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harleyborgais: Much more info

Read this long thread for a great deal of amazing information:

bluesbaby5050: I Agree!

I agree to the above Threads/ links because, the people NEED to become INformed, as to who has been in CONtrol all along! They NEED to Learn the TRUTHS! This way NO ONE COULD Pull the Covers Over their heads anymore! KNOWLedge Is The Key! KNOWLedge IS WISEDOM! This is Your Shield Against the Power hungry Negatives, and the DARKness/Dark Forces. The Falcon.

harleyborgais: On the 13th Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA)

I hope you are interested enough to look up some proof and show
> everyone, especially your Congress Persons. Check the following state
> archives for the 13th Amendment published on the date listed. Forest
> did his research over the phone. Be polite.
> "Virginia ratified the 13th Amendment on March 10, 1819. This
> completed the 13 states required to ratify an amendment. (Virginia
> Legislature Act No. 260, Virginia Archives of Richmond, file, page
> 299, micro-film). It was published by printing 4,000 copies, triple
> the usual order, with instructions to send a copy to President James
> Monroe, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson."
> Rhode Island and Kentucky published the new Amendment in 1822.
> Ohio first published it in 1824.
> Maine ordered 10,000 copies of the Constitution with the 13th
> Amendment for school use in 1824 and again in 1831 for the Census
> Edition. It was printed in 1825.
> Indiana Revised Laws of 1831 published the 13th article on page 20,
> Northwestern Territories in 1833.
> Ohio Published it in 1831 and again 1833.
> Wisconsin Territory in 1839.
> Iowa Territory in 1843.
> Ohio again in 1848.
> Kansas Statutes in 1855.
> Nebraska Territory 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859 and 1860.
> Colorado Territory printed the U. S Constitution in its Statutes
> publication showing the 13th Amendment in 1868.

bluesbaby5050: To Harley----

Thanks for posting the voting section! This is very important,as the votes COUNT! I used it! I socked to them GOOD! The Falcon.

harleyborgais: Online Petitions are working!

I love the fact that these online petitions have been doing so much to fix Human Society.

We defeated the SOPA, internet censorship with them.

Do you all realize that we would not know nearly what we do now, and we would not be able to right our Species if the internet had or does become censored?

The internet is the key that is revealing the truth, and the United States Constitution is the greatest threat (on the topic of sovereignty), to the New World Order.

We will destroy them once enough Americans wake up. Trust that!

See this site for how Americans are replacing the corrupt corporate system we are under:

bluesbaby5050: The last time I---

Was on that site to vote,there was well over 7000 people that had already voted against the system,and the cabal-Illiminati! And more since! The people here in this forum should go to the above link ,and vote them out! This WILL HELP THE PLANET ALOT! And we NEED all the help we can get! The Falcon.

harleyborgais: What surprised me...

I was really surprised that 99% of people were willing to forgive these bastards!

These are the worst crimes against humanity and nature ever perpetrated on the Earth, and Treason, and these are Executable crimes!

Here in America, we require a Grand Jury hearing before a real Jury actually tries such a case, because going to trial with a possibility for the death sentence will be news, and that could ruin someones reputation ("Capitol or otherwise Infamous Crime[s]").

That is what the Supreme Law in America Requires.

harleyborgais: The End of Days, what to expect of people...

I believe the Bible says that the people who know the truth will be very happy.
The only people who will be fearful when from the sky fall a ton of small and mountain size asteroids/meteors/volcano-bombs , all wrecking Earth and killing everything, turning the waters blood read, rolling back the clouds, burning sulfur from the Yellow Stone Super Volcano (started and triggered by a meteor 3 times, 75,000 years apart, and that long ago)...

But when you understand the mind and soul, heaven and Earth, the heavens in space and of experiencing physical life, reincarnation and Ascension, versus damnation, purgatory, the void, the Lake of Fire (a stars surface), the Abyss (IA black hole like galactic center, hence 1,000 years to get back here)....

Then you are happy to see the end of times come, because it is not an end for Humanity of Life on Earth, it is a new beginning for Life on the Earth, to be rid of the ownership of all life on the Earth being perpetrated by Corporation owners such as: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, and many more (Look up: "Illuminati Handbook", "QUELLENANHANG", "who owns the Federal Reserve", "Primary Owners of Federal Reserve").

So we either all die, and reincarnate into the few remaining peoples children over time...

or if we expose these Secret Societies in time to use our Knowledge and Nikola Tesla's technology to divert meteors, then we can avoid all that nasty suffering.

bluesbaby5050: I agree!

I agree! So, Make Your Choice NOW. Falcon.

harleyborgais: How America is Being destroyed, and how to fix it...

First I want to say something I just realized, WHY we Humans NEED to have freedom to do any and everything we choose, except cause harm or dishonor deals...

Every Human must have the freedom to use their creative thought to make use of any and every idea they come up with to improve the quality of life on Earth in general.

Without the freedom to do that, our species will not be able to progress and evolve, we will become stagnant, and then we will become extinct.

But as long as we have freedom of information on the Internet, and as long as the United States Constitution still exists, the Secret Societies causing our problems are going to be revealed and stopped.

