by edisonik on August 4th, 2012

For Centuries Humanity has been Abused, Tortured, Murdered and Killed for Control and Oppression. For Centuries Humanity was Fed Ignorance , Fear and Stupidity to keep them more Obedient and more Easily Controlled.

Confusion and Chaos was the Order of the Day because in the Eyes of the Gods you were considered Animals, nothing more and there is a Difference of Opinion between the Gods.
Others were Crying because of the Carnage being done on this Planet, Innocent Children , Women and Men who were Swept away by War, Disease and Famine.

The Souls have Cried out " Why!?, Why!?,Why!?", we had no Answers. We Cried Also and also asked "Why!?". But then Our Lord Said " Enough is Enough".

So I Pay Tribute to the Abzu, the Sacred Waters of Life and to Free Will.

~Chill Out Land of Beauty~

Enough is Enough, Humanity will be Protected from Deception and Harm from now on.


bluesbaby5050: To Lord EdisoN--

Inspite of what others on this forum think,I know in my heart that this is so. I am very glad to hear Our Lord has said enough is Enough! We ALL will see what happens from Now on! With the Gods on the side of Humanity,Humans WILL HAVE THIS NEW DAWN! Humans will live in Peace ,and Harmony with one another. We Will live our FREE WILLS, OUR PASSIONS,and OUR DESTINIES!


This is still going on.

You can see this everywhere.

bluesbaby5050: All I can say is---

For those people,that do Not get it,or REfuse to understand, they will have a very hard time of it.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Edjakhan---?

Plenty of clues were played out in many cartoons,as The Simpsons,and The Cars Movie.and Bugs Bunny showing scenieros of destructions happening around the world in famous landmarks.And even on a card game ,and the origins are of the Illuminati. This game was put out in the early 90's.On these cards are pictures of the Twin Towers up in smoke,and in another one the City Hall in London Is in smoke,It is the round curved funny looking building.And Big Ben is hit by a airplane,or a jet,and is shown smashed ,and falling into the water ,and the into streets. The London Bridge is also Blown up,and falling into the river. The Battleship is seen under this bridge on this cardin this game.Also the building of Parliment is blown up,the complete lenght of it is all blown up,and on fire on this other playing card. All these cards in this game has many pictures of distruction of some kind on them.Do you know of the game I am referring to?This might be going to happen when the games are done,and the people are leaving the city.This looks like a huge blood bath,and this could be a huge offering to SATAN!?? What is your opinion on this Sir?

edisonik: Typical Tools to Keep Humanity in Fear

Humanity needs to be more tuned Spiritually. When you understand the Spirit you will Win.
When you are simple without being tuned Spiritually you can be Managed and Controlled like Cattle.

Fear is the Universal Tool for Control.

This SATAN OFFERING thing is a Huge ET Psyop.
To Keep Humanity Afraid because they are not tuned to their Spirit.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMTN...

bluesbaby5050: I just saw this yesterday. I understand ---

This sicko logic behind all of this. I know the mindset Sir. I thought I would just mention these Cards.I did not think alot of people knew about them being in existence.I know the world is praying that all goes well in London. I know I do.

bluesbaby5050: Just in case no one noticed---

The lighting over the stadium were all of the shape of triangles,and the all seeing eyes was at the top of them.When these lights were turned on,the top caps were lit up more then the rest of the system on these lights. They said way back that the land the stadium was built on was supposed to be toxic,and could not be used to build anything on it. But then this stadium was allowed to be built after this had been posted to the public.It was said that this was done to reserve this land so it could not be sold. In fact this land was Not toxic! All around this site is marked with certain names of streets,and they all have special meanings to them. According to the occult insiders. This was not supposed to become known to out siders.This information had been leaked.

Tarheel: Lexus, you said Humanity will be protected from deception....

...and harm. That is a wonderful thing to know.

