gday from australia :)

by kellie lee on February 5th, 2014

just wana say hi all the way from Perth, Australia. im here because I want to arm myself with knowledge :im quite in the know about the global deception but at the moment am mainly interested in aliens as in the last couple of weeks have seen a reptilian head above my bed( on two separate occasions) just watching me( I didn't get the feeling it wanted to harm me) just watching me then disappeared,.. then two little aliens I think they were in a little ship that had blue lights.... any help on this would be much appreciated xx

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bluesbaby5050: Welcome To TC,,,,,,,,,,,

Be on your guard with reptilians of any kind. Some reptiloids are friendly to humans, while others are not. Just be aware of this. They usually don't do anything at first appearance. Just be careful at all times, even if the being looks human, this could just be their mask to deceive you. Always surround yourself with the Golden Ray of light, and this is a shield against harm. You also have a huge alien base underground called " PINE GAP" in the center of your country. This is your" Area 51." I hope you were/are aware of this fact.

kellie lee: thanks

yep always protecting myself. nope not aware of that pine gap. will do some re-search. makes sense. theyre always like " oh no its too hot to live in the centre of aussie , yet the natives still do, suspect ! cheers xx

bluesbaby5050: By Nature..........

Reptiles, whether they are native to Earth, or their origins are from off Earth, does not matter, because ALL of them just LOVE THE HEAT, and they love to bask in the sun resting on the WARM rocks, or Near them, or UNDER THEM. This is why they have their Huge Alien Base Underground in the Center of Australia. And it is very Hot to very Warm there, and it has Dry/Sandy areas in Australia, and it is totally surrounded by the oceans on all sides, and it is also located along side the FIRE RING, on both sides of that continent. Our U.S. AREA 51 is also located in the HOT DRY areas of our desserts too. Makes more sense right? Yes, it does :)

Tim Lovell: welcome m8! yeah listen to

welcome m8! yeah listen to BB be careful with retillians I had an experience with a female one and she `seemed` nice but ended up causing chaos for me by reconnecting me with painful parts of my past , so even if they `seem` nice at first be very careful they are very deceptive and conniving entities...

obsrvantlouie: G'day K lee!

Your number one enemy is fear...always. Two, there wouldn't be much you can do in a physical sense against a reptilian. Next time, I would just politely say, can I help you? Do you have a question?

Also, can you clarify a you feel you saw this being in a physical nature (like seeing a crocodile)? Or was this more of a "vision" with the mind or somehow employing a 6th sense that you may or may not have?

Reading material for you - start with David Icke as he has done excellent research on the reptilian agenda. I would start with David Ickes "The biggest secret"

YouTube- Cathy O brien, Arizona wilder. Let me know when you need new materials.

FY - lots of "fear porn" on YouTube about the reptilians...don't get caught up in watching this trash as it will just lower your vibrations.

If you do not know what I say when I use the word "vibrations" you should start with the thunderbolts project "the electric universe" first, also available on YouTube.

kellie lee: thanks. yep im up to date

thanks. yep im up to date with icke. hes what started me down the rabbit hole :) and have seen the cathy o vids.yeh I realize everything is energy including us, the gigher your vibration the more in tune you are with the universe. will watch that " electric universe tho"... um all 3 experiences happened after I woke up, like I mustve sensed they were in the room with know how you wake up and youre fully relaxed . that point just before sleep? that's where I was. can you tell me tho, surely there must be some good ones trying to help?? or am I just being naïve?
thanks dude. xx

obsrvantlouie: You are welcome

I highly recomend the trilogy written by Robert Monroe...Journey's out of the Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey.

I have been told you can find prints of this onthe internet, however. I am sometimes supsicious of this type of info being on the internet as you cannot be certain of its entirety. You should be able to pick up cheap paper backs. Again, highly recomend.

kellie lee: thanks

thanks ill check it out :) xx

Tarheel: WELCOME aboard! If nobody else has told you...

...whatever you do, do NOT exhibit fear.

Throw them a vibe they cannot handle like Love. They'll run for the hills.

Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control! :)

Welcome to Truth Control! :)

UN.i1-PHI: Macka B - Conspiracy Theory (

Macka B - Conspiracy Theory ( Reality Shock Records ) awesome song&vid i wanted to share


Welcome Kellie-Lee! :)

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