by Annunaki77 on October 16th, 2013

And despite what other Star Nations think of the Human Species, they too are flawed. No One Civilization has all the answers, especially out there on the many Star Systems that have Civilizations.

Let me tell you alittle secret they don't tell you in School , College or University or even in Secret Societies. You folks are Extraterrestrial. Now some of you will laugh and say , your stupid for thinking in such a way. Well I tend to know a few things about Soul/Consciousness.

You have lived before on many Planets, many Civilizations and have endured during many challenges. This life sequence you are in at this time is Earthly and your challenge is simple , to Be Positive and helpful to your fellow Human Being during times of turmoil.

The Developement of your Character & your Heart in a World of High Negativity. Do not concern yourselves with Star Nations, they probably have more Questions than answers also.

Search within yourselves , the answers are there and you will find all the answers, everyone on this little Blue Planet has a Piece of the Ancient Puzzle.
You are all Starseed.

So good work, never assume you are inferior to other Star people and above all never Worship anyone. Worship yourselves and Love yourselves.
Because when you love yourselves you will know how to love others.

Your Governments are beginning to Implode and so too is this makeshift Economy.
This Runaway Train called THE SYSTEM, is slowly coming to the end of the Line and when it falls apart you Humans will become THE TEACHERS, Many will seek you out for Spiritual Guidance and it will be your Duty to teach those who are In the Dark or Lost.

There will be Many that will go crazy , some will cry, some will commit suicide, some will commit crimes, others will find themselves.

But make no mistake, this System that you all live in will come Crashing down and no bailout Money will save this Banking Nightmare which has killed many a Good Starseed all around this Planet.

Teach Love, Teach Compassion , Teach Wisdom and Learn to trust your Gut.

The Reptilians & Greys have a Major problem and that problem is The Falcons.
They are all being Hunted down and Eliminated One Piece at a time, those who do not comply with Federation Demands.

Love to all.

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Tim Lovell: great post annu :)

great post annu :)

Tarheel: Here comes The Light !

Oh-so refreshing to have you around, Anu77.

bluesbaby5050: Here is a Great Re-Post About LOVE from our Master Teacher!

Our Master Teacher Anunnaki77 ALWAYS has UP-LIFTING INSIGHT to share with us. Enjoy his post to all Humanity!

Sky: The transcendent radiance of

The transcendent radiance of epiphanies I experienced is of the sense of wonder as I interpret your thread here. I have gratitude to sense a higher demention that is out of this blue planet of callimony and strife. Thank you Anunaki77

edisonik: Spoken like a True Friend & Teacher

For it is not the way of Heaven to Worship Extraterrestrials but to understand them and to know that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY truly is Job One.
Benevolant Extraterrestrials are not to be Worshiped.
The Regresives love being Worshiped.

Never Worship ET's just learn from them and your Colonies on Earth.
Share Ideas, Alexander the Great Once said Ideas are Divine.

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