General Petraeus is a reptilian- Real incident disclosed

by nivine on May 24th, 2014

I highly recommend you guys to read the comments below the video, that will help you concentrate on some parts that you didn't give much attention ( pay close attention to his voice on 53-56 seconds of the video)
He was even being photographed by a lot, and none of the pictures were released.. if he just fainted..i don't think there is a problem in releasing any of the pictures taken!

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Tim Lovell: hmm wow that is weird you can

hmm wow that is weird you can see the changes and mcain`s expression ...

bluesbaby5050: I've already seen these...........

There are a whole lot more government officials that are too. You really do need to read along with viewing these video's, because if you don't you will miss out on a lot. Also read some of the comments, and see just what others have to say about this. Sometimes these comments can lead you on to other better video's of people that you would not know that they are.The reason for this is, because some of these people have already seen a wider range of world leaders on here just like these here. There are a lot of reptilians in government, and some are for the interests of humans, and others are not. You must remember that some have advanced souls, and were not malevolent to begin with. Just as all humans are not. This would not be fair to say this. I was going to post of these types of video's but, I decided not to because I thought that most of you people here had already seen those types of video's before. Some of you seem to be more educated here then others are on this. I guess not by the reactions I read here.

Tim Lovell: I have seen a lot of these

I have seen a lot of these vids before bb just not this particular one mcains expression is the main thing I thought was important..

bluesbaby5050: It's no surprize that most people already knows that......

Mc Cain is a nut case anyways. To elect him is very bad news for the people on this planet. He is a war monger. And so is Hillary Clinton, and very many others just like her. Her being female makes no difference any ways, because the female species of the reptilians are just as ruthless, as the males are, and some times just as blood thirsty. This is also why they indorse wars on this planet, it is not all about money, that is only part of it. And, by the way, reptilians will marry, and stick to their own kind. It is not many that will venture out side their own to marry. And if they should, it's because they share in karma, and for most, this is a bad mixture.

obsrvantlouie: Female reptilian more ruthless

As it's the queen that sits atop the throne not the king.....this is why you have seen a push for; violence against women, women power, elimination of traditional 'MOTHER' in replace of pussified male.

You can also see this in tv when women are constantly being physically violent against men and society is being conditioned to accept this type of behavior.

Princess mentality vs boys are Jupiter and stupider mentality is an important dynamic in the agenda to enslave and control.

bluesbaby5050: And some people will actually see this in life around you, as

I already have in my life. When you have encounters with these people, it's best to keep this to yourself, unless you are too. They do recognize each other also. I already have back in the early 1980's, around in different places. I have seen them in public places also, and at people's houses, and I could not believe what I was seeing. Believe me when I tell you that they are very real, and they are around everywhere. I never let on to what I had seen, because back then you could be put in a mental institution if you said told anyone what you have seen, and so I knew better then to say anything to anyone. I have a good paying job, and a decent reputation, and I would of risked my bread, and butter, and a whole lot more. I have come in contact with plenty in my line of work. I have seen many out of the ordinary things in my life time that would shake your soul. I have had the hair on my head raise up, and a chill go down my back many times.

bluesbaby5050: It's good advice to...............

Be very careful of your thoughts, because these people are very Physic, and they will not let on about this, because it's to their advantage. People's thoughts are very easy to pick up on anyways. People are not used to this, they hardly ever talk about this in the real world, because this subject matter is still taboo in parts of this world.

obsrvantlouie: Also don't talk

Because of the major and wide array or psyops in play to discredit any outside of the box thinking and any opinion that goes against the status quo set by MSM. Let alone as you have mentioned the psychic onslaught from energy standpoint: elf, symbol literacy, suggestive and subliminal prog, 4th density attacks etc.....the overall conditioning contributes to 'in the box thinking'.

bluesbaby5050: The S,and M clubs are FILLED with ............

Very many of these types of people, both female, and male. And the high end clubs, for the elite cater to those people as well. They love to feel pain, and to inflict it on others, and to feed off those energies. And many of them enjoy this life style, and they seek it out, and those with out physical bodies will hang out, around these dens to feed off those high energies, and even in other lower dimensions. They will capture souls from animals, and people to enslave them for their sick pleasures. They use them over and over again. They become prisoners once again when they leave this prison planet.

bluesbaby5050: On the souls of animals..............

They are a energy of light , and they take them and put them, incase them inside clones that are empty, and soul less. All people, and animals are attracted to any light in the darkness once they leave their earthly bodies. Some never get caught, and others will. When the net finally comes down completely, then all those souls will be released. They will no longer be held captive. The net is already coming apart, and so is the tunnel of light, and everything with in that dimension is also. We can thank the changes that is now happening and this is due to the energies of light, and the light codes that are coming from the center of this galaxy, and everything is absorbing this flow of light, and this is also why our skies are being polluted and our sun is being blocked, so we can not benefit from these important energies. But, do not worry this energy is very powerful, and we, and every thing else are receiving them anyways. TPTB CAN NOT STOP WHAT IS MEANT TO BE. NO POWER CAN PREVENT THIS, EXCEPT THE POWERS FROM THE DIVINE SOURCE. And this is already taking out the old, and making way for the new.

obsrvantlouie: Notice how

The security detail is prompted and quick to "set perimeter" using their bodies as shields to 'block' the photographers from taking pics. What I see in mcains body language is a motion to "help" or a reaction to "prevent" what is happening. Almost as if mcain is saying to himself "holy shit, are you really letting this happen petraus?"

Hard to say if the slowdown has been doctored or not....I'm not saying he isn't a reptile but the actual footage does little to prove he is.

This is one of my favs...especially the first case.

nivine: ur right!

Ofcourse some parts in the slowdown can be doctored, but i concentrated on the over all reaction occurred, it was quite obvious that something wrong is going on and its not just fainting..
And at last i super liked the video u posted, but what is really sad that such a subject got only thousands of views, its sad that people need a sudden huge shape shifting to believe that this is going on..
can u imagine that such a video got less viewers than those meaningless ones posted on daily pranks and others?

obsrvantlouie: It's just further evidence

Of how many socially conditioned-mind Kontrolled sheep are alive versus the small % few who are awakening and awake to 'reality'...very sad indeed but these are the cards we have been dealt, got to make the best hand we can.

Tarheel: Agreed BUT.....

...I agree, but the tables are turning. Sure, the pace could hasten and we're working on it, but rest assured, awakening is inevitable.

Not fade away..................

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