Globalists use Austerity to bring Countries to their Knees!

by edisonik on November 25th, 2010

Austeriy is a method the Lizards use to bring Countries to their knees, Austerity means lean times for the Countries and their citizens. Austerity will not balance the books , all it will do is starve Citizens to Death, plain and simple. The People of Earth really need to wake up, this has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility and alot to do with fiscal irresponsibility, this is a trap for Countries that do not know the Reptilian Game.
Austerity is an assault on the people of the nation that declares it, people must revolt Asap!, when this measure is declared because if they just sit by the sidelines and do nothing they will starve and they will suffer hardships never before experienced, the Citizens are too gullible for trusted their corrupt politicians.

The People of Earth must wake up because Earth is becoming a Lizard Paradise and a Human Hell, better study the topic further folks.

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