The garden of Eden

What exactly was the garden of Eden?

The garden of Eden isnt just a place.

It was in fact a god, you see, it was quite common in the past to name places after gods, for

example the greek god Hades was a god but also was personification of Hell for the ancient

greeks. The garden of Eden is where you get the name Odin from, so in fact it says the garden

of Odin. Odin was of course a one eyed Norse god, a bit like the ancient Egyptian god Horus, or

old Irish god Balor. Odin if of course the equivalent of god, so therefore its the garden of god!

Whats interesting is that in the Bible is that god tells adam not to eat fron the tree of knowledge

but satan, tricks him so therefore satan is the good guy for making him eat from the tree to

acquire knowledge. However in sumerian myths the sumerian equivalent of god tells him to eat

from the tree and its the sumerian equivalent of satan that tells him not to, so satan is the bad

guy anyway. I thought it would be interesting to point that out.

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