Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse"

Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December,this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" Greg Hunter: USA Watchdog.
Harvey Organ: "The World is Running Out of
Physical Gold and Silver Needed to Suppress Prices."

Alexandra Bruce
October 22, 2014.

Gold supply expert, Harvey Organ says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world.

Organ says, "You will see that you will go to sleep at night, and you will wake up the next morning and see gold bidding at $3,000 per ounce, and there will be no offer, and it will rise by $500 a day. It will come in 2014. They are running out, they don't have it."

The supplies for silver are even more strained and suppressed according to Organ. He says, "Silver is similar to what is going on in gold, but even better. In China, on September 22, they are going to have a futures market similar to Comex, but it will be in physical metal. You settle in physical metal. So, for the first time, you are going to see the pure price discovery mechanism work, and it's going to be in total conflict to the crimes that are being committed on the Comex. Organ thinks silver will trade at "$200 per ounce" and says, "By December, this whole thing is going to collapse." The petrodollar will be converted to Chinese Yuan.

The US' "farcical wars", as Greg Hunter calls them, in Ukraine and Syria - and the Ebola
scare (which is a cover to grab West Africa's vast mineral wealth) are to cover this up
and/or STOP these events, according to Organ...
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pasqualie: I dont think its gonna be an overnight thing

chinese and other countries mainly buying gold as insurance to hedge against american dollar falling. it was only option because countries no longer buy us treasuries in amounts to keep the us government operating. other option was euro but gold is a nice insurance because if economies tank, gold goes up.

i think it will be mitigated by another market crash, in part because american government announce it wont be printing money to continue to prop up the stock market, and buy back their bonds and pay off debts.

its not in chinese interest for american economy to tank, they are too dependent on cheap labour and selling to the american markets. if american economy tanks, the chinese economy tanks. and they have big problems over there if all those people in those cities out of work.

russians on the other hand want to create their own alternate system so right now with sanctions they are pushing to pull out of the european and american system and create their own. if they succeed it sinks the american dollars since it will no longer be the world reserve currency in trade of goods. which drops its demand and the value will drop significantly if its not used in world trade.

its why the americans are trying to surpress the price of oil because its half of russia's revenue. with drop in oil price, it dropped their profit from oil from 140 billion to 80 billion this year. russians announced they cant afford to modernize 90 percent of their military now. Throw that on top of the sanctions and the russian economy will be dropping fast.

saudi arabia and other middle eastern countries not dropping production of oil even though demand is low. normally they drop production to keep prices high, but since the kings in the middle east depend on the americans to keep them in power, they dont mind not cutting production and playing the game.

so its a question of who goes bankrupt first, the americans or russians. russians will need 2-10 years to accomplish what they want. 2 years to pull out of the system and create an alternative. so the americans trying to crash their economy with economic, financial and market pressures.

russians may have gold, but every time their currency starts to drop they have to raise interest rates and bail out their currency to keep it from dropping too low by using about 15 billion in gold reserves ever time they say.

so its just a family spat between the russian romanoffs vs the windsors, rothschilds, carnegies, rockefellars and other european royalty. old money vs new money.

new report by the un today may mean illuminati may be willing to shift to new technologies to hurt the russians, making using fossil fuels expensive enough for other technologies to come online. but carbon tax will hurt most economies.

if they start the shift to new technologies, the question remains how will the russians react to it because oil is 50 percent of their revenue, so if you implement something that will make their resource obsolete, its basically economic war where they will be left in a bad situation.

only country that was close was japan, i heard they were going to shift completely off oil, but then they got hit by the tsunami so they are dependent on oil again. Japan went from net exporting country to net importing country because of the tsunami.

either way if russian economy gonna be crippled, i dont think they take it lying down. reason why they militarizing europe again, because if things look bad for russians, they expect putin to lash out.

pasqualie: ok after watching the video by harvey

all bets off, he may be onto something

pasqualie: They playing hard ball now

Liquidity is key but when you are in free fall even 416 billion wont be enough. With declining oil prices they say russia has 6 months before they run out of cash and gold. They spent 7 billion today to steady a free fall of the rouble after a 19 percent fall last few days. They raised interest rates to 17.5 percent from 10.5 percent and it caused the opposite reaction and panick.

