by Kah-Len on February 22nd, 2020

    We are here in the flesh!

    I am A'ndassi (Pronounced "Ondassie") of Clan Semjase (pronounced "Semyassie") of New Lyra that orbits the Star Atlas in the Pleiades cluster. I am High Ambassador of the Galactic Alliance and the Conclave of Masters. I am the Grandson of P'taah and Brother to Semjase and best friend and brother-in-law to A'drieiuous Jhe'shua Melchizedek Sananda ("Jesus") who was the husband of Semjase. Son of the Creator Om (pronounced "Aum") and the King of all our worlds. I also sit on the Council of Melchizedek and am a King of the 12 tribes of Israel. Here I was known as the Apostle Philip and today I am Kah-Len Nezu also known as Paul Halonen.

    Today I am the High Ambassador of The Council of Avalon of the New A'tlasia (pronounced "Atlaushaw") The Pleiadian name for Atlantis.

    i am here to bridge our worlds together once again and to build new treaties between our worlds and the humanity of earth.

    Come and I will teach you how to heal the mitochondria to your cells and heal yourself and others. I will teach you how to ascend with both physical body and soul to achieve "rainbow-body" and ascend into the higher dimensions of Haven (The real word Heaven was misspelled!) Haven like "safe haven"!

    Higher dimensions above the 3rd are Haven and Lower dimensions below the 3rd is called Hell.

    Email me: [email protected]

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    ClintTorez69: I am a member too brother, I

    I am a member too brother, I was conceived when the lizard mated with Vladimir Putin and created my mitochondria

    ClintTorez69: Long Live The Galactic

    Long Live The Galactic Federation

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