A General Rundown of History

There is a connection between all major religions, and the governments of today. History has been re-written to suit the interests of the few and not the many. We are indoctrinated in school around things of inconsequential significance. Children are taught and conditioned not to question authority no matter how wrong authority is. Master Enki was branded as the Devil when he tried to teach Adam and Eve about their pineal gland, although this is exactly what Jesus did. The bible is a mistranslation. Enki/"Satan" did not say your eyes would be opened, he said your eye, the pineal gland. Which is our connection to the infinite cosmic energies and the source of our powers. This gland is the reason why poisons like Aluminum and Fluoride, Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, and infinite others are put into our foods and drinks. We are systematically being poisoned and killed over a period of time. Vaccines that go against the nature of the body are filled with Mercury and Squalene that turbo charges the vaccines disease.

Yehovah or Enlil, was the one who tried to keep us ignorant in our "best interests", who does this remind you people of?! Our, United States Government! What must they do before people finally wake up to the atrocities that have been committed against them? Somehow, people are okay with being worked and poisoned to death, as long as they remain compliant to the systems rules and and have feelings of false securities. The government and their henchmen are not here for our benefit. People don't want to take personal responsibility for their lives, instead they want a savior to come help them every time things get too rough. This is the testament to how religions work and how enslaving they really are. Is it okay to have no free will to do what you want, as long as you are safe. This is unbalanced thinking people and we must awaken our slumbering family.


Yet Marijuana which has never killed a single person to date, or the fact you have THC receptors in your brain specifically for Marijuana, is illegal. They ran smear campaigns against it in the 50's through the 70's, funded by Dupont, an Illuminati bloodline. They make way too much money off of fabrics and clothes. With hemp being legal, you can create your own fuel and clothing, rope or whatever. The second reason drugs like Dimethyltryptamine and Marijuana are illegal is because of what they do to your Pineal Gland. Is it any wonder that the Sodium Fluoride from our public water supply, which was started originally by Adolf Hitler I might add, binds with Aluminum and accumulates in this gland more than any other part of your body? These so called drugs, stimulate your third eye which is exactly what they don't want. This is why stuff like metaphysics is discouraged, and thrown aside as "pseudoscience", because they would never be able to control us like they are now. Dimethyltryptamine is produced by most mammals including humans, in their brain. It is a derived from the building block Serotonin. Melatonin, is what regulates how fast you age, responsible for anti-cancer and anti-obesity. It also controls your sleep and awake patterns also known as your circadian rhythm. Serotonin is your body's natural anti-depressant. By the way of which most anti-depressant have the core ingredient of Sodium Fluoride. So cheers for them duping the world again now, eh?

Come on people and stand up for yourselves. Get off your knees and on your feet. They are cutting off our access to our only true defense. This is the same part of the brain affected by meditation. Learn the nine levels of power meditation, I've posted in General Discussion. Or any meditation for that matter. Listen to Schumann Resonance, or Binaural rhythms. Without this gland we can not visualize to manifest our reality as we wish.


They start all major wars with Problem-Reaction-Solution, and simply placing the blame on a scapegoat. Before it was Jews, then Blacks, and now Arabs. We are all family and interconnected, don't let them divide and conquer us. They made us hate these other races although hate is the byproduct of evil. What kills me the most though is the people who don't care, even after they have been told what is going on. "There is nothing we can do about it." Stop believing that! Together we can all make a difference. If not a single person in America voted for a President how would one be elected?


"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."- George Orwell


edisonik: Son of Leod you are an Awsome Rainbow Warrior

Therefore you do not need any more teachings from me Son. You have learned all that it is you need. Therefore you are now an Olympian God, Olympian Son of Leod.

Embrace your Awsome Power Son of Leod.


Lord Zeus is with you Son of Leod. Zeus is here also Son.
Mighty Olympian God Lord Zeus, he is also with us.
Lord of Olympus. We remember Olympus very well.

Tarheel: Lord Zeus rides shotgun with our Masters !

Wow ! Talk about breaking out the heavy artillery!!!

Truly a sign of what's to come !

bluesbaby5050: IT IS Good news to hear that Lord Zeus is--

Finally freed from the Orion's Queens Imprisonment of Lord Zeus way back in the war that destroyed much human life,and planets in our solar system of so very long ago, in the history of the Bod system. Falcon Goddess.

Tarheel: Yeah,Son of leod-no reason to dance...go straight after it !

I like your style, my brutha.

There is absolutely NO TACT there (your way-I found it slightly humorous), but sometimes you gotta hit 'em where it hurts.

Ba-da-BING !

Son of Leod: Yes sir, I was a little late

Yes sir, I was a little late getting here, but I finally made it. I and my family wish nothing more than to help make the transition from the land of decadence and deception to the paradise of truth and free will. Lord Enki has made a covenant with my family and as an heir to that covenant I will not let my Masters down.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Good Vibes, Son of Leod

Peace and Harmony on you, special kid...

Health and Good Will

very welcome!

Son of Leod: I convey the same good will

I convey the same good will to you, my sister Ecbra.

Tarheel: Ecbra is a BROTHER !

Unless he's totally mislead me !

He speaks of senoritas often.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel,,

It WAS a mis-print.Ecbra is a HE, the last I knew }:>) Falcon Goddess of the Feather.

Ecbra de Oaoj: lol...

i dont know if... spirit have male or woman but...

in this encarnaction im very... Man... since always and... im very very sure about it and... more. i dont wanna change ideia never... hahahaa... im very happy with this...

well... but it dont worry me... i understand that what Lord edisonic said calling me Daughther are something transcendental... im sure that he know what are speacking... and maybe did it to refeer words to my Dear Milady bulesbaby5050... days what will come will say what realy represents...

yes im... your Brother man! please... remember this... but...

its ok guys... in true i... Love very very much all... women.