They spent 170 billion in 2008 to bail out the banks in the financial crisis in russia, experts saying they will need more this time, and that is just for the banks. As well spending 100 billion over last 6 months to stabilize the currency has had no effect.

Quinton: This is big news. Thanks for

This is big news. Thanks for sharing :) I can only imagine how it would look in the US if they were to try to raise rates like this...

pasqualie: The concern here is

If you paint a very volatile man in Putin into a corner, where he will lose everything or swallow his pride and put his neck under the NWO shackles. He may push the button, in a school of thought that goes, if I am going down, I will take you with me in the very least.

Tarheel: It's ALL a charade.

I will NOT give the charade ANY energy.

Gas is going below $2/gal as I predicted. Maybe I should be a soothsayer (LOL). It's $2.19 here already.

I hope BIG OIL chokes on their Xmas dinners.

pasqualie: The oil is going down because of geopolitical arrangements.

it goes back up when the saudi's decide to cut production.

its just they made an arrangement with the americans, so americans giving them cash for losses.

at same time saudi's trying to bankrupt iranians, while americans trying to bankrupt russia.

as well big oil companies they get to bankrupt all the small time shale oil producers in the states so they can buy em all up when they go bankrupt. cuz shale oil need like 75 dollars a barrel just to break even.

so when russia submits or goes bankrupt, and when all the small shale oil producers go bankrupt or sell to the big oil shale operations, its when the saudi's will cut production and it will go back up to 100 dollars a barrel about.

its just about taking out competition and consolidating the industry so the big producers have the monopoly so they can charge what they want. as shale oil gets cheaper, the small and medium producers were going to be competition and not cut production, so they just clearing the slate by pulling the rug out from under them.

the small operations that dont have enough liquid capital to withstand 6-18 months of losses will go under and be forced to sell cheap to the big oil shale producers.

its just the way things work, it happened with american rail roads and oil industry. shale oil is just another domino to fall and be pulled into the fold of the big oil companies. they cant let too many people have free reign in the business because they have less control if people not in the big club are allowed to operate and become wealthy.

so they manufacture situations where the small guy has to sell. kind of like in the wild west in areas of ranches and farms that had oil, they put some nasty people there and force people to pull up and move and sell their land cheap in american history. in the west, the oil companies hired outlaws to go in and cause trouble and kill people, and bought out the politicians so they would not call in the military. so the ranchers and farmers had a choice, die or sell cheap and move on.

pasqualie: they were probably told what will happen in advance

so they took measures as well as payoffs to make sure they make money. they probably shorted the oil stocks and futures and made tens of billions on it, as well as other stocks, with the advance knowledge they had. so dont worry the probably made more off the stock market than they would have off their oil. and they get a free pass with the securities regulators for following or towing the line.

it usually works like this so the stock companies and banks dont lose money, they usually start calling the average joe by phone and tell em the energy stocks are hot and will be going up, so if they want to make money or have a good retirement they pressure them to buy. oil companies give them a bigger commission to do this to raise the stock prices. then the oil companies short the stock and futures, and sell some of their company stocks while they are at an all time high. And the A list clients of the the stock brokerages also sell their energy stocks. and the brokerages stop calling and the stock tanks and the average joe and grandma and grandpa saving for their retirement get the shaft and take huge losses. then the oil companies buy the stock back dirt cheap while the regular folks are panic selling. its called a pump and dump.

pasqualie: when you raise interest rates

it kills the economy because companies and businesses wont borrow to expand or hire people. also makes bridge loans to cover operational costs short term difficult.

they did it to try to save the rouble, and to keep investors buying their bonds and keep the currency. the bonds are used to pay back debt, and provide money to operate the country and pay salaries. usually 17.5 percent is enough to raise the value of the currency since no one else offering that kind of return in the world. but i think it spooked investors, saw the ship was sinking and realize 17.5 percent interest on nothing or a huge loss is still very negative so they all bailed, causing a free fall in the russian rouble.

most of the stores closed in russia to see how far it would fall, as well they have to re-price everything since its gonna cost em more to restock. so russians were running out buying american dollars, and buying goods that would hold value. as well alot of em were going out and renovating so their property values go up when it turns around.

