Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse"

Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" Greg Hunter: USA Watchdog.
Harvey Organ: "The World is Running Out of
Physical Gold and Silver Needed to Suppress Prices."

Alexandra Bruce
October 22, 2014.

Gold supply expert, Harvey Organ says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world.

Organ says, "You will see that you will go to sleep at night, and you will wake up the next morning and see gold bidding at $3,000 per ounce, and there will be no offer, and it will rise by $500 a day. It will come in 2014. They are running out, they don't have it."

The supplies for silver are even more strained and suppressed according to Organ. He says, "Silver is similar to what is going on in gold, but even better. In China, on September 22, they are going to have a futures market similar to Comex, but it will be in physical metal. You settle in physical metal. So, for the first time, you are going to see the pure price discovery mechanism work, and it's going to be in total conflict to the crimes that are being committed on the Comex. Organ thinks silver will trade at "$200 per ounce" and says, "By December, this whole thing is going to collapse." The petrodollar will be converted to Chinese Yuan.

The US' "farcical wars", as Greg Hunter calls them, in Ukraine and Syria - and the Ebola
scare (which is a cover to grab West Africa's vast mineral wealth) are to cover this up
and/or STOP these events, according to Organ...
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bluesbaby5050: @ Pasq.

I had read that the Merkaba is just our OWN AURA /OUR OWN LIGHT BODY. We never have to do anything to achieve flight anywhere's, such as astral traveling, and into any other dimensional realms that we choose to travel into. We are FREE to do this anyways. I do not believe in what Drunvalo has to say about this subject, because I astral travel all the time, as many of us do anyways during our sleep time, but we can also astral travel automatically if we want to without having to fall asleep first, because I have done this many times thoughout my life, and this is not new to me. I have done this during my waking time, while my physical body stays safely at home, and my physical body is well protected first. The only thing I recommend doing, is to protect yourself before attempting any astral traveling whether your asleep or not, just so that other enities would not be able to mess around with you while your out of your physical body. There are always some tricksters that want to play with you in the other realms if you do not first protect yourself before you go to sleep, as they can, and do see your auras, and this is how they can tell if your protected or not. You do not need to modify your physical body except to put a shield around yourself first, in order to be protected. This is why I do not believe Drunvalo. I just posted that info for others to ask questions, and to learn more about this subject. And it should not be in this posting to begin with.

bluesbaby5050: What Drunvalo teachs is that you need to construct .....

Your very own Merkaba, and he goes on to explain how to go about doing this. The Meraba will CONTAIN YOUR LIGHT BODY, YOUR AURA=YOUR LIGHTBODY WHICH IS SEPARATE FROM YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. The merkaba is a CONTAINER. You do NOT have to have a container for your LIGHTBODY in the first place. It is a trap to keep humanity from advancing/evolving to the higher dimensional levels. You can be Free to astral anywhere, anytime you so choose.

bluesbaby5050: Your 'Lightbody' is WHO you really are WITHOUT.....

Your physical fleshy human body. When you finally leave [die] the earth realm you leave your clay body/vessel/container and you are much lighter, and not very dense as when you were inside your physical human body, because your existing as your 'TRUE SELF' your in your spiritual lighter astral body' which is seen as a form of Light with any shape that you may choose to be seen in to others. YOU ARE COMPLETE AND YOU ARE YOUR SOUL, WITHOUT ANY GENDER. You choose which gender you will become when you enter into another human body when you Re-incarnate again, IF YOU CHOOSE. You are your light-body=your soul. Your soul is your Consciousness, and it can not be distroyed. It will go back to source to be re-absorbed again by ' Source' when YOU CHOOSE TO GO BACK, and not before your done learning all there is to learn from the many experiences in the many dimensions, and that is by your choice. You do not need to use any MERKABA to achieve this.

pasqualie: I believe valerian said David Icke had a section on the merkaba

and its symbols and origin, but at the moment his site is down so i cannot look it up.

pasqualie: One thing about the nordics or pleidians

People like billy meier say they have met and recieve information from the pleidians. And the pleidians are technologically advanced, and some say spiritually advanced.