WHO will be Humanity's protector(s)?

edisonik: Not everyone will make it Tarheel

Those who embrace Religion will be Deceived and then Destroyed.
Those who know that Religions are Lies will Survive the Annunaki Assault by the Forces of Lord Enlil.
Total Deception , I am truly disguisted with this Bullshit.
But to expect to be saved from a Messiah will only produce Destruction.

I taught this in the past " You must take Personal Responsibility with your Lives because the Governments are against you, the Media is against you and the Arrogant Annunaki who Serve Lord Enlil are against you.

You have never tasted such treachery like this, only Knowledge and awareness will save those Humans who can understand the Treachery and Deception.
Muslims also are Pawns for this Annunaki (JIN) New World Disorder.

You are one of our chosen Tarheel, you will see with your own eyes the events, but you will not be harmed.
You have many Books to Write when the time comes.

Tarheel: If only Tarheel knew how to convince the masses.

I look forward to a better day.
Falcon Master..... I have much to tell from The Masters but book writing is a skill I need to hone. I accept the challenge. Yikes!
"Simon and Schuster" will need to compensate The Gods , not Tarheel, for The Sacred Knowledge!
(laugh PLEASE-I was joking about S&S)

wmarkley: protectors

It is always welcome, to know that some benevolent being has got our back, it is always nice to know that we are protected. But there has to come a time when humanity needs to be its own protector, and security. the reason that we in the USA are in the predicament that we are in is because we trusted "someone else" to keep the liberty. and they sold us out a long time ago. Everybody has the responsibility of protecting themselves, and looking out for others as well. If humanity can just do this simple duty. we wouldnt need anyone else to protect us.

bluesbaby5050: We were being sold out 200 years ago---

This has not changed,because they keep funding the wars to Both sides,and had done this All Along! This keeps humans busy,at home,and at work suppling the demand! People need to Seriously wake to up ,and fully wake up fast! Stop re-peating the Same Mistakes! Realize this!

Tarheel: I agree, Wmarkley. I was seeking clarification .

Edi said "we will be protected from now fwd". I was wondering who/how. That's all.

I wasnt asking FOR p[rotection, I was asking WHO will be doing the protecting. WE cool.

bluesbaby5050: Alex Collier already told us ---

A whole slew of Nice Aliens.And Alex Collier named at least 12 or so different Races from different Star systems.They are stationed thoughout our solar system,and beyond.They have engaged in the wars above our planet,and this had lasted about 10 years,and that it was won in our favor.We don't need names,and rank. We are fine.

wmarkley: kool

Thats always nice when someone looks out for us, but i feel very strongly about our liberation being done by ourselves and not to be a damsel in distress for another being to rescue, especially if we want our freedom. i know Tarheel wanted to know who has our back, and im just as grateful to the beings who look out for us, BUT! this liberation fight is OUR fight! We must fight our own battle for Freedom, I am grateful for our big star brothers and sisters who wish to help humanity liberate ourselves, but this, we must do for ourselves. I dont want my children or grand children to finally join our galactic family and be known as the humans who couldnt even fight their way out of the enslavement that they allowed to happen in the first place. NO! We are better than that. I dont want Humanity to always be known as the life form that cant fight their own battles, I wasnt born on this earth for that kind of dishonor. Humanity can not allow anyone to help us, We must take care of our own business, and join our Galactic family with Honor, not in disgrace. Its just THAT important. please, everyone MUST understand that. Our benevolent star brothers know this. Thats why we cant have a first contact untill After we take care of OUR Liberation business, any first contact BEFORE we liberate ourselves will keep us enslaved, because we will be the galactic door mats with no honor, no respect, and no Freedom. living life on our knees, worshipping tyranny. And taking whatever punishment our masters give us. Now it is time to liberate ourselves for the future of humanity, with Honor, and Distinction.

Tarheel: I was seeki clarification to Edi's comment, not asking for help.

Im no damsel in distress. No pity-party here.

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