they probably start rioting as food prices go up. lot of companies will be laying off workers as well in russia because they cant borrow money from european and american banks. and with profits falling and economy in recession, they will lay off people.

only thing that will do well over there is alcohol, tobacco, drugs and huge employment in the sex trade.

pasqualie: they dont fight massive wars anymore

too expensive and does too much damage as well as human cost.

so they fighting economic wars since they control the system. anyone who doesnt do what they want they cut them off the grid, cut them off financially from loans and banks. and if you have a resource you are dependent on, the sink the price of it on the market so you go bankrupt, cant buy food for people till they revolt or the other people in charge depose of the leader.

its just its never been done on this scale before so I think the russians did not believe europe and the americans would take losses to hurt them on a resource they believed the world needs and would never go down in price. oil and gas was russia's achilles heel, so they got the saudi's to keep pumping driving down the price, till someone goes bankrupt or cries uncle.

they said russia has 412 billion in reserve money and gold so they got about a 6 month life line until it runs out and then they either submit or they cant buy food.

putin will have to probably swallow his pride, give back east ukraine and crimea and pay tens of billions in reparations to ukraine and sign a new peace treaty for them to allow oil to go back up again.

its just europe and america were using a small stick at first, but when it wasnt working, they pulled out the baseball bats and started swinging.

china not saying anything because they have a billion mouths to feed and dont want to experience what russia is going through.

rothchild is telling the romanoffs and everyone else who is in control and who is the boss.

Tarheel: There is much fiction in your prose, imho.

My opinion-If people think they know their game, they're both gullible & naive. There are parts of what you say that I agree with but the basic premise I do NOT.
Free Will all ya wanna, though.

Tarheel: Commodities are dropping because they're GROSSLY OVER-priced.... almost everything else.
It's market-correction time. Looks like those who were in on the BIG money grab will have to spend it because they hold the lion's share. The decimated middle-class and LC have been "bled out" and they certainly don't need to print any more.

How ya'll like this (bad Anunnaki) control system now? WTFU!

Cheer up! The Light's intensifying. Paradise waits.

pasqualie: there is no fiction

you think spontaneously oil prices have dropped down to levels they have not been since for over a decade? there is no fiction.

americans cut a deal with the saudi's go keep pumping oil and not cut back even though economies and oil demand is down. saudi's get compensated either way by american tax payer.

the can profit off the stock market with advanced knowledge by shorting stocks and futures.

at same time as making money, they achieve their political goals, saudi's hate iranians.

americans and europeans want to punish and bankrupt russia because they want to set up an alternative reserve currency and market outside of europe and america.

at the same time shale oil needs 75 dollars a barrel to break even. so this puts the large number of small and medium time shale producers out of business. they losing money they cant pay off the debts and loans they took out to set up the shale oil business, so if they dont have deep pockets they go bankrupt or have to sell to the big operations that have huge capital.

why do you think the russian economy is tanking, they need 100 dollars a barrel to break even because they did not upgrade their facilities. when it was 90 dollars a barrel their revenue projection dropped from 140 billion to 80 billion. at 65 bucks a barrel they are in the red.

they cant borrow money and print cash like the states cuz of sanctions, and have to operate the country and pay off debts as well.

in the states they just get the federal reserve to print cash and then they throw it on the back of tax payers for the next 5 generations to pay off, with increasing inflation so its harder to make a living each year, putting them more under their control.

why do you think it set up like that especially in the states where a private bank gets to print your own money for you and charge you interest for it. and you get to pay it off in higher taxes as they add compound interest on it every year so you can never pay it off. its to keep you dependent, raise cost of living while shrinking wages so you keep working and stay under fear and control of losing your job.

Tarheel: Your motives are crystal clear.

You have an opinion and I do too. This is forum so I will post mine but I'm done reading your less than insightful HHS. Like I said, Free Will reigns here so mine is just my opinion, although mine is fact based and not agenda- based, like yours.

You MIGHT want to do a little research before you attempt that agenda here. TC people are a little more in tune with just wtf is going on.

Here's some STRONG, FACTUAL evidence for you on one certain part of your post (re: Russia relations)


Now go on and exercise your Free Will. It's not my website or your crap wouldn't make it to post.

