George H.W. Bush Senior, and family Summer Estate in Kennebunkport,Maine-U.S.

Here is the Complete set of pictures of The 2 ex-presidents Bushes, summer estate ( I promised to give to TC) located just 6 miles from my home where I live year round. The Bushes reside in Kennebunkport, Maine in the summer months, and live it up while vacationing there. These pictures will show you some of this. I also included some family pictures of the many members of this family, and some of the period pictures of these people during different times of their lives also. Their summer estate is located on a small rocky peninsular set into the Atlantic Ocean. Their estate faces the Easterly direction, and the opening to their property to their estate faces a Westerly direction. You will see many pictures at different angles, and this view runs along a road that come out-leaving Kennebunkport, and it also runs both ways, so that sight-seers can take pictures ( this is so common yearly, during all seasons), and Zoom- In close with their Cams-coders, and zoom cameras to watch this family. Their is a Guard house that stands at the opening of their gated driveway, and guards are on duty 24/7 all season long. This road runs completely along the coast , as I said before, that I live only 5 miles from the ocean, and only 6 miles from the Bushes home. They are their during holidays, and this is their favorite retreat to get away from the press, and the world. It is very beautiful here, and wild hedges of white, and pink, and red wild roses grow naturally all along our coast line. With the scent of these roses, and the scent of the awesome ocean waters this is so healthy to take very deep breaths, and to fill your lungs deeply, and this is so relaxing, and we benefit from this. Also this scent carries far inland, and we can smell the roses, and the ocean waters for at least 8 miles inland on a breezy day, but 5 -7 miles inland daily, and at night too. We have many fishermen that go out daily to fish for fresh sea foods of all kinds too. Plus we have very many rich farm lands here also. We have many dairy farms, and we have a farmers market that has organic foods grown locally here. I love it here, and I was also born here, but, I traveled all over this country, including to the deep south on the east coast too. This is such a beautiful country, as the rest of the continents are, and with their diverse cultures is truly amazing ! What a Treasure we have-This planet Earth. No wonder the ET'S are jealous of us humans here, and some want to rape it for all it's worth. I'll die before I allow this to happen. So Enjoy the pictures :-) Here's the link to the many pictures. ( CLICK ON TO THE BUSH PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT FOR A BETTER VIEW OF THIS FAMILY GROUP SITTING ).

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bluesbaby5050: To view each of the pictures in this file................

And to get the information on each picture that you look at, HOLD YOUR CURSOR/MOUSE ON THE PICTURE YOU CHOOSE, AND THE INFORMATION OF EACH PICTURE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU TO READ WHAT IT IS YOUR LOOKING AT Example: their Church the Bushes attended each Sunday for services, and also on Christmas Holidays, in Kennebunkport, Maine. (PS: The Bushes estate in Kennebunkport, Maine is in the Millions of $$$$ Dollars, as is all the houses, and estates along the Maine coast. The cost of living here is very expensive, and the farther north you go towards Canada, (our neighbors) you go in this state is cheaper to live( by our standards), but it is still costly as the land is vey expensive, and many people come to this state for vacations form all areas of the world, because it is pristine, and in many areas are not spoiled by large, modern industrial corporations, and wastes products to pollute our lands, and our rivers, and our Atlantic Ocean. I hope it stays this way.

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