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As the Global Population Ages they will abandon Material things because they will seek for meaning of their Souls. As the Population Ages they will be gripped with Fear of the Unknown, the Fear of what is after Death because the Human Body does have a short Life Cycle and Sequence.
As the Population Ages they will face their Fears , the Fear of Death.
But why is it that the Masses on this Planet Fear?.

They Fear because they believe they have a Time Limit and then they are gone forever. From the Peasant on the Street to the Kings & Queens on the Thrones of Power. They all Fear Death.
But I say unto you , many have come back from the clutches of Death and it changed their Lives forever. Those who just Lust for Material Accumulation will Face a Great Fear when their Time is up in their Earthly Vessel, the Human Body, the Fear of Losing their Lives and their Fortune.

But they have missed the boat on what Life is Really about, it is about the Evolution of your Consciousness & Your Heart. Your short Lives are about Your Thoughts. The Thoughts you Exercise Hundreds of Times on a Daily Basis. Your Worries about Money, Your Desires of wanting to be somebody, Your thoughts about you Mate, your Desires of wanting a Better Life.

Everything you do requires thoughts, You are Thoughts, the Thoughts you Project are the Energy Sequences that you Manifest.
When you Die your Body is removed from your Consciousness. Your Body is a Perishable item.
That is why the GREYS call your bodies CONTAINERS.

Your Thoughts is you and you are Energy/Soul.
So why does Humanity Fear the short time here on Earth?, they Fear because they are not getting all the Answers from their Priests or Religions. All they get is MORE FEAR.

So who does Fear Serve? , it serves those who want to Enslave & Control the Masses.
Fear will not serve you on an Individual Bases. Love will serve you well.

Focus always on happy thoughts till the day you die , in that way your Soul will produce Love Energy. You are Living an Illusion.

Leave your position of Fear and Embrace Love.
Love is Greater than Hatred.
Light is Greater than Dark.

Let go of all Physical Distractions and Focus on your Personal Energies.
Your Light comes from the Universal Light of Awsome Power.

The Controllers harness this Light to do their bidding , only when the Masses are Ignorant to this Reality. Ignorance does not Serve You, Wisdom does, Wisdom comes out of Love not Hatred.

Love above all Power.


You will learn many Lessons Lifetime after Lifetime. Because you are all Multi-dimensional.
This Reality is a School so Learn and do not revel in misery and do not waste your time here on KI (EARTH).

Imagination - Just an Illusion

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Crackdown: In many customs around the world, the death is celebrated!

Hindu Death Customs

"For Hindus, death represents the transition of the soul from one embodiment to the next and is the means by which the spirit can ascend its journey towards Heaven or Nirvana. Hindus believe in reincarnation and a Hindu funeral should be as much a celebration as a remembrance service. Hindus cremate their dead and the burning of the dead body signifies the release of the spirit. The flames themselves are important as they represent the presence of the god Brahma, the creator.

Ritual plays an important part. Ideally a Hindu should die while lying on the floor, in contact with the Earth. White is the traditional colour and people will usually wear traditional Indian garments. If you are attending the funeral of a Hindu friend, it may be as well to ask what is appropriate to wear.

Prayers are usually said at the entrance to the crematorium and may be offered en-route. Offerings such as flowers or sweetmeats may also be passed around and noise is also part of Hindu rituals, which may include horns and bells. The chief of funeral, usually the eldest son or eldest male in the family represents the whole family in saying goodbye to the deceased. They and sometimes all the male members may shave their heads as a mark of respect.

Scriptures are read and then the chief of funeral will push the button to make the coffin disappear, as well as going below to ignite the cremator. After the cremation, the family may come together for a meal and prayers and begin a 13 days period, when friends will visit and offer condolence. "


Irish Death Customs and Traditions
Quote from

" We think of funerals as sad and somber times. In our lives and in modern culture, they typically are. People dress in black and remain quiet in respect for the dead. But in Ireland, the opposite was true; people danced and sang and rejoiced in the memories of the deceased individual.