I wish you no ill-will. In fact, Season's Greeting and Happy Holidays to you & your family. You're just not my kinda person. It's not personal-it never was.

pasqualie: your statement is an over simplification

commodities dropping because they are grossly overprice, could be a true statement in a truly free market system, but we all know it is not a true free market system.

you overlook one fact price is determined by supply and demand. when supply low and demand high, price rises. when supply high and demand low price drops. its what you describe in your statement.

but they have something called the oil cartel which saudi arabia leads. they control the supply of oil and increase and decrease the amount of oil pumped to control prices. if supply is low, normally they cut back production to keep oil prices stable and high at a profitable price point.

if your statement was true, prices would drop if there was no monopoly controlling prices and supply. but supply is low and economies are not doing well, and saudi arabia has opted to keep pumping the oil at high levels driving the prices down where they are losing money, not to the degree russia and others are because they have modernized their pumping so they can make money at a lower oil price.

no one produces something and keep producing it in large amounts if they are losing money. that is just basic business sense, purpose of a business is to make money, thats the only rule.

but they have alot of cash and for them to lose money, they have to be making money back somewhere. because there is no free lunch. so the follow the american political aim, they will be getting compensated for their losses. since oil is their only revenue source.

its like someone coming and telling you to fack up your business so it will help you achieve your goal. you wouldnt do it unless you were being compensated.

common sense would be saudi arabia and opec oil cartel to cut production in declining demand and world economies, but they are not.

so you have to ask yourself why are the saudi's and the other middle eastern oil producers not cutting production? out of benevolence or altruism so they can lose money, i think not. they dont give a rats ass about the average joe, the only thing they are concerned about is the balance sheet, and if its not in the plus or at the profit levels they were at, and they deliberately doing it, they getting that money back and more elsewhere.

the additional side effect is iran gets hurt in their oil revenue as well, and the small time shale producers go out of business.

for the americans, they bankrupt russia and win a war without shooting one bullet or putting one soldier on the field. as you know gw went to war and spent 200 billion plus in iraq and the americans got nothing out of it. so this way they dont lose as much or get negative effects of soldiers killed or coming back maimed close to election time.

its the illusion of a free market. when its really manipulated. people with advance knowledge can make money off the markets.

why do you think they just eased up on the banks in last budget bill week ago to let them start selling those derivatives that cause the financial meltdown in 2008. they gonna be selling junk mortgage investments to pension funds and average joe again and clean them out down the line.

pasqualie: the over simplification and assumption you make is

there is a true free market system and the world and the states operates on a true free market system which is a falsehood. the game is fixed, but they give the illusion to make people believe its a free market system. if it was a true free market system there would not be a private central bank printing money for the americans, and they would have let the banks that were in bad shape fail in 2008. that would have been a true market correction.

oil prices dropping is manipulation on a grand scale, and if you believe it is because of a market correction then you dont really understand what the purpose of the opec oil cartel in the middle east is for. they control supply depending on demand to keep prices high and stable. if demand low, they cut supply.

if demand low and they are not cutting supply then something is up, because basically they shooting themselves in the foot by pumping oil in high supply when demand is low, dropping prices below the point of break even. no one sells a produce for less than it costs to make, unless they want to go bankrupt, or its stolen or they getting it for free. which in the case of oil being pumped, it is not the case.

pasqualie: mine is based on business logic.

you are free to believe what you want, but no business produces something and sells it for less than it costs to make.

its why they set up the opec oil cartel in the first place to control the supply and control the price.

this is to bankrupt russia or to make them bend and back down.

saudis and others are compensated, and they get the additional side benefits of iran hurting, and small time shale producers going under.

look at it this way, there is no way the saudi's and opec are gonna allow low demand to dig into profits and make them lose money by allowing the world to have cheap gasoline at their expense.

its a chess game, and in chess you play to take the other king down. its basically how the world operates. russians are kind of like a slave revolt, and they putting it down. because they threaten the old order of influence and power by setting up an alternate system.

Before 2008 the russians tried the same thing and they used hedge funds to buy and stock huge supplies of oil and dumped it on the market to drop the price to hurt the russians.

This time they just paid the saudi's off to keep pumping oil driving down price, and lose money while demand is very low, to hurt the russians.

Tarheel: There is no logic applicable.

