by Annunaki77 on August 21st, 2012

The Nephilim were the Offspring of the " Sons of God " the Titans and the " Daughters of Men " according to Genesis 6:4 and Gigantic Men who Inhabited the Lands of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33.
Canaan was the Domain of Ba El ( Lord Enki ).

When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,
The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years."

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Just who were these Heavenly Beings which Lord Enki helped during the Great War of Olympus and Sirius and Orion.
These Super Humans were the Survivors of Tiamat, the Titans of Tiamat were helped by the Hand of Lord Enki. With Large Spaceships the Titans of Tiamat were Helped so that they would not be Destroyed in the Interplanetary War. The Large Humans had families and were very Intelligent.
The Giants were promised a Rich Land flowing with Milk and Honey, a Promise he made to Lord Zeus's People.
After Tiamat was rebuilt and Re-Terra Formed by Lord Enki and his Crew he allowed the Giants to Colonize the Lands of Canaan. This was done before Lord Enki's Adapa and Adamu Creations.

The Titans came down from the Heavens and noticed the Earth Women and Broke the Law of none intervention that Lord Enlil and Lord Enki Enforced.
The Titans took the Women of Earth and Mated with them, this killed many Women in the Birth Process because of the Size of the Fetuses inside these Earth Women. The Babies would pop out of the Stomachs Killing the Women. These would be the Offspring of the Titans called the Nephilim.

The Nephilim were Demi-Gods, half Human, half Gods. The Nephilim were Intelligent and were Free to do as they wished upon the Lands. Lord Enlil never liked the Titans because they were Lord Zeus's People and the Bastard Children of the Titans Lord Enlil equally Hated, along with his resentment to his Rebelious Brother Lord Enki who was friends with Zeus and the Olympians.

The Giants became to Decadent with their Spoils and Lavish Lifestyles as well as their disrespect and abuse of the Beasts (Humans) was becoming too much to bare for Both Brothers Enki and Enlil.

Enki heard about the Plans to Destroy Earth with a Large flood by his Moles which were around Lord Enlil.
Lord Enki was very Angry about these Plans so he Created a DNA Bank to Save many Species on Planet Earth.
Enki informed some of the Giant Colonies to Flee Earth via their Spaceships and Enki also Warned Noah and his Family and created a Spaceship which was a Boat also to save them from this Disaster.

When Nibiru arrived for it's great Crossing ( The Cross was the Symbol for the Great Crossing between Earth and Nibiru , which later became the Symbol for Jesus Crucifixtion ).

Nibiru Destroyed all Life on Earth,

Enki was Furious and he Warned Enlil if he pulled a fast one Again he will wage War on Enlil.
Anu again intervened to prevent War in the Star System. Enki was them betrayed and killed on Mars.
Enki's Son Lord RA ( Marduke ) found out about Enlils Treachery and almost Killed Enlil in a Big Battle in Space.

Marduke created the Kingship and Throne on Earth, he reprogrammed the Brains of the Surviving Humans so that they would forget the flood and their Past to Serve the Pharoahs.

Then Marduke was betrayed by his Rebel Serpent Queen. She Rules to this Day.

I guess you know who she is.


Annunaki77: Giants humans skeletons found all over the world

Behold the Sons of God or shall I say the Sons of the Kods ( The Titans ), the Nephilim.
Now bathe in the Awsome Power of My Knowledge. Become Awsome with Sacred Knolwedge.
The 120 Foot Skeletons are the Titans, the Smaller 20ft to 50 ft Skeletons are the Nephilim.

HebrianDaniel: let me think you said the

let me think you said the nephilims giants met with earth woman.
well that kinda weird after all if they are giants also their bananas are too giants
if you know what i mean.
no wonder its killed many woman the size not fit.....
what did you excpet when a huge titan in 5meter and above will have fun with 1.6 meter woman.....

Tarheel: I see many strange things(to me) but the past is the past.

Im not challenging, but I am curious...
1) Why was man limited to 120 years?
2) Why were Titans allowed to intermingle at all? Was that reward for helping Enki on Tiamat?
3) EnLiL obviously wanted to foil Enki's plot...Enlil flooded Tiamat to kill Earthlings AND Enlil sought on Mars..why did Enki not see this?
4) Why was Ra allowed to reprogram the brains of humans? To forget the flood and past and to serve The Pharoahs? How did reprogramming Humans (to forget) ensure that Humanity would serve The Pharoahs?
5) Ra put himself in a position to be overthrown by his queen. HELLO! Ra wasnt too swift, from the outside looking in.

Tell us, Wise One. Im NOT challenging you. I am curious and studying the past is a way I look to help myself and Humanity in the future. Please share your knowledge and know...TARHEEL LOVES YOU.

HebrianDaniel: By the way the Word Nephillim

By the way the Word Nephillim is hebrew word its translation mean "The Fallens"
the 1 who came from the skies and met with earth women
they liked the earth women they even made babies for them.
no1 knows what they are really.
Some bealive they are Angels.
some say they are Humen Giants in size of 50meter+ (very huge!)
some say they are aliens from other planets.
i myself not sure what they are really are...

Tarheel: I've heard of 18-25 feet.

But 50-125 feet? That's a 1/2 stride to an Olympic World Record in the 100 meter dash.
I believe Tiamat was much larger in those days, but still. Dude.

HebrianDaniel: i dont count feets sorry i

i dont count feets sorry i count only in meters

bluesbaby5050: Tar --the information on Tiamat is in the book----

Of Heaven,and it will explain all of that history in it.We studied this last winter,remember? I do. This subject came up many times before this.Just a friendly reminder.

bluesbaby5050: I have seen these giant skeletons on ---

Youtube,and it is very amazing to see them! For an example,can you imagine your whole body fitting in the mouth of the largest giant of the Titans? Well,you can fit in it! You can also sit on the palm of the hand,and be completely in it! Your body could fit into the skull of one of these Titans. You could get 2 to 3 men inside it! These giant Titan remains can be found all over the world! I read about them in detail.They used to eat the humans too! This is also why Inki got pissed off!(Jack in the Bean Stalk fairy tale ring a bell? This giant had Red hair too. )Do you think there might be a connection to this?

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