by Annunaki77 on April 29th, 2012

Earth is too precious for a few Sick Powerful Humans and ET's to Destroy.
This is the Last Straw. The Heavens have had enough.


Tarheel: Can you expand upon that, Wise One?

Can you be more specific, Anu77?

I await YOUR answer, Wise Anu !

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annunaki 77 is referring to the Ancient Garden of Eden.

This is Iraq. And also includes the country of Iran. Iraq is the famous ancient city of Babylon.This is where the Annunaki tribes landed,and settled with the local peoples of that area back then. This is where they became inslaved to mine for the Annunaki's gold.Babylon was once known as one of the 8TH wonders of the world. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

edisonik: Learn more about your Ancient Past

Learn about the Annunaki ( Those who from Heaven to Earth Came ).
Learn more about Ancient Technology.

Crigitine: Its kind of hard to believe

Its kind of hard to believe they came from heaven after their doings here on earth. I'm sure its all just a trial, but I'd like to show some of them the rage they're building up here.Heaven better be one hell of a frat house and humanity gets the torch to teach the next generation.

bluesbaby5050: The Annunaki have been around for a long ---

They first settled in Iraq.They were also in Egypt after the great floods during Noahs time,and they were also here during the time of Altantis,and before that.They would come and go from smaller space crafts,because their huge flagship Niberu was large enough to hold them.It is really a hulled out planetoid,and it is their planet Niberu.Niberu was in our solar system during all those times.The Annunaki brought technologies with them,and when they had to leave,they left these technologies behind. Some of those ancient artifacts have been found in different parts of this world to this day.

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