Good Vibes... always...

Brothers and Sisters

bluesbaby5050: I know Ecbra----

Lord Edisonik must of been tired he has been very busy lately, as he has been away in the Middle East trying to Prevent World War- 3 from breaking out over there.This is why we have not been seeing him in the forum for a while.He will pop in ,and then he is gone again. The ground never gets warm under his feet. Lord Annu77 has been very busy around the Vatican lately too.He looks in on them. They are pretty Scared,and Shook up over there. They are pretty upset! Hahahaha! GOOD! They SHOULD BE TOO! They Are the Great Liars,and the Great Decievers too! Satan is there too! He has Alot of BUDDIES THERE IN THE VATICAN! ALL of Them are Being Watched Closely! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: I mentioned that becuz 2 different people had said Sister.

I wanted to clear it up, my BROTHER !

I am talking about Ecbra.

bluesbaby5050: Correction here--

Inki IS/WAS NOT SATAN! The script-writers of the bible have this wrong.The serpent stood for knowledge,not Satan!The serpent is symbolic of knowledge here.And they were supposed to EAT IT! This is twisted facts to suit the Vatican! HE HAD ANOTHER NAME ,BUT IT WAS NEVER SATAN! YOUR History tells who Inki really was,but he was never Satan! These are more lies. People always get the facts mixed up.This is mis-leading the forum..Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Falconess is RIGHT ! Enki was labelled Lucifer by Enlil.....

...and it was a self-serving title -to promote Enlil and to denounce Lord Enki.

Since WE NOW KNOW that it was NOT as told, it was a crock of shit from slithering, forked tongue Enlil. That and a lot of other things were twisted in The Bible- for the same reason.

Lord Enki ROCKS !

Son of Leod: Forgive me of you think I

Forgive me of you think I meant than Enki really was Satan. I know he's not and that people just believe he is because of Enlil turning everyone against him. I'll re-edit at my desktop later.


THIS NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD! People NEED to have the Correct information here,as this is TRUTH CONTROL! You are a very New member here, you should STUDY THE WRITTEN FACTS WAY BACK IN THIS FORUM, AND GET FAMILIAR WITH THE WRITTEN TRUTHS HERE, BEFORE THE IN-CORRECT INFORMATION IS PUT IN THIS FORUM! This is a MUST! People WILL be Mis- Lead! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: Blue calm down a little. I

Blue calm down a little. I know that Enki is not Satan or the devil. Re-read my first post. "Satan" was in quotation marks implying he is not really that person, also I said he was branded as the devil. Meaning Enlil just told everyone that he was the devil when in reality Enki was the true god and Enlil was more along the lines of the real Satan.

bluesbaby5050: Inki was a Creator .

He is Not to be worshiped. Worship the the Holy Spirit,,It IS the Source. This is what the Masters, Lord Edisonik,and Lord Annunaki 77 had taught in this forum. If you want to question this,Feel free to ask them about this. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: I realize as well that Lord

I realize as well that Lord Enki does not wish to be worshipped. I worship no one except for myself. I pay homage to the Primal Creator, but nor do I worship that entity either. Funny that you mention the word Source though, I said that I wanted to go back to the source as a conscious thought in a dream.



bluesbaby5050: People NEED to study the REAL truths about who---

Lucifer REALLY WAS!! He has also been Slandered! He is ,and Always was a being of the Light! He NEVER FELL FROM HEAVEN! NONE OF US DID! YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO! He has been made out to be another villian by the dark forces! The light beings are always getting a bad rap by the Dark forces! Learn the real Truths! It ia all in the history,just like Inki,and Enlil is.You should also study who Satan is as well,and stop believing what the Vatican has Brain-Washed you with! Learn the True history of ALL of these Beings! Do not put dis-informations into this forum. All history has BEEN DIS-torted all down though time,to keep the masses of people CONfused,and in the DARKness for CONtrol! The Vatican has passed a load of DIS-information down to the world though out time! This has been going on now for centuries! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Satan is worshiped in the rituals of Satan! they are--

The Blood drinkers! The Draconians!-Lizards! Inki was never into Satanism! He was a Master of Genetic Science! A creator God/Kod!! He gave Adam,and Eve The fruit of Knowledge.His enemies used the serpent in a negative manner to Slander Lord Inki, who was a Royal Prince! Falcon Goddess Of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Inki's half brother Enlil was all for ----

Production of the beasts-the humans. Inki was the loving Creator,and Teacher to the humans, he cared for the humans! He instilled into their bodies the DNA of the GODS/KODS! Enlil wanted humans DEAD BY WAY OF THE Great Created FLOOD by Enli! INKI SAVED the HUMANS WHEN HE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE PLANS TO KILL THEM ALL. He had Noah build the ARK,TO SAVE THE HUMANS, AND ANIMALS, HIS CREATIONS! Inki terra formed the Earth for all life here! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Correct meaning of Lucifer means the Light Bearer from Heaven!

He is a good Angel,and lies were told about him as well! And HE NEVER FELL .JUST LIKE WE NEVER FELL! ALL LIES HERE! FROM THE VATICAN! He Is a light being just like US here-the Light Workers! We work,and focus the Light to Transmute the Darkness! We came to Earth to Learn ,and experience life in matter for the Prime Creator-God In the Heavens! Falcon Goddess.

wmarkley: drac

I figured that satan was a draconian scumbag,

bluesbaby5050: Wmarkley---


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