Here are some main strategies the Ruling Families are using to destroy America:
-Making the only legal tender in America (silver and gold coin) impossible to make or get
-We borrow about $4.7 Billion EVERY DAY (Spending over 3.5 Trill. last year, bringing in only 2.2 Trill, and 1/2 of that was illegal labor taxes that went to the Rothschild family, who owns the Bank of England. That money from the 1040 Form is "Tribute to Britain" which is owned by the Bank of England, owned bt the Rothschilds.)
-The think tanks at the CFR and others create regulations and policies that make it too expensive to hire Americans, hence the outsourcing of jobs, hence the unemployment. Less mfg. = less production = less wealth.
-Increasing size of govt. increases spending, decreasing wealth, and increasing debt (keeping us debt slaves, because our mandatory spending is greater than the tax revenue). Many federal departments are only causing harm, like the Dept. of Education, FDA, IRS, and many more, and must be eliminated or replaced respectively in accordance with the Supreme Law of our Constitution.
-Giving loans and mortgages to those who cannot afford them. (When you control the treasury, you control the money, and dont need to worry about how much money you spend or lose, you just print more like the Privately owned Federal Reserve does (Owned primarily by Rothschilds).
-IRS is supposedly owned by IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is the US Treasury since the Fed got control over it in 1913. It is said the UN owns the IRS, and that the Corporation of NEW YORK is the UN.
(There are sources for proof in this video: "30 Little known facts about America")
-So, the IMF is owned by the Bank of England, who is again, owned by N.M. Rothschild and Sons Corp.. That is why labor taxes from Form 1040 are paid to them as "Tribute to Britain", which they have owned since 1815.
-The "UNITED STATES" Corporation has existed since before the Constitution, and was always owned by the English Royalty, who have been owned by the Rothschilds since 1815.

(Here are some of the people in American Govt. that are moral and abide the law: Ron Paul, AZ Rep. David Schweikert, Chris Christie, and Judge Napolitano.)

So what can we do about it?

1) Get a Free copy of the Constitution and read it many times, learn it, and enforce it...

2) Learn how Common law is what you are not supposed to do, cause harm, and how equity law is what you are supposed to do, honor your deals and be fair and just. Also how the Constitution is the Supreme Law, and how it only give four jurisdictions, common, equity, admiralty law, and the constitution itself.

3) Now start finding the officers in US govt. and military who are violating our Supreme Law, and prosecute them before a Judge and Jury. If the crime is Treason, or against Humanity or Nature as a whole, then the punishment may be death, and requires a Grand Jury Pre-Trial, before a real trial can be held.

4) Spread the knowledge of the Secret Societies and all the info on these links [], to as many people as you can, so they will stop giving their money and votes to these Ruling Families (who literally do worship Lucifer and Aliens).

harleyborgais: I just sent this to Please spread it...

Do you know that the Federal Reserve is a private company, owned primarily by the Rothschild family, who was given control of the US Treasury illegally in 1913, and (as revealed by their recent audit), has stolen over $29 trillion from America since 2007?
That is the largest theft in Human History, and it is not on the news because they own the news agencies.
HOW COULD THEY NOT? (When they literally print money at will, single handedly causing inflation, and most of our economic problems).
Do you know about the fact that only silver and gold coin are legal tender under the US Constitution?
Do you know that "All publications between 1819 and 1867 show Article 13, the missing 13th Amendment":

Do realize that everyone who has read the Constitution, knows about the Federal Reserve Audit, and still supports of defends the Federal Reserve is guilty of Treason?

Do you know that the Constitution only gives four jurisdictions: The Constitution, Admiralty, Common, and Equity Law.

Do you know that common law is what you are not supposed to do: Cause Harm (Injury, Loss or Detriment), and that Equity law is what you are supposed to do: Honor your deals (You can prosecute someone who does not honor their deal or contract, and if they fail to uphold the court order, then they have harmed you, and can be punished under Common Law)?

Do know that the Supreme Court has said over 20 times that "Income" = "Profit" and it is illegal to tax salaries and wages?

Do you know that last year 1.1 Trillion was taken in illegal labor taxes? And that was 1/2 of the funding for our Government last year?
And that this 1.1 Trillion went to "Pay Tribute to Britain", or to the Rothschild family who owns Britain via the bank of England since 1815?
And that we spent over 3.5 trillion?

Do you know that the "UNITED STATES" has existed and always been owned by the English royalty since before the Constitution?
And that in 1815 Nathan Mayor Rothschild bought England, and his family has been the primary owner of the central banks (hence the world) since?

Do you know that in 1773 Mayor Amschel Rothschild re-started the Illuminati with Adam Wieshaupt and developed a 25 point plan for the "New World Order", in order to defeat the "Freedom Project" that was the Creation of The "United States of America" (our actual, Du Jour -of Law- Govt. which has not existed since Lincoln Corporatized our states in the civil war)?

And that the "Great Seal" actually symbolizes that?

Did you know that these banking families are the same blood lines that ruled Egypt, and they have never changed?

Did you know an artifact was found that EXACTLY matches the symbol in the "Great Seal" which was dated 12,000 years old?

Did you know that these ruling class families have always been the pagans, the ones who actually worship Lucifer, and believe they are ruled by aliens, who they believe modified us to mine gold 5,700 years ago, and they believe they actually communicate with Lucifer, but call him Ja-Bal-Om?

Do you realize that laws made by this Corporate "UNITED STATES", which is owned by England, which is owned by the Rothschilds, are all illegal, and that they have made it impossible to make or obtain any legal tender (ONLY Silver and Gold coin under the Constitution)?

Do realize that the CFR has stated its agenda to dissolve American Sovereignty, and make us pay!
And that the CFR is the think tank where these bad guys figure out how to make policies that will increase their control?

Do you realize that when you control the money, you don't care about profits or losses anymore?

Do you realize that the CFR and other policies are making labor in America too expensive, hence the outsourcing of jobs, hence the unemployment, and this plus inflation are the two primary causes of all of our crisis in history?

Here is a lot more info, and tons of facts for you to learn...

But most of all, please read the Constitution!
Here is a free copy for your pocket:

P.S., online petition sites are extremely effective, so lets use them to spread this knowledge:

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