My thoughts on this is from what we know of the pleidians, they are as much in polarity as humans are if not more. By the fact they have far advanced technology. The more technologically advanced, the more spiritually disconnected you are from source.
But what is more troubling is billy meiers description of responses of the pleidians. Errans view humans similar to as worms. This is not a 12 strand dna or high level consciousness view. As well billy meier asked the pleidians about dancing. And the response was, the females enjoy dancing alot, but the males do not dance because they fear they will be thought of as gay. This is a view of polarity, but one that resonates with religious views today of certain religions. As well it falls into the trap of gender and body identification. If you are evolved to 12th strand dna or advanced levels of consciousness, you wouldnt have those views. Not to mention that response to dancing is in a sense even a simple and illogical explanation of dancing even in our society. So in part it tells me billy meiers contacts are disinformation, outright deception he is contacted by an advanced alien civilization, or the pleidians are more messed up than we are cuz after millions of years they still have polarizing issues that are plague todays society on a level of religious or conservative right wing which is a message of intolerance and body identification as well as conformity.

bluesbaby5050: @ Pasq. and to other members, would you please........

Make a NEW Posting having to do with all your comments about ET's, and Spirituality which is TWO different topics, on to another page? This posting is Under Banking, and Economics as can be seen above at the very beginning of this intire posting, and NOT about ET's or Spirituality. This post is way off track, and now it's like a Run-Away Train. I had already asked earlier, as can be seen in the threads above, to please keep this posting on the topic it was meant for. The subject matter has changed completely, and it will confuse people when they look up Banking, and Economics. Thank you. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I am guilty of this as well........

And I will no longer respond to any comments unless it has to do with the topic of Banking, and Economics as this was the Original subject matter.

pasqualie: One note also

Although new age and the gold traders are pushing this conspiracy theory of a new trade currency set up by china and russia thinking it will change the world.

One thing they are not aware of or fail to mention as well is the international monetary fund already has the framework and documentation in place to have a world currency written up.

so while new age may think its a game changer for the betterment of the world.

what it may issue in quicker is the one world order through acceptance of a one world currency through the international monetary fund. guess who owns and runs the international monetary fund.

so what it may do is usher in the new ages worst nightmare in reality if it does happen.

because i dont think russia or china are self sufficient and have the credibility to become the next bankers because corruption is blatant and in the open in those countries.

Tarheel: Really ?

Let me be the bearer of bad news.
So, just who do you think has the "self-sufficiency & credibility" to become (or remain) the next bankers? England (forget the Libor scandal, did you?) ....or perhaps you forgot the USA bailed out the greatest banking debacle in history created by American bankers blind greed and lack of business prowess.
"Corruption is blatant and in the open" in those countries? Please tell me you aren't that ignorant or naive enough to not see what's going on here. That may be the least sensible remark you've made, right up there with your other "economic theory based" remarks and prognostications.
None of your justifications make any sense and are agenda-driven. Your "I don't think" reference to yourself is right, though.
Try another venue or topic. Your banter on any economic topic is baseless and unsound. I did find it quite humorous, though.

Quinton: The current group of bankers

The current group of bankers still has all the credibility. People like us may have a greater understanding of what's going on, but most people do not. The PTB will continue to do what they've been doing. Most people don't see the banking problems in the world as caused by bankers, they see the problems as lack of government oversight in corporate affairs. If anything the people want more banker controlled government oversight to "fix" the current "problems" caused by the "free market". So of course the people are going to go along with it. Especially if they have no food on their tables because their Fed notes are now worthless.

So it's just a matter of how they sell it to the public, which is how it's always been done. Create a financial Armageddon, get panic throughout the 1st world, bring in the IMF solution. I don't know if it will go this way or not, but it is most certainly under their power to pull something like this off. It would seem much easier to sell the world on an IMF currency than it was to sell America on a Fed currency back in 1913.

Tarheel: I concur with you on most of this.