So, I use "Occam's razor".

There is no logic or algorithm for digesting decisions/policy of psychopath's.

Tim Lovell: Tar pls don't use it inregard

Tar pls don't use it inregard to science vs spirit , that debate really grinds my gears :(

Tarheel: I wasn't and I won't.....

....unless I decide to piss you off, which mean you'll first have to PMO. :()

pasqualie: those sanctions and that bill is old news

sanctions alone were not working. its why oil price was dropped because its russia's main revenue stream. russians dont do alot of business in the states so it would have minimal effect, but sanctions of europe combines with american, and dropping oil price has a larger effect, mainly because of the oil.

as long as russia was making money off of oil and price was high, and they were flush in revenue they didnt give a rats ass about the european and american sanctions. they were already moving to set up another system with asia.

its why oil price dropping so much is key, it will bankrupt the russians unless they back down, and move out of ukraine and give crimea back.

oil is key because oil is their main money source. you take away their main revenue stream then they have very limited options. leads to russia going bankrupt or putin being taken out of power.

its like sieging a castle, cut off the food and water, and the people inside either starve or have to surrender. its whats happening with oil prices being dropped, combined with sanctions.

oil is being dropped in price because sanctions were not working, putin was escalating in ukraine. europeans were not all on board because some had alot of economic trade and benefit with russia. so the americans had to bypass this since the europeans were not going to agree on full sanctions necessary to have a real impact. so the americans went to the saudi's and convinced them to not drop supply, even though demand was low.

pasqualie: as well i would not put much stock in congress

these are the same idiots that passed a bill to change the name of french fries to freedom fries in a day and had a photoshoot to celebrate that accomplishment, and shut down government for 2 months over party politics and pettiness.

pasqualie: Also its not congress or the american government running things

Its the old guard and the central bankers. that article on congress and government is just to keep the illusion that the government is on control when they are just paid puppets for the central bankers.

The old guard (central bankers) and old money of the states and europe control the system and the game on this planet.

You have russia and possibly china trying to set up an alternate game.

This is going to create competition and take away control and power as well as money.

So the European bankers, and American Bankers can not allow this. They have more money from the centuries of nobility and royalty being in power. So they making an example out of Russia, as well as sending a message to China. The message being if you dont play by their rules, then they will cut you out of the system. The system being they are in control, and they always make money from the system. Also there is only one game on this planet, and it is their game. If you try to set up a different game, bad things happen to you.

pasqualie: end of the day

it really has nothing to do with you or me, or about nationalism or patriotism bs they try to sell it off as. 12 months from now they will be gladly facking over, you, me and every other average joe out there and smiling when they jack up the gasoline prices again even higher than they were before.

Annunaki77: There will be no War. Earth &

There will be no War. Earth & it's people will be protected from these Demons that have been surrounded and are trying to cause chaos.
Learn to Live without War, Learn to destroy EGO & embrace Love & Compassion.

He-Man - The Arena - FULL episode

Now Believe in Faith of Peace & Harmony.
Fear Feeds your Leaders , Love & Compassion feeds us.

Annunaki77: Look within yourselves to

Look within yourselves to find Peace , Love & Harmony, Love creates Love and Fear only makes the Bankers Money but I say unto you, what is money?, it is simply another False Religion that Billions of Souls Worship to provide Food & Shelter for their Loved Ones.

Once the World stops believing in this False Religion then the Pyramid comes crashing down.
Why Fear of a Global Collapse, if the System comes crashing down just arrest the Criminals that were Involved in this Global Ponzi scheme create a New System for the people and then get back on track for true progress and that will be Space Exploration & Colonization.

Your Destiny was not to Die here on Earth, your Destiny is much more Glorious than that, to Live and Die exploring this Galaxy as One Race One People.

Humanity deserves better than a few Mafia's trying to control Bread Crumbs when they can have so much more among the stars.

Truly Pathetic , it makes us laugh.

Tim Lovell: hmm don't you move up into

hmm don't you move up into higher dimensions then drop the body and evolve into the whole then move onto other planets to learn other lessons there?

