Galactic History in a Nutshell 3000 B.C.-2000 A.D.

by Chris on April 23rd, 2015

Here's an article for ya'll:

Maybe true, maybe not to some extent. The people that refer to themselves as "The Domain" are just another group of criminal empirical E.T. groups. The "Domain"=Galactic Command=Extremely Evil NEW Empire.

Universal Racism and Spiritual Racism

Drinking thoughts (though interesting).

The Slug: Genocide and War Criminal Ashtar Sheran

The Real Sirians (From ancient history)
I should have mentioned my information not only comes from memory, but recent astral projection directly to Sirius to investigate what is going on.

What the plan WAS for humans

Straight Humurous and a tad bit serious

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Tim Lovell: Chris you know your shit your

Chris you know your shit your a good boy.. .

Chris: Star Wars (The Real History)

I have mad scientist hair in this video, but aww well.

Oh by the way; ALL of the fake messiahs were shot down, their souls were contained, and now they are living lives of suffering as children in third world countries directly guided by the allied galaxies to teach them that what they were doing was not okay.

Get ready folks!!! We have only a few more years of B.S. and then it's all over! :)

Chris: And Here We Go My Fellow Humans by derek.

here an excerpt he put out for his upcoming book.
15 And Here We Go My Fellow Humans:

The small, black prison transport vessel
was waiting for me. It was shaped like a
raft. Angropthsis and I moved under it,
and we were beamed up. My father and
some Dahk warriors followed suit, and were onboard with us. There were insectoid beings inside that
appeared to have no digits, but instead preying mantis-like limbs, and six of

We saw Gandthlet with his arms and feet
handcuffed to a chair. Father told me to sit down on the seat facing
Gandthlet’s back, so we could not look at each other. Angropthsis was told to go to the wall of the
room, where a cage dropped over him.

My wrists and legs were handcuffed, and
father looked at me and said, “See you some time again son.” He beamed off with his guys.

We arrived in the nearby solar system
within minutes. However, as we neared
Terra’s atmosphere, the insectoid being watching us was pushing some buttons on
a pedestal-looking device, and was working out some facts and figures. The pilots sat up front behind a seemingly
impenetrable door.

The one standing in front of me began to
read us our sentences telepathically:
“Fifteen thousand cycles for Yowie of the Dahk on accounts of fifteen
proven murders. Fifteen thousand cycles
for Gandthlet of the Sarolopsi for fifteen proven murders.” “Fifteen thousand cycles for Angropthsis in
association with the others.”

Gandthlet suddenly became enraged, and
began kicking his feet and arms trying to get out of the handcuffs. “That’s an insane amount!” He complained. The insectoid person up front told him to
cool it. However, he did not oblige, and
the insectoid person grabbed a large black rod.
He walked across to Gandthlet, and hit him several times on the head,
over and over, and over again.

I pleaded that he stop, he then turned to
me, giving me the same treatment. “What
the fuck man?!” I pretty much said
telepathically. He then walked over to
Angropthsis, chained to the floor. He
opened the cage and gave him the same treatment.

“Welcome to Terra!” He said as he walked back in front of
me. “Sick bastard!” I thought. He picked up on my thought, pulled out the
black rod, and came over and did a second round on the three of us, making sure
to get some real nice hits to the front, back, and sides of our heads.

He walked back up to the front, and
continued telepathically, “You sick criminals can do anything and everything
you want here! You should be
excited! You can kill, rape, steal, eat
whatever you want, and anything else you could ever imagine!” Completely exhausted from the beating,
Gandthlet facing away said, “Well are there at least some good drugs here?”

Angropthsis was beamed into the water
after he pleaded not to be as his now lungs couldn’t handle it. They did not care, we watched him drop into
the water. “I thought there were
buildings for us here!” I pleaded. The insectoid man at the front smiled, and said,
“Nope, you’ll see what is here though!”
They found a random area, and dumped us off. Gandthlet and I were now standing amongst
some small shrub-like trees, and green grass.
I looked up, and saw the ship shoot off and faded away within seconds.

“Well, I guess we are here
Gandthlet.” I said sadly. He said nothing back. We walked over to some nearby rocks, and sat
down in silence. Suddenly, Gandthlet
looked up at me and said, “Yowie, I don’t feel so good.” He began to clench his midsection, and
moan. “Gandthlet what’s wrong?” I yelled telepathically. “Yowie, I’m going to die.” Gandthlet said with a tremendous sadness
coming over him. His innards began to
bubble up.

“No Gandthlet, here I’ll help you!” I yelled standing up. However as I grabbed his shoulder, he looked
up at me with sadness in his eyes never seen before by me. And bam, he exploded. Dark green blood covered me now, and was
splattered in all directions. I cried
out, “Gandthlet! No!”

Gandthlet told me telepathically he was
going to go find a body right away. I
roamed the area for quite some time.
There were large mountain peaks, green shrub plants, and the weather was
humid. I was fully in the nude, so was
glad that the weather was relatively warm.
I believe all of this to be in today’s modern Greece.

I met many humans, and most would run in
fear when we crossed paths. However,
many also seemed to still have some decent telepathy, and so we would
communicate about various topics. Some
seemed to be aware of their prison sentences, others not so much. Many fed me as we communicated. They felt benefitted in being able to hear of
the more recent galactic and inter galactic events as many had been
disconnected for hundreds or thousands of Earth cycles.

I was incredibly shocked to find some
that had been here for over ten thousand cycles. And to my great dismay, I met some that were
able to remember they were once a Dahk by looking at me, which helped regress
them. They did not seem too optimistic
about going home any time soon, if ever.
I began to worry and become heavily stressed.

Some gave me examples of the crimes that
caused their sentences; murders, rapes,
war crimes, pedophilia, perversion, and breaking any and every law you could
ever imagine. Without being a hypocrite,
I realized I was literally in the dump of this sector of the universe with
every sicko psychopath one could ever imagine.
And the worst part of all was, I most certainly fit right in.

Eventually I was walking one day, and I
heard father call telepathically.
“Yowie, are you going to get started or what?” I said back, “Father you did not tell me I
had to die!” He said nothing. I did not want to let go.

Then finally one day I stood above a high
peak, and knew I had to do what I had to do.
So without blinking, I ran forward, and jumped off headfirst. I slammed into the ground at least one
thousand feet below, making sure to die on impact.

I sat there in the astral plane for some
time, watching as a few days later a patrol disc-shaped ship came. They were the clean up crew, and beamed my
deceased body on board. They also came
down, and inspected the land to make sure nothing remained.

I tried to then shoot off of the planet,
but was quickly shocked to hit an almost invisible electric grid of sorts. I tried to go through it again, but was
incapable to penetrate it. I continued
to try, but then sensed an oncoming object.
Without turning, as it’s not necessary in four dimensions, I looked to
see an oncoming black machine.
Apparently I had set off some kind of alarm system.

My soul was forcefully sucked into the
satellite-like machine. Upon entering, I
was immediately hit with extremely heavy doses of horrible energy. I cried out as the doses were induced. It seemed never ending until I then felt
myself being hypnotically programmed through telepathy. I was told to go into a body, and did so
somewhat willingly but hypnotized.

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