The people's perception that just lack of gov't regulation caused this is at least partially ill conceived. It was a joint fascist effort.
Where I (kinda) disagree with you is that I don't believe the current bankers have credibility with the majority. People are waking up and NOT falling for their elaborate framing "sells" like before. I also believe that's why "financial Armageddon" may be employed-because the majority are NOT going along with them and they want to shock the majority into following their poor direction.
We'll get numbers, recognize and then hold tight on our stance. The pigs are going down.
Choose love over gold. It takes love over gold and mind over matter
to do what you do that you must when the things that you hold
can fall and be shattered or run through your fingers like dust.

pasqualie: also if the countries hold true to eliminate fossil fuel use

in the next 50 years as agreed to in this months summit with the americans and canada and others signing it.

then russia basically gonna be bankrupt in 50 years cuz thats where they make all their money from. from their oil and gas.

pasqualie: tar if you havent known people who do business in china

or russia, i suggest you do some research lol.

i know people in import export in lumber, they dont ship to china.

why because once your money is there, there is no way to get it back cuz there is no collection agency there. and payoffs are quite common.

in fact if you have to collect you have to go through the chinese mob in hong kong.

also friends i know that have shipped to china in lumber, well they wait till you put it on the ship and have it insured, and about half way there, they try to negotiate a lower price or they wont take it. so they leave you in a bad spot.

try it do business there in china and see how you do lol instead of reading up on internet sites.

russia is probably worse cuz once you get going you gotta pay off the mob. i know friends from russia, paying off the mob is considered the cost of doing business there. also if you dont you lose body parts.

pasqualie: its why the japanese are moving their factories out of china

because the chinese government told the japanese companies if you want cheap labour in china you gotta surrender your international patents.

Japanese told the chinese government GTFO, and started pulling their factories out. Its why even walmart is covering themselves and having distribution and factories in other countries like vietnam and cambodia and other places so they dont get caught with their pants down.

Its why the chinese government allows semi- violent protests at the japanese embassy in china.

pasqualie: Uncle Sam going after handicapped and mental disability for tax

To show you if the american economy is really improving. This little clips shows how cash strapped the american government is, by going after dual citizens who have mental and physical disability trust funds set up by their parents to make sure they will be ok when the parents pass away living abroad.

pasqualie: Not to be alarmist

But everyone can see whats happening to the markets.

It might be good to stock up on food and water and stuff for a months supply. Hopefully nothing will happen but it might be end of september where there are disruptions.

Reading damien mcbrides tweet who was a former advisor to uk's gordon brown, kind of tells you what they telling us and not telling us on what is or may happen. best to be safe than sorry so stock up with water and canned food for a month and anything else you may need.

pasqualie: Just a quick update on harvey organs prediction

gold and silver dropped back down, so there was no move by the bricks countries to a gold based reserve currency alternative to the US dollar.

main problem was oil dropped like a rock so the russians having real issues since they get 70 percent of their countries revenue from oil and gas.

as well with the climate conference, if they hold to it, they want the planet off oil by the end of the century.


main factors also massive slowdown in american and european markets, so that bodes ill for the chinese economy since they depend on their factories making products to sell to those markets. the chinese were not immune to the debt crisis, they printed money and borrowed like crazy as well. making money cheap to borrow. so they are in a similar situation now as the rest of the world. they loaned out cheap money to have artificial growth, now with things slowing down, they face a situation where they have to print more to make it look like they are doing ok or to stay afloat.

problem being americans raised interest rates, which cause capitol to leave asian markets for the stable green back.

the problem with raising interest rates is, you get caught in a no win game in a bad economy with huge debt and consumers not spending. raise the interest rate kill the economy, lower the interest rate kill the dollar.

my thoughts look for a new round of bail outs in the spring, they already talking about writing off the loans given to the shale oil sector with oil so low. some say thats as high as 3 trillion.

oil will continue to fall lower with irans oil coming onto the markets. saudi's spat with iran and russia, they have vowed to continue to pump oil without decrease to hurt the iranians after they torched their embassy. as well the saudi's saw the american shale oil as a threat since they were getting cheaper and cheaper with technology and taking more and more market share at high oil prices, so their goal is to take out the shale oil sector to ensure their oil dominance.

Cramers advice on investing, dont bother buying, preserve your capital

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