Tim Lovell: This whole awakening process

This whole awakening process is confusing sometimes :( I wish it were over sometimes,

harrison orono: So many are disabled because

So many are disabled because of money either tey lack it or were given too much of it at once.Some actions are not supreme like control,it shows in the mind of the controller,there is fear and imperfection,there is limitation of thought,it means he has reached to the nd of his evil thinking and can not ordoes not have the potential to see the other side of the equation("eternity").So they have limited knowledge and are in total darkness.(There is agreat nd glorious purpose in the much of the universes through space,all of you mortal struggles is not in vain.You are part of an immense plan,agigantic enterprise which the Gods are supervising day and night.There is in the mind of God aplan which embrasses all creatures of his vat domain,and this plan is an eternal purpose of bountiless career and endless life.The adventure of sivinity is ahead of you,the goal of erfection is on.Urantia book paper 005 ).So why waste time trying to control what is eternan?They should just admit their faultand change or be done.

harrison orono: Comment

Love will destroy evil

pasqualie: Re: Awakening Process

My thoughts is Tim, if you can out of body or consciously go beyond astral to hyperspace which is the dimensions beyond the astral (4th) then you are able to recieve instruction, and learn things there that you cannot here currently on 3d earth. But you have to raise consciousness and go beyond 4d into hyperspace as they call it. Astral is where the nastys and other humans, and 4th dimensional beings hang out. Some 4th dimensional beings are quite negative as well.

In response to Harrison, energy is neither created or destroyed. So I dont think love or light destroys evil. Its just evil cannot stay there so it moves out of it. Love simply raises your consciousness and energy of vibration. Its why in lucid dreams if you exhale white light to create a sphere around you, any negative being or experience you are having generally stops. Because you have raised your energy.

pasqualie: I think Blue reported Russians dumped the US petrodollar,

So did Iran.

Gold may spike a bit.

Reports now in Davos Switzerland Americans considering not only tougher sanctions against russia but as well cutting them out of the Swift Banking system.

as well as catherine austin fitts view of 2015

pasqualie: I was listening the Catherine Austin Fitts on the world economy

And she said she went to california and was confronted by 2 different groups, one of which talked about the callapse of the Us dollar and gold prices, and the chinese becoming the reserve currency.

And she said one thing, the country that becomes the reserve currency has to be able to control the seas and trade, and have the military to back it up in all 3 areas of naval, air and land. And she said the chinese dont have the naval superiority. The navy is the main reason why the americans dominate the world economy. She said the chinese just got one aircraft carrier built and they are still learning how to sail it.

And she said the difference in power wont shift until the number of aircraft carriers changes, because with the number of aircraft carriers, the americans can have planes anywhere.

So she said the thought of any country becoming a new reserve currency is rediculous.

The key chart being this.

you will notice the chinese have one, and russians have one.

Tarheel: So....

So, is it you AND she that would have us believe that we need more defense $ spent to give us MORE carriers so that we can have MORE naval superiority ?
The USA is a hegemonic world power, unrivaled period.
You have to be off your rocker to expect me to place any credibility in her ill-fated claim. I would label it buffoonery.
You're solidifying beliefs(plural) that you are a shill. I can't believe you would make such a statement with a straight face.

pasqualie: In terms of what is happening in the economy world wide

Catherine Austin Fitts said there is a rebalancing of the global labour markets and GDP.

So the GAP between 1st world for example in the states its around 50k per person per capita, where in india its about 5000 per person per capita. So by rebalancing its not that everyone gets to 50k, its the bottom comes up and the top comes down. So until that rebalancing is complete, jobs will continue to leave 1st world countries, and the middle class will continue to shrink because manufacturing wont be coming back.

So that is why the middle class is shrinking, and there is no simple fix to bring it back because of this rebalancing. So those in industries that are being outsourced, they will have to adopt a philosophy of constant learning to learn new skills to adapt to a changing global economy.

Tarheel: Smells

No, it doesn't smell, it reeks a New World ODOR. It's very transparent.
But go ahead with your free will expression.

pasqualie: Tarheel

Just passing on info, i dont agree or disagree with anything that happens on this planet.

I just plan on raising my consciousnes and enjoying what experiences i have in this life time.

Since we dont die, and i dont plan on going into the false light, i dont have to worry about what happens, or try to control or fix the planet. What is meant to happen will happen, and i do not have any control over the military or foreign policy or banking.