Why was celebration such a great part of Irish funeral traditions? In Ireland, people believed death meant someone was moving on to the afterlife, which was a greater and more beautiful place than the living world. There was nothing to be sad about; the deceased individual was going to be happier and freer than they could be in the living reality.

In addition to these interesting customs, death celebrations in Ireland also continued for several days. Indeed, death was a celebration, not something to be sad about. It began with a wake, a great deal of dancing and singing and talking, and finally, a funeral procession.

Of course sadness is always a part of death traditions, and while there was a great deal of singing and laughing and happiness that surrounded funerals in Ireland, that isn't to say people didn't cry as well. They simply didn't put such weight and fear on death, and instead considered it part of the cycle of life. They appreciated the significance of death, accepting it is part of nature, but the somberness was lifted and replaced by good cheerful memories instead. There was no reason to be sad when everyone understood the deceased person was moving on to a better existence "

HebrianDaniel: its easy to say and judge in

its easy to say and judge in youre condition you may be more spiritual to us but you should try think by human eyes.
human live between 70 to 120 years nobody knows what after death and since nobody knows about it they wonder what happen to them after life because they dont know what there so its netural they will fear it the ones who knows what after life maybe wont fear it? i dont know
because i have no clue what after life and almost all people on earth does.

Crackdown: Reincarnation is real ;)

There is a lot of evidence in support of that. For example, the investigation of some old crimes was completed only thanks to children - they remembered who killed them in their past life, and under what circumstances

bluesbaby5050: There are some very INTERESTING facts covered in this link

Covered in this link you posted. As to some types of deaths, and the durations souls have ( on THE OTHER SIDE) , DOES IN FACT VARY FOR MANY REASONS. But, I must remind the readers in the contents, that NOT all souls on this planet NOW are all the same. Some are Angels, in Human bodies, and some are Star Seeds, and some are combinations of Both, and they have taken on the human form to perform certain tasks while on this planet. In fact, there is only a small percentage of ACTUAL Humans that are still evolving as "The Human Species" on this planet, and it is their First home world experience, and they are considered young souls.

bluesbaby5050: Continued from the link above from Crackdown...........

Some people already are aware of this, while others are not, When a person commits murder, and when a person takes their own life there is a heavy price to pay though karma. Wars not included, because SOME MEN, & some WOMAN HAVE TAKEN ORDERS FROM A HIGHER RANKING OFFICER, BUT TO DELIBERATLY KILL FOR THE SAKE/SICK THRILL DURING THESE WARS THESE PEOPLE HAVE REGRESSED their own souls BACK to the beginning of their cycle of their souls journey, and then they will have to forfeit their life in a similar death again, and again for EACH LIFE TAKEN BY THEM. And this is not just in wars, its in life period.This could become very brutal of an experience though karma for those that have Intentionally done these things to others. Even when people do this for sick pleasures/torture. and not for survival/food sources there is karma to those animals. Karma for harming this planet, and for ALL living things.

bluesbaby5050: As for bugs...........

All bugs serve a purpose on this planet in one way, or another by providing a food source ( honey bees) to other higher to lower life forms, like birds, snakes, and frogs, and fish etc. But when they go out beyond their given ranges, and intrude into man kinds domain, then they have to be let out a window, or used as bait for food/fishing etc. Or they too can forfeit their lives for this.

UN.i1-PHI: lil bugs

what do you think about killing lil bugs like greenfly that eat and live and multiply on your plants wich you would want to eat without their influence?

dont forget almost every step or move we make there are small organisms dying because of it, but mostly we arent intentional about killing them, and even when we realize we do that wont stop us from doing it if its necesarry, wanted or unavoidable

its not nice if to kill many bugs but its not nice to have them on your ow fruits/food...

bluesbaby5050: You could always use a NATURAL ORGANIC MIX SOLUTION

Spray that will not kill off anything. It is a natural organic liquid mixture that will not harm anything, but will be a NATURAL DETERRANT to bugs ON fruits, and vegetables. It is a old all natural remedy used by many home organic growers, and it works great. Don't laugh at this one.....A neighbor friend of mind told me how to make this, and it works great! Use a container, with a cover , because it will be strong smelling. USE Raw cigarette Tobacco ONLY, (NO PAPER,OR FILTERS)-PLENTY-HUMAN URINE, YUP! And a mild nature friendly, kitchen liquid DISH soap, and put all of this mixture in a container with a cover, and let it stand for a couple of weeks, and then pour it into empty, clean spray bottle attached to your hose, and spray all over your plants. Wash veggies, and fruits using a veggie soap wash, and rinse well with water, and wipe dry, and enjoy.

bluesbaby5050: OH YA.........!

