


I then asked about funding for major projects – was it true that this was coming shortly and I was told yes. When I asked if the rumors of the dark interfering as before had any accuracy, I was told “they had no means to do so anymore.” I was shown that the presence of These Guardians would “nullify the technological abilities” of the dark’s efforts. I kept hearing “game over” and a reminder of God’s Decree which “enough is enough.”


Now, I just want you all to know that various calls and emails ended up providing bits and pieces of additional support to this vision today. Apparently news is traveling everywhere that the agenda has been sped up. I just don’t know a date. But check out what one of my dear friends Jeff shared with me as to what he saw with these “Pillars of Light!” Whoaaaaa!

Pillars of Light

“There are three portals currently in the process of activating with a fourth one about to open it’s crescendo.

When the fourth one octavizes the effects will begin. Perhaps 6 to 7 days. – January 8–9.

Then there is a last one that will have the ability to activate numerous vibrational octave points for higher dimensional realization. It is opening soon. When this one opens it will cement the process.

These five portals would not be able to open if the context for activation was not begun with all of the concretions Alexandra created by opening those two portals in Africa. The two portals there had the effect of allowing time-space to open within the Heart space of Oneness. This activated the intention of Beingness within the higher octaves of Grace.

The portals will have a dramatic impact on the dynamics occurring in this heliosphere.

The portals are receivers of light and Beingness for transposing the occupation of Heart space.

They will create change.

They have harmonics that can realize the changes necessary.

They are one octave higher than we are used to.

They will create dynamics to incur upon heart space.

They exist with no separation between us and their fullness.

They will harmonized that which is resistant to change.

They are about changing the octaves here.

They are vibrationally inert.

They subsume the supra causal.

Know that they harmonize with you and your being for realization of the absolute harmonic heart.

They are about to optimize awareness for all beings to receive their potential heart space.

They have dynamics of Will involved.

They cannot create this without your willingness to receive what is done.

They love your being with all their might.

They want to access the heart space here so they can love you throughout.

Harmonize this.

Since the portals (and the beings that will be harmonized within them) will be changing the octaves here, vibrational interference will not be allowed. The harmonic based technology that is being used to subsume us will elevate its tonal quotient and then not be able to expand its tonal impairments/impediments.”

The point is go into the Silence and feel THIS. These pristine energies just kicked things up ANOTHER notch, not just assisting us but causing it to be virtually impossible for energy alignment to occur for The Dark. They are running out of time folks! God has decreed it so.

Just wanted to share this….

Love to you



Note from Duane,

The experience Alexandra describes above, directly relates to this interview she had with James Gilliland in video below: -

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Tim Lovell: There have always been forth

There have always been forth dimensional portals on the planet , no new ones need be `created` , this just tells of old new age jargon , the 4d portal or chakras of the planet exist and have done since the planets genesis , they are where energies enter the planets timlines from the higher dimensions , Aurora have nothing to do with them ... sorry BB.. .

bluesbaby5050: I never said that the Auroras had anything to do with this Tim

Because those originate from within the center core of this planet. These are 'PILLARS OF LIGHT ENITIES'/GUARDIANS/ ANCIENT LIGHT BEINGS 'ANCHORING IN' THE CRYSTAL CORE LIGHT ENERGIES FOR 2015, AND BEYOND with Higher Octaves leading to the higher dimensional frequencies that we will be reaching for as we advance forward. These are HIGHER ENERGIES THAT WERE NEVER ON THIS PLANET EARTH BEFORE NOW! You must of mis-understood this article Tim.

bluesbaby5050: By the way Tim......

This took place on the west coast in the state of California. This event took place on the Etheric level, and not in the physical level as was already stated in the artical. And the new timeline has now been set so that the darksides high technologies will have no effect when attempted to be used to change these new energies to their advantage.

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