You only have to worry if you plan on going into the light and being recycled back onto this planet for what ever plans those in charge have in store for the masses that want to buy into the system.

i am not here to change the system, i am here to get out of polarity and out of the game, because i only control myself.

so i dont buy into or pay attention to the drama or fear or victimization programming going on in this matrix.

you know you have a choice, go into the light or not. you only have to be worried if you plan on going into the light and being recycled back onto the polarity matrix.

pasqualie: According to simon parkes in latest video

All 4d aliens are stuck, good and bad, because of reliance on technology, through that process, they cant go to 5th dimension without piggy backing on humans. So they need humans to get up in the next level. So i guess what anna hayes said is true in part but as a whole, all 4d aliens good and bad who rely on technology, they took out 2 chakras to cut themselves off from source. So its why you have the tree of life or the kaballah that has 10 nodes only, where as the kathara grid has 12. So the label of good and bad is a manner of perspective on which side you pick if you picking sides. Because in essence they are all part of the fallen who cannot go up to 5th dimension cuz they voluntarily destroyed 2 nodes which connected them to source.

Simon said the mantids being in 4d were in the same situation.

How do you know which aliens are 4d and which are 5d and beyond. Well 5d dont need or use technology, they do it organically with thought, so they dont need space ships, they can just teleport across the universe with a thought. General rule is the more technologically advanced, the more removed from source you are, as well as being deeply in polarity, therefore being spiritually less evolved.

bluesbaby5050: Great link Pasq.

I also came to this same conclusion a long while back, and I now do my best to avoid any connections with any of them. If enough people would just do the same, then those TOL's would be out of business. Their system would break down without any followers.

pasqualie: It just gives the big picture on the system

I think Cameron Day sums it up well. When most start looking into new age, filtering through the materials, looking at various guru's out there in the new age movement, including the religious hybrids of new age of st germain and arch angel michael to pull in those with religious conditioning still, as well as all the galactic and alien dramas. Common link between all of them is one that is limiting and disempowering in victimization, which keeps us from the truth of our sovereignty.

Tim Lovell: Well I must agree with you

Well I must agree with you Pasq it is all an evolution lol , even our former `friends` of ideas will just become past relics of our path forwards.. .


Tim Lovell: Also Pasq , when you say the

Also Pasq , when you say the 4d ets are disconnected from 5d , I must say you are wrong, they are evolving upto 5d , for example the pliedians on Erra, most are at top 3d and then 4d but half are at top 4d and learning into 5d , so please do not say all 4d ets are cutoff from 5d as they are not , you are wrong

obsrvantlouie: Please explain further

How do you know this? Can you be more specific as to the details of this?


Tim Lovell: I know because I have had

I know because I have had lifetimes there , they never cut off any of their chakras or dna from source , their 12 strands are fully functional and they are evolving into 5d , even the pleidians try not to use technology that much

pasqualie: i cant really comment on your experience Tim

It is your own experience, so not something I have experienced.

All I can know is comparing various materials and what my gut tells me in part, my inner compass.

There are 2 roads on earth, humans are simultaneous incarnations meaning they experience many timelines at once. They can evolve individually which is the fastest way out of the game, or they can go along with mass consciousness which is the slowest way out.

From what i have read aliens operate on mass consciousness so they are on the sequential path of having one incarnation at at time, usually on the same homeworld, with little varying experiences which is the reason why they evolve so slowly as a group. there is no individuality.

The reason why humans were of interest was that humans were simultaneous incarnations, which means they can evolve individually and faster way ahead of mass consciousness. On a higher self level this means one higher self that has chosen the simultaneous route can have millions of time lines at once.

A consequence of simultaneous incarnational path is humans have a wide variety of emotions.

What the other aliens were doing from varying polarities was they were trying to technologically mimic simultaneous incarnates and their wide variety of emotions because the sequential aliens on 3d and 4d well they only had a few emotions, and most were of survival and fear because they had gone the technology route. The more technologically advanced you are, the less spiritually evolved you are.

So humans were quaranteened on earth because the other aliens do not want the simultaneous higher selves from convincing others to go on the same path.