GO EASY ON THE DISH SOAP,BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT BUBBLES ALL OVER YOUR PLANTS, AND THE SOIL, use only a LITTLE DISH SOAP. Plenty on the other 2 ingredients. Please use common sense when mixing this. And when veggies, and fruits are ripe, pick them, and then wash well.

UN.i1-PHI: deterring bugs

thanks i was already thinking to spray it with some natural deterrant but thats also making their current habitat inhabitable so they will have to flee somewhere else and probably wont survive the trip anyways..
but isnt that just killing them too, or arranging their deaths by making them fugitive...
how would karma be on this one then, ofcourse depending on intention but..

anyways i was thinking about a solution of garlic, and/or lemon or rosemary or something like that what has a sharp smell or acid, and its not dirty or poisonous/dangerous to us.. but i still havent tried so i dont know yet how good it will work but im pretty sure you can just use some plants wich the bugs dont like , smash and mix it with some water water and spray em

also some ones dont like to be wet and constant moitured so some will just go with spraying water often..
and ladybugs will eat some too but theyll fly away quite soon, their larvaes will feast and stay there some longer but i dont think they will eat em all etc.. so even if you there are natural preditors they will still be there in some ratio and the preditors often dont stay too long cause they can travel away..

bluesbaby5050: That's ok too.............

But, you can get NATURAL TOBACCO in any smoke shop, and use it. It comes in a plastic bag. No chemicals are in it. The human urine will act on the bugs, it's a human scent, and it already has acid in it too, it also keeps the rabbits, and the deer away, and the soap is only used to make the plants slippery. It will not kill anything. Maybe your against the urine because you think it is nasty, but it is actually clean when it comes out of the body, and It is diluted with the water anyways. Native American Indians made their own soap from the ash in the campfires, and animal fat, as did the earlier settlers, and there was not lye available either. Backwoodsmen also make soap this way and let it cool, and harden, and then cut it into squares. That's how they kept clean, and washed their cotton clothes.

bluesbaby5050: No HD, this is in-correct..........

There are very many people that have actually died and come back, and there are many people all around this planet that have had NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (NDE) and these people have told others about what their OWN EXPERIENCES WERE LIKE, and NOT everyone will have the same experiences, because it all depends on what your expecting to happen at the time of death, and what your beliefs are before death takes place.

HebrianDaniel: then explain me why i cannot

then explain me why i cannot remember my past life before my birth.
why almost no 1 remembers. and i never agreed to live inthis reality where the strong/rich rules
i always wanted to live on reality that we all are nice to each other and help each other
and not being in planet full of assholes

Tim Lovell: HD when you come into life

HD when you come into life here into the body you pass through the viel of forgetfulness everyone does so they can learn their lessons with a freash slate , but some can remember past lives if they need to also having light come into your body can activate past life memories, right now lots of people are remembering their past lives as we move more into the 4th dimension

HebrianDaniel: then im forced to living

then im forced to living with Amnesia of past life looks like we dont really have freedom at all if we cant know our past life and being forced to born in places we dont choose to birth.
that what i think now
that i am somehow forced to remember my past life and forced to being born in place i didnt wanted to choose. that how i feel now and this why i hate this reality.
a reality you dont know why you born here and why you live here and why you dont remember youre life and why you dont know what happens in the after death.
a very cruel life i can say.

obsrvantlouie: Please clarify...

I very much enjoyed this post...could you please elaborate on this statement;

Love is Greater than Hatred.
Light is Greater than Dark.

Thank you!

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