As well it is the various aliens on both sides of polarity play this game with humans to distract them from going inwards and continuing with simultaneous incarnational path and getting out of the game faster. They dont want humans that are advanced to get out first. so they are trying to delay humans.

Its why these aliens try to dazzle with their technology, or come down with the attitude they are very advanced and humans are not spiritually. They think humans are like worms as billy meier says of the pleidians or as simon parkes says the mantids consider humans like children, and i read the annunaki considered humans like what we would think of insects on this planet. When in reality spiritually we are in potential at least and with some far more advanced then these off worlders. It is also why they tell humans you are wonderful and great, and loved, and we will one day come and save you so you can take your place among the galactic family. This kind of talk is just distraction and leads people to focus on the external.

Alien groups change slowly because they have very few experiences incarnating over and over again into the same planet, so everything on those planets is the same and in part dull, except for the galactic conflicts they have with other aliens like the orion reptiles.

So i dont think this new age trend of identifying with alien groups is a good thing. It locks you onto the sequential slow path. 3d earth is simultaneous, the only one that is in this galaxy, and the offworlders want to lock it into sequential like them.

And that is the game so far that I understand it as without all the polarity and drama games involved.

In terms of ascension and 2017 and beyond, i really dont know what is going to happen. I think it will depend on where peoples belief systems and experiences are at.

It may well be as drunvalo ways where everyone gets a shot regardless of what they have done and are taken to 4d if their vibration is high enough or after death. But depending on their tendencies or traumas and beliefs and fear, the chaff will weed themselves out by manifesting their fears where they are kicked into another wavelength. But I dont think 4d is much better than 3D, its just an extension of the polarity game board. So if you can go beyond it, my suggestion is by all means do so. So dont identify with an alien group, they are 4D. Even on ERRA, a dull life of uniformity and conformity on the home planet spiced with galactic battles and conflicts with other aliens like the reptilians. In my opinion that is not much to look forward to. In my opinion its what the NWO is trying to do on earth at this current time.

pasqualie: all i can say is

no one can really say for sure, alot of info on aliens is based on 2nd or 3rd hand information, or through channelling, unless you meet one in person and can read their energy or read their consciousness level, no one can really say what their consciousness level is at.

reason why they in 4th is because they use technology, they have hierarchies, and exist in polarity to the same degree we do on earth. as well aliens operate on sequential incarnations which is mass consciousness based. reason why they interested in humans because humans are simultaneous incarnations, and can evolve individually.

pasqualie: Matrix 5 Gold on Merkaba Warning

I just found it interesting that matrix 5 gold talks about the merkaba.

A while back when I was going through Drunvalos material and anna hayes also, i was intrigued by the merkaba meditation. I did to the meditation but ended up stopping it, because to do the final parts it required connection and permission from higher self and i never really connected or communicated to my higher self to this day even, although i am still trying.

But I found someone at the time who emailed me because we were both interested in the manifestation technique drunvalo gave in his earth fire sky video.

This person had a friend who was a genuine psychic he said, and he asked him about the merkaba. And his friend said dont do it, it traps you, and drains your energy to the one who entraps you so you stagnate. At the time i didnt know what to think about this. The only other person warning about it was drunvalos inventor friend he talks about like his best friend. But he had a lengthy post on the merkaba that i believe Blue posted up about a month ago.

So i had stopped doing the merkaba meditation. And as I am reading matrix 5 gold the 2nd book, he has a warning about the merkaba also.

Valerians description and warning is a little more indepth. He says one the merkaba is a symbol for the rothschild family and not the star of david. He says that symbol has been around long before the hebrew king.

He also says it represent the orion empire, the two division of genetics point up, and the military triangle pointing down.

He warning is a little more indepth, he says the points act as filters so the higher self cannot contact the incarnation as easily. He says it forms internal filters as well as astral and etheric filters. And it is more effective than physical implants or controls impacted on your today, because you essentially are installing your own blocks. What happens after this happens is the person or individual is stagnant in a lightside loop.

One of the glaring flags is obvious, the focus on the external rather than internal. As well as giving away your power to external deities, beings, angels or hierarchy of super beings and ascended masters. Its old religions implemented onto new age.

Essentially its an attempt to get you off your simutaneous incarnation path, and in part on a larger perspective to get the planet on a sequential incarnational path